Ayyappa Bhajan Songs

Ayyappa Bhajan Songs
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[The worship of Ayyappa has spread all over the world and lakhs of devotees join Ayyappa Vilakku, Sastha Preethi and Ayyappa Bhajans conducted by Ayyappa devotees. This is the compilation of Ayyappa Bhajan Songs which were compiled by Mrs. Priya Vardheesh for the Ayyappa Bhajans in her home at Chicago. Though majority of the songs are in Tamil, there are are also Slokas in Sanskrit and songs in Malayalam and Telugu. My deep sense of gratitude to Mrs. Priya Vardhish and to Sri T. R. Chandra Shekar who had sent this to me. May Lord Ayyappa bless them.]

1. Ayyappa Kavacham (Tamil)
[Armour to Ayyappa]

Kappu (Protection)

Harihara puthranai, aananda roopanai,
Iru moorthi maindanai, aaru mugan thambiyai,
Sabari gireesanai, Santha swaroopanai,
Dinam dinam pothi paninthiduvome.
Ayyappa devan kavacham idhanai,
Anu thinam solla allalgal ozhiyum,
Thinam thinam thuthikka theerum vinaigal yellam,
Nadiya porulam nalamum varume.

We would every day praise and salute,
The son of Shiva and Vishnu, the personification of joy,
The son of two Gods, The son of six faced Subrahmanya,
The Lord of Sabari Mountain and the God who is peaceful.
If this armour of God Ayyappa,
Is recited daily, all problems would get solved,
Day by day as it is read all results of bad karma would get destroyed,
And Whatever we desire, we would get.

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