Ayyappa Darsana Stotram

Ayyappa Darsana Stotram (Malayalam)
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

1. Bhasakara devan udhikkum mumbe thanne,
Bhangiyil snanam kazhinju pinne.

After taking bath prettily even before,
Even before God Sun rises in the sky

2. Sri Bhoothanadha bhakthi samanvitham,
Poorna namaskaram cheythu kondu.

Along with great devotion to Lord Bhoothanadha,
Performing complete salutation to him,

3. Noyambu kalam sariyai kazhichittu,
Swamiye kanuvaan yathrayai.

After completing the period of penance,
I started on my journey to see the God.

4. Kunnum, kuzhikalum, kadum puzhakalum,
Kallu niranjulla margangalum.

Hills, pits, forests, rivers,
And roads full of stones,

5. Okkeyyum pinnittu viswasathode aduthu,
Namam viligal nadathi nannai

After making them all behind me, with great faith,
I chanted loudly the names of the God properly.

6. Khedangal onnum oralpam ariyathe,
Vedana yellolavum yethidathe,

Without even little of problems,
And without suffering even minute pain

7. Bhoothanadhan thannil nannai inangiya,
Manasamode niranju aamodhaal

With a mind which is concentrated on,
Bhoothanadha and which is filled with joy,

8. Yende sareeravum vannu yethiyallo, yi,
Bhoothanadha kshethram thannil.

My body has arrived in this,
Temple of Bhoothanadha.

9. Harshasru vannu niranju ozhikeedunnu,
Romancha kanjukam pontheedunnu.

Tears of joy have filled up and flowing,
And the hairs are raising due to horripilation.

10. Divyamayulla pathinettu nal padi,
Sradha mayanaai keri keri

Along with great attention after slowly,
Climbing the holy eighteen good steps.

11. Saswatha moorthiyaam easwaran vaazhunna,
Srikovil thannude munnil yethi

Reached the front of the sanctum sanctorum,
Where the permanent god lives.

12. Kaikale thamara mottakki nirthi jnan,
Kankale nischalamakki nirthi.

I made my hands similar to the bud of lotus flower,
And made my eyes without any movement

13. Sri Bhooothanadhande darasana velayil,
Chithathe Bhakthi sampoornammaki

At the time of my seeing Bhoothanadha,
I made my mind filled with devotion

14. Angane nilkkumbol dheepam theliyave,
Sri Bhoothanadhane kanduvallo

When I was standing like that, the lamps were lit,
And I was able to see the God Bhoothanadha

15. Palkadal pandu kadanjoru kalathu,
Peeyusham vannu niranja pole.

Like nectar coming and filling,
When the ocean of milk was churned.

16. Ayyappa swami than Shudha smithathinaal,
Manasam aanandam kodu thulli.

Due to the pure smile of God Ayyappa,
My mind jumped with happiness.

17. Sri Sabari giri kshethrathi easwaran,
Poorna prabha yothirikkayallo

In the temple of the sabari mountaim,
The God was like the complete shine.

18. Ottum adayathe kanende nethrame,
Vrnichu paduga yende naave

Oh my eyes, see without closing even a bit
Oh toungue, please describe and sing

19. Padadhi kesavum, kesadhi padhavum,
Bhakthi samanviutham kandu koopa

To help you to see with devotion,
From feet to head and head to feet

20. Devanmarellarum, devimaaradothu,
Vannethi nilpathi, chithramathre

To see all the gods along with goddesses,
Reaching and standing there is greatly surprising.

21. Swapnam yadharthamai theernnathu pol innu,
Kanninnu munnilai kandu sarva,

Lika a dream becoming a true fact,
I could see everything before my eyes,

22. Souvarna padmathe tholpikkan porunna,
Pada yugalathe kandallo jnan.

I saw his twine feet capable of defeating,
A lotus flower with the colour of gold.

23. Bangi yeeridunna kal chilambangane,
Kandallo nin padathingalee jnan.

I saw the extremely pretty anklets,
Which were on your feet

24. Modham agathu valarthuvaan pinne aa,
Pada nakhangale kandallo jnan

Then for increasing the happiness in my mind,
I saw the nails of that feet.

25. Swarna vazha thandinotha thudakku mel,
Neela vasthrangalum kandallo jnan.

Over his thighs which were like the pseudo stem,
Of Banana I saw the blue cloth worn by him.

26. Swarna tharigal kilungi vilangunna,
Nalla oru aranjaanum kandallo jnan.

I swa a very pretty golden belt,
Which shines with the shaking of golden bells attached

27. Thanga niramulla Sundara meniyil,
Shyama romaligal kandallo jnan.

I saw curls of black hair on his pretty,
Body which is of golden colour.

28. Ayyappan thande viri maaril kandallo,
Rathnabharanangal minni minni

I saw on the broad chest of Lord Ayyappa,
Gem studded ornaments which were shimmering in light.

29. Kanadthil ulla maniyum jnan kaanunnu,
Deva, Manikanda, kai thozhunnen.

I am also able to see the gem tied to your neck.
Oh God, Oh Manikanda, I salute you.

30. Yikkazhcha kanunna nalla manushyarkku,
Mohavum papavum pine yilla.

To those good people who are able to see this sight,
There would never be attachment and sin.

31. Sathrukkale vennu, bhakthare kaakunna,
Hasthangale kandu kai koopunnen.

Seein the hands that wins over the enemy,
And protects the devotees, I salute.

32. Omanatham poonda nal mukha pankajam,
Papandhakarathinnu aadhi sooryan.

Your lotus like face which is dear to see,
Is the primeval sun to the darkness of sin.

33. Aayathu kandu jnan vandhichen Easwara,
Sri Mani kanda, thunakkaname

Seeing that face I salute you,
Oh Manikanda, please be of help to me.

34. Sundaramakunna nin mandahasamgal,
Aananda peeyusha seethalangal.

Your pretty smiles are the cool aspect,
Which are the nectar of joy.

35. Aayathu kandu kularthallo kannugal,
Aayathalochana bhoothanadha.

Seeing them my eyes became happy,
Oh lotus eyed one, Oh Lord of Bhoothas.

36. Pari kalikkunna kundala pankthikal,
Kandu kai koopunnen, BHoothanadha.

Seeing your flying locks in your head,
I salute you, Oh Bhoothanadha.

37. Mouliyil minnunna thanga kireedavum,
Rathna jalangalum pinne kandu,

Later I saw the golden crown on his hand,
Which had the magic of gems.

38. Mayatha vedanatellaam maanjallo,
Lokaika nayaka, Bhootha nadha.

All my incurable pains have disappeared,
Oh lord of the world, Oh Bhoothanadha.

39. Ninde kadakshangal vannu nirantharam,
Yennil pathikkenam Bhootha nadha,

Permanently al your side long glances,
Should fall on me Bhothanadha.

40. Angine yennude janmam saphalamai,
SAmpoornam aakaanam Bhoothanadha.

Like that you should make, my this birth fruitful,
And complete Oh Bhoothanadha.

41. Sri Sabari giri yeri irikkunna,
Loka pradheepame Bhoothanadha.

Oh light of the world, which has climbed,
On the Sabari mountain, Oh Bhoothanadha.

42. Yella kalathilum nin pada bhkthiyen,
Manasam thannil valarnnidenam.

During all times the devotion to your feet,
In my mind should keep on growing.

43. Angane yennum athyananda poornanai,
Vazhuvaan yenne anugrahikku

Like that please bless me to live,
With completely full joy.

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