Guru Pavanesa Dasakam

Guru Pavanesa Dasakam
[Ten Verse Prayer on Lord of Guruvayur]
By Kadathanad K. Padmanabha Varior
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

1. Maruthalaya payoruha sthitham, bhaktha shad pada nishevithe sadaa,
Vigraham yadhu varena poojitham sarva papa haramakshi soukhyadham.

Near the lotus, the Guruvayur temple,
The bee like devotees are always staying,
The idol there was worshipped by the chief Yadava
Which destroys all sins of devotees and always looks towards their convenience.

2. Sura sannibha kireeta mandanam, neela neeraja samana lochanam,
Mandahasa madhurasya pankajam, sankha vaarija gadha ari shobhitham.

Decorated by a crown which he wears like devas,
With eyes looking like a blue lotus flower,
With lotus like very sweet soft smile,
He shines holding a conch and lotus flower shines to his enemies.

3. Kousthuba arunitha kandharam cha Sri Vathsa vakshasathheva mohanam,
Hara jala vana maalaya aavrutham, peethavasa sama harnisam bhaje.

Wearing the red Kaushthuba gem around his neck,
Being greatly pretty with Sri Vathsa on his chest,
Wearing several garlands including the forest garland,
And wearing yellow cloth day and night - I sing about him.

4. Yena Raja bhata roopina sa poonthana bhoosura varo avithasthwaya,
Tham bhaje Guru puradhi vasinam thwam mithra salabh analam harim,

He assuming the form of the soldiers of the king,
Saved the great Brahmin called Poonthanam,
And I sing about that God who lives in Guruvayur,
And you are like the friendly butterfly towards fire, to that Hari.

5. Manaveda anya varaya darsitham, Krishna geethika vaye mahathmana,
Thwalswaroopam anilalayesa may bhasathwam Bhuvana mohanam hrudhi.

Seen by the king Mana Veda and other great ones,
And also great souls who wove the song of Krishna,
And oh God of Guruvayur your form shines,
Shines in the mind of the entire world.

6. Ya swa soonuriva laalitho kuru rambhaya parama dhanyaya thaya,
Sathyameva pavanesa sarvatha gocharo nayanayor bhaver mama.

She fondled her own son with love,
And he clasped her with great happiness
And I want it in truth that the lord of Guruvayur
Should become visible before my eyes.

7. Bhatta pada muninaa kruthai puraa slokasoona dasakai supoojitha,
Yastham aarthi samanaya samdadhe vatha nayaka mabheeshta dayakam,

The sage Bhattathiri long ago made,
Composed sets of ten verses and worshipped him,
For getting cured of his very great pain,
Addressing the Lord of Guuruvayur who fulfills desires.

8. Buktham annam upadamsa poorvakam vipra balaka niveditham khalu,
Yena tham bhuvana nayakam vibhum, thwaam bhaje pavana geha bhooshana.

You ate that rice which was offered with love,
By the Brahmin boy specially for you,
Though you are God who is the Lord of the universe,
And I sing about you who decorates the temple at Guruvayur.

9. Vilwamangala krutham sthavamrutham, kambhayan khalu sira supeethvaan,
Yastham adbutha kisorakam bhaje thwaam harim gurupuradhi vasinam.

That nectar of prayers composed by Vilwamangalam,
Was drunk by you approving it by shaking your head,
And I sing about that wonderful young boy,
Who is you Hari who lives in Guruvayur.

10. Guru pavana puresa, thunga keerthe, sarasijanabha, suresa, divyamoorthe,
Bhavathu mama sadaa thavangri padme rathiradhika phaninadha thhalpa saayin.

Oh Lord of Guruvayur, Oh God of great fame,
Oh Padmanabha, Oh lord of devas, Oh divine form,
You become mine always, Oh God who reclines on a serpent lord,
Ear to you in a lotus flower is the Radhika of yours.

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