Gita Mahathmyam [1]

Bhagawad Gita Mahathmyam
By Lord Vishnu
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[After the Bhagawath Gita Parayana is completed, it is a common practice to read this (Mahathmya) which is taken from the Varaha Purana. Goddess earth asks Lord Vishnu, how the human being drowned in the net of domestic problems can become his devotee. Lord Vishnu replies that it is done by reading Gita, either fully or a chapter or a verse or even a part of the verse.]

Dharo Uvacha:-
The earth Said:-
1. Bhagawan parameshaanaa Bhakthiravyabhi charinee,
Prarabdham bhujyamanasya kadam bhavathi hey Prabho.

Oh God, Oh divine lord, how can spotless devotion arise and
Exist in one who is affected by domestic problems?

Sri Vishnor Uvacha:-
Lord Vishnu Said:-

2. Prarabdham bujyamano hi Gita abhyasatha Sadaa,
Sa muktha, Sa sukhee loke Karmana nopalipyathe.

If those affected by domestic problems always practice Gita,
They would become free, have a pleasant life and would not be tied by Karma.

3. Maha paapadipaapaani Gitadhyayanam karothi cheth,
Kwachith Saparsam na kurvanthi nalinidalam ambuvath.

If one reads and masters Gita, even the greatest sins,
Would not able to touch you like water would not be able to make lotus leaf wet.

4. Gitayah pusthakam yatra yatra paathaah pravarthathe,
Tatra Sarvaani theerthaani prayagadheeni thathra vai.

Wherever the book of Gita is read, there all Sacred waters,
Do act and Sacred places like Allahabad are also there.

5. Sarve devaancha rishayo yogeena pannagascha ye,
Gopala Gopika vaapi naaradha uohava parasadai.

All devas, sages, yogis, serpents, cowherds,
Gopis and sages like Narada and Udhava exist there.

6. Sahayo jayathe seegram yatra Gita pravarthathe,
Yatra Gita vicharascha patanam srutham,
Tatraaham nischitham prithvi nivasami Sadaiva hi.

Help will reach quickly where Gita is there,
And Oh earth, in the places where Gita is read or heard,
I would definitely be there always.

7. Gitashrayeham thishtaami Gita may cha uthamam Graham,
Gita janam upasrithya, treen lokaan palayamyaham.

I Stay in Gita as Gita is my best home,
I protect all the three worlds, taking recourse to Gita.

8. Gita may parama Vidhyaa, brahma roopa ne SamSaya,
Ardha mathra akshara nithyaas sva nirvachya padathmika.

Gita is the divine knowledge and has the form of Brahman without any doubt.
And the half syllable letter "om" is the one defining one's own self.

9. Chid aanandena Krishnena prokthaa swamuktho Arjuna,
Vedastrayee Paranandaa thathwartha Jnana Samyutha.

It was spoken by Krishna who is divinely happy and free of himself to Arjuna,
And it has the knowledge of the philosophy of divine joy of the three Vedas.

10. Yo ashta dasa japen nithyam naro Nischala Manasa,
Jnan sidhim Sa labhathe thatho yaathi parmam padam.

Those men who read its eighteen chapters would not have a wavering mind,
They would get wisdom and power and later attain the feet of the divine lord.

11. Padathe asamartha Sampoornam tatho ardham patam aachareth,
Thadaa Go danajam punyam labhathe naatra SamSaya.

Those who are not able to read it fully, Should read half of it,
And they would get the blessing of Cow as a gift, there is no doubt about it.

12. Tribagam padamaanasthu, ganga snana phalam labeth,
Shadamam japmanastha soma yaga phalam labeth.

Those who read one third of it would get the effect of taking bath in Ganga,
And those who read one sixth would get the effect of performing Somayaga.

13. Yeka adyaanam thu yo nithyam padathe, bhakthi Samyutha,
Rudralokam avapnothi, gano bhoothwaa vaseth chiram.

Those who read one chapter a day along with devotion,
Would reach the land of Rudra and live there as a Gana for a long time.

14. Adhyayam sloka padam vaa nithyam yah padathe nara,
Sa yaathi naraatham yaava manvantharam, Vasundare

Oh earth, the human being who reads one verse of a chapter daily,
Would retain their human form in the rule of one Manu.

15. Gitayo sloka Dasakam Saptha Pancha chathushtayam,
Dwathrin yekam thadhaa ardham vaa slokanaam ya paden nara.

16. Chandralokam avapnothi varshaanaam aayutham druvam,
Gita Pata Samayuktho mritho manu shathaam vrajeth.

If one reads ten or seven or five or four or two or one stanza
Of Gita or at least one half the stanza, he would,
Reach the land of moon and live there for ten thousand years,
And when a human being has the habit of reading Gita.
After his death, he comes back again as a human being.

17. Gitabhyasam puna kruthwa labhathe mukthim uthamam,
Geethethyu charana Samyuktho mriyamano gathim labheth.

By thoroughly learning the Gita, one gets great Salvation,
And one who utters a word of Gita at the time of death attains liberation.

18. Gitartha shravana aasaktho maha papa yutho apivaa,
Vaikuntam Samavapnothi Vishnunaa Saha modathe.

Those who are interested in hearing the meaning of Gita,
Though they are great sinners, they would go to Vaikunta,
And lead a life of Joy in the presence of Vishnu.

19. Gitartham dhyayathe nithyam, kruthwaa karmaani bhooriSaha,
Jevan mukthaa Sa vijneyo deha anthe paramam padam.

Those who daily meditate on the meaning of Gita,
After doing very many good deeds,
Would be deemed as ones who have got Salvation while being alive,
And at the end of his life, he would reach the divine status.

20. Gitam ashrithya bahavo bhoobujo janakadhayaa,
Nirdhootha kalmashaa loke Geeta yatha paramam padam

Many kings like Janaka have taken refuge in Gita,
Have attained highest status in the divine world
After leading a life without any sin in this world.

21. Gitayaa patanam krithvaa mahathmyam naiva ya padeth,
Vrithaa pato bhaveth thasya srama hyudarithaa.

Those who read Gita and do not read the Gita Mahatmya,
Are doing a reading without any aim,
And only their great effort would remain.

22. Yetan mahathmya Samyuktham Geeta bhasyam karothi ya,
Sa that phalamapnothi durlabhaam gatrhim aapnuyath.

One who studies Gita along with Gita Mahatmya,
Would get results for that and would get an unattainable state.

23. Sutha Uvacha
Sutha Said

Mahathmyam yethad Gitaya maya proktham Sanathanam
Gitanthe cha padethyastha yaduktham thath phalam labeth.

This eternal Gita Mahatmya which was told by me,
Should be read at the end of Gita and then one would realize the results mentioned.

Ithi Sri Varaha purane Sri Gita Mahatmyam Sampoornam
Thus ends the "Greatness of Gita", which occurs in the Varaha Purana.

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