Malayalam Krithis - Other

Malayalam Krithis - Other
Adimalarina Thanna Krishna
Ini Namakkoru
Karuna Cheyvan Endhu Thamasam Krishna
Omana Thingal Kidavo

Adimalarina Thanna Krishna
By Iraimman Thampi
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Raga Mukhari

Thala Chempata


Adimalarina thanna Krishna adiyan oru avalambam


Kadal magalude kulir mulayil ina pakarum kaar mukhil varna


1. Paramadhayambhunidhe Krishna palikkanam enne
Thiru udalude vadiveppozhum ennude.
Chithe thonnenam.

2. Anthakan anayollo Krishna, adhinitha kai thozhunnen,
Nin thiruvadi Krupa cheyyanam mayi nithyam Govinda.

3. Guruvayupuresa, Krishna, Guruvayathu neeye,
Ariyarthu adiyannu gunavum doshavum arulga shubha margam

English Translation


Your feet is the only support to this slave, Krishna


Oh God who is the colour of a black cloud,
Who is as cool as the daughter of the sea.


1. Oh treasure of divine mercy, Oh Krishna.
Please take care of me and let your divine form,
Be always seen by me.

2. The God of death has come Govinda, for that I salute your feet,
Your divine feet should show mercy on me daily Govinda.

3. Oh Lord of Guruvayur, Oh Krishna, you are my teacher,
Please grant me the knowledge of good and bad and show the right way.

Ini Namakkoru
By Koteeswara Iyer
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[This is song eulogizing saint Thyagaraja. Koteeswara Iyer uses Kunjara dasa as identification.]

Raga Bilahari
Tala Aadhi


Ini namakku oru kavalayum illai,
Endrum inbame maname


Punitha Thyagaraja Swami nam kanavil kakshi thandhadal.


1. Gandharva gana lola Ghana sheela Thyagaraja,
Sundarar sevai kanda nam sukrithame.

2. Raga kavi raja Maharajan vagadagave vandu kandadarul tanthathaye balan

3. Pavala kunjaradasa navalan nam Thyagraja,
Kavalan arulum petrome, shevalan kodiyon arulal.

English translation


Oh mind, now we do not have any worries,
It is now only joy forever.


This is due to holy sage Thyagaraja appearing in our dream


1. It is our good luck that we were able to serve the pretty,
Thyagraja, who sings like Gandharwa and is a musician by habit.

2. The king of poets and Raja composed songs,
And the result is he saw the grace and gave it to us.

3. With the grace of the God with a cock in his flag,
We got the grace of the great poet Thyagaraja says poet Kunjaradasa.

Karuna Cheyvan Endhu Thamasam Krishna
By Iriyamman Thampi
Trnaslated by P. R. Ramachander

Raga Yadhukula Kambodhi
Thala Chapu


Karuna cheyvan yendu thamsam Krishna,
Kazhalina kai thouzhunnen


Sarnagatharkku ishta vara dhanam cheythu chemme,
Guruvayupram thannil maruvum akhila duritha harana Bhagawan


1. Thari thanwi thalodum charuthwam cherna padam,
Doorathingirunnoru nerathil ninachalum,
Charathangu vannu upacharathil sevichalum,
Paril thingina thava parama purusha khalu bhedamethum

2. Gruthara bhava sindhou, duritha sanchayamakum,
Thira thannil maruvunna nara thathikku avalambam,
Marakatha mani vannan Hari thane yennum Thava,
Charitha varnangalil sakala munigal paravathu ari vana dhoona.

3. Pincha Bharam aninja puncheekura bangiyum,
Punchiri chernna Krupa poorna Kadakshangalum,
Anchitha vana mala hara kousthubhangalum,
Pon chilambum padavum, Bhuvana madhana mama hrudi karthunneen.

4. Datha vadhiyaam loka thraathavayulla Guru,
Vatha pura vara niketha Sri Padma nabha,
Preethi kalarnnini Vaikathe kanivinodu ende,
Vathadhi rogam Neeki Varda vithra sakala kusalamadhikam

English Translation


Why this delay in showing mercy, Krishna,
I am saluting at your feet.


Granting boons to those who surrender to you,
You are the God, who destroys all sufferings,
And stand in the temple at Guruvayur.

1. The pretty feet that is petted by the daughter of the sea,
Which even if it is meditated from a distance,
Or is served from a place near it,
Makes no difference whatsoever,
To the God who fills the entire universe,

2. Learnt I, from your exploits as told by the great sages that,
Support for the men caught in the terrible tide of the sea of life,
Is only Hari the god who is like the emerald gem.

