Rama Stotram - Ahalya

Ahalya Krutha Rama Stotram
[The prayer to Lord Rama by Ahalya]
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[This prayer is taken from Adhyathma Ramayana. Ahalya was cursed by herhusband Sage Gouthama to become a stone. She got back her form whenLord Rama's feet touched her.]

Aho krutharthosmi Jagan nivasa,
They padabhja samlagna raja ganath aham,
Sprusami yath padma sankaradhibhir,
Vimrusyathe randhitha manasai sada. 1

Oh God of the universe,
I am grateful to you,
For touching me with,
The dust. Of your feet,
For it is being longed for,
By Lord Brahma and Shiva,
With sadness in not getting it and with longing.

Aho vichithram, thava rama cheshtitham,
Manushyabhavena, vimohitham Jagath,
Chalasya jasram charanadhi varjitha,
Sampoorna ananada mayothi mayika. 2

Your actions are strange Rama,
For you attract the world in a human form,
And the world is made to believe in it,
You keep about moving everywhere,
When you do not have any legs,
And with your complete happiness,
You are everywhere, which is strange!

Yath pada pankaja paraga vichithra gathra,
Bhageeradhi bhava virinchi mukhan punathi,
Sakshath sa eva mama drug vishayo yadasthe,
Kim varnyatha mama pura krutha bhaga deyam. 3

How can I describe the holy deeds,
Committed in my previous births,
For I am able to see in human form,
You ,whose dust of feet makes the river Ganga,
Purify Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva.

Marthya vathare manuja kruthim harim,
Ramaabhidheyam ramaneeya dehinam,
Dhanurdharam padma lola lochanam,
Bhajami nithyam, na paran bhajishye. 4

I am going to pray him daily,
Who is named Rama,
Who is but the human incarnation,
Of the great Lord Vishnu,,
Who has a pretty body,
Who is armed with a bow,
And who has broad lotus like eyes,
And I will not pray any body else.

Yath pada pankaja raja sruthibhivimrugyam,
Yannabhi pankajabhava kamalasanascha,
Yannama sara rasiko Bhagawan purari,
Tham ramachandramanisam hrudhi bhavayami.5

I always pray that Ramachandra,
The dust of whose feet is being searched by Vedas,
Whose belly gave rise to Lord Brahma sitting on a lotus,
And whose name is being constantly meditated by Shiva.

Yasyavathara charithani virincha loke,
Gayanthi Naradamukha bhava padma jadhya,
Aanandaja sruparishiktha kuchagra seema,
Vagheeswari cha thamaham saranam prapadhye. 6

I seek the protection of Him,
Whose story of incarnation,
Is being sung in the land Of Brahma,
By Brahma, Shiva, Narada and others,
And also sung by goddess Saraswathi,
Whose busts are made wet by her tears of joy.

Soyam paramathma purusha purana,
Esha swayamjyothir anantha aadhya,
Mayathanum loka vimohaneeyam,
Dathe paranugraha esha rama. 7

This Rama is the greatest God ,
And the God who is very ancient,
He is shining with his own light,
And he is the first man and without end,
He has a body which by its powers,
Bewitches the entire world,
He is also the one who,
Blesses others forever.

Ayam hi viswothbhava samyamana,
Meka swa maya guna bhibhitho ya,
Virinchi vishnweeswara nama bhedhan,
Dathe swathanthra paripoorna athma. 8

Is he not the prime reason for,
Creation , upkeep and destruction of the world?
And is he not same as Brahma, Shiva,
And as Vishnu but looks different by illusion?
He is independent, complete and is the soul.

Namosthuthe Rama thavangri pankajam,
Sriya drutham vakshasi lalitham priyath,
Aakranthamekena jagath thrayam pura,
Dhyeyam muneendryai mana varjithai. 9

My salutations to your lotus like feet Rama,
For these feet are being kept on her heart by Lakshmi,
And this is the feet which conquered three worlds,
And is being meditated by sages ,
Who do not have any pride of I.

Jagathamadhi bhoothasthvam jagathwam jagadasraya,
Sarva bhootheshwa sambanda eko bhathi bhavaan para. 10

You are the first in the universe,
You are the basis of the universe,
Alone and as the primeval God,
You shine in all beings.