3. Oh Cupid of the earth, I think you in my heart as the pretty one,
Who adorns his hair with the feather of peacocks,
Who has a smiling face with mercy tinged glances,
Whose chest is adorned with garland of Kousthubha and forest flowers,
And whose feet are adorned with golden anklets.

4. Oh God who created the universe and looks after it,
As God Padmanabha who resides in Guruvayoor,
Without delay Mix love along with pity,
And remove the disease of rheumatism,
And bless me with good health and wealth.

Omana Thingal Kidavo
By Irai Amman Thampi
Translation by P. R. Ramachander

Raga Kurinchi
Tala Adhi

[This famous lullaby is supposed to be composed by the great poet Iravi Amman Thampi at the request of the then queen of Travancore to sing while putting to sleep her son who was the crown prince.]

1. Omanathinkal Kidavo,
Nalla Komala Thamara Poovo,
Poovil Niranja Madhuvo,
Pari poornendu thande nilavo,

2. Puthan Pavizha kodiyo,
cheru thathakal konjum mozhiyo,
Chanjadiyadum Mayilo,
mridhu panjamam padum kuyilo,

3. Thullumilaman kidavo,
sobha kollunnorannakodiyo,
Eswaran Thanna Nidhiyo,
Parameshwariyenthum kiliyo,

4. Parijathathin Thaliro,
ente bhagya drumathin phalamo,
Vatsalya ratnathe veppan,
ma ma vachoru kanchana cheppo,

5. Drishtikku vechoramrutho,
kooriruttathu vecha vilakko,
Keerthi lathakkulla vitho,
ennum kedu varathulla mutho,

6. Arthi thimiram kalavan
ulla marthanda deva prabhayo,
Sookthiyil kanda porulo,
athi sookshamam veenaravamo,

7. Vambicha Sandoshavalli,
thande kombathu pootha poovalli,
Pichakathin Malar chendo,
navinnischa nalkunna kalkando,

8. Kasthuri thande manamo,
perthum sathukkalkulla gunamo,
Poomanametoru katto,
ettam ponnil kalarnnoru matto,
9. Kachkkurukkiya Palo,
nalla gandhamezhum panineero,
Nanma Vilayum nilamo,
bahu dharmangal vazhum grahamo,

10. Daham kalayum jalamo,
marga khetham kalayum thanalo,
Vadatha mallikappovo,
jnanum thedi vachulla dhanamo,

11. Kanninu Nalla Kaniyo,
ma ma kai vanna chinthamaniyo,
Lavanya Punya Nadhiyo,
Unni karvarnnan thande kaliyo,

12. Lakshmi bhagavathi thande thirunetti melitta kuriyo,
Ennunnikrishnan Janicho, Parilingane Vesham Dharicho,
Padmanabhan Than Kripayo, Muttum bhagyam varunna vazhiyo.

English Translation

1. Is he the darling baby of the moon?
Is he a very pretty lotus flower?
Is he the honey filled inside the flower?
Is he the soothing light of the full moon?

2. Is he the newly formed coral reef?
Is he prattling of the parrots?
Is he the slowly moving peacock?
Is he the sweet song by the Nightingale?

3. Is he a jumping baby of the deer?
Is he the swan which shines?
Is he the treasure given by God?
Is he the parrot held by Parvathy?

4. Is he the tender leaves of Parijatha?
Is he the result of my lucky streak?
Is he a golden box given to me to store the gem of my love?

5. Is he the pot of nectar kept for taking out an evil eye?
Is he a lamp kept in pitch darkness?
Is he the seed for the creeper of fame?
Is he the pearl that never gets spoiled?

6. Is he the light of the Sun god,
Meant to remove cataract and gluttony,
Is he the meaning of philosophy?
Is he a very lower note of Veena?

7. Is he the flower at the end of the creeper of happiness?
Is he the bouquet made of sweet scented jasmine flowers?
Is he the sugar candy which creates desire in the tongue?

8. Is he the incense of the musk?
Is he the property of good people?
Is he the wind carrying scent of flowers?
Is he that which makes the gold more pure?

9. Is he boiled and condensed milk?
Is he the rose water with sweet scent?
Is he the land from which goodness is reaped?
Is he the house where great charities live?

10. Is he the water which removes the thirst?
Is he the shade which removes