Omkara vachyasthvam, Rama, vachama vishaya pumaan,
Vachya vachaka bhedhena bhavaneva jagan maya. 11

Oh Rama, you are the meaning of Om,
You are the true Purusha who is beyond words,
You are words, you are their meaning,
And you have spread all over the world.

Karya karana karthruthwa phala sadhana bhedatha,
Eko vibhasi rama thwam mayaya bahu roopaya.12

Oh Rama You are the act, the cause and the doer,
By the differing results obtained,
Though you are only one,
You shine in different forms.

Thwan maya mohitha dhiya sthwam najananthi thathwatha,
Manusham thwabhimannyanthe mayinam parameshwaram. 13

Due to the veil thrown by your illusion,
Even wise people are no able to know you,
They think that you who are the great God,
Who has suppressed his form using illusion,
As a very ordinary human being.

Akasavathwam sarvathra bahiranthargatho ramala,
Asam gohyachalo nithya shudho budha sadavyaya. 14

Like the sky you are outside and inside,
You are clear, you are stable, you are perennial,
You are clean, you are wise and without change.

Yoshin moodahamagnathey thathwam jane kadam vibho,
Thasmathe sathaso Rama namaskuryamananyadhi.15

Hey Rama, I am a fool who is ignorant,
And how do I know your real self,
So keeping my mind permanently in you,
I salute you again and again.

Deva mey yathra kuthrapi sthithaya api sarvadha,
Thwat pada kamala saktha bhakthireva sadasthu mey,16

Hey God, Wherever I stay, May I always,
Have devotion to your lotus like feet.

Namasthe purushadhyaksha, Namasthe bhaktha vathsala,
Namosthesthu hrishikesa, Narayana namosthuthe.17

Salutations to the leader of men,
Salutations to him who is dear to his devotees,
Salutations to him who controls his senses,
Salutations to Lord Narayana.

Bhava bhyaharamekam bhanu koti prakasam,
Kara drutha sara chapam, Kalameghavabhasam,
Kanaka ruchira vasthram, rathnavath kundaladyam,
Kamala visadha nethram, sanujam rama meede.18

I salute that Lord Rama,
Who destroys sorrows of birth and death,
Who is only one,
Who shines like crores of Suns,
Who wears arrows and bow in his hand,
Who shines like the black rain bearing cloud,
Who wears silk of golden colour,
Who wears ear studs made of gems,
Who has eyes like lotus,
And who appears with his brother.

Sthuthaivam purusham sakshad raghavam puratha sthitham,
Parikramya pranmyasu sanugnatha yayaou patheem.19

After praying thus That Purusha,
Who is the real Lord Rama,
She went round him,
Saluted him, and went,
To her Husband.

Ahalya krutham, sthothram, ya padeth bhakthi samyutha,
Samuchyathe akhilai papai para brahmadhi gachathi,20

He who reads with devotion,
This prayer composed by Ahalya,
Would get rid of all his sins,
And reach the position of ultimate Brahmam.

Puthrathyarthe padeth bhakthya, rama hrudhi vidhayacha,
Samvathsarena labhathe vandhya api suputhrakam.
Sarvan kamanavapnothi, Ramachandra prasadatha. 21

She who keeps Rama in her mind,
And reads this with devotion,
With a view to get a child,
Will get a child within a year,
Even if she is barren.
And would get all her wishes fulfilled,
By the blessings of Lord Ramachandra.

Brahmagno guru thalpa gopipurusha stheyisuraapopivaa,
Mathru brathru vihimsakopi sathatham bhogaikabadhadhara,
Nithyam sthothramidhamjapanraghupathim bhakthya hrudistham smaran,
Dhyayan mukthimupaithi kim punarasou swachara yuktha nara. 22

Even he who has killed a Brahmin,
Who had sex relations with teacher's wife,
Who steals others property,
Who drinks alcoholic drinks,
Who has killed his mother or brother,
And who is always engaged in passionate acts,
Will surely get salvation,
If he thinks of Lord Rama in his mind,
And recite and meditate on this prayer daily,
So what shall we say of one who is good natured?

Ahalya krutha Rama Stotram Sampoornam

Thus ends the prayer on Rama composed by Ahalya.

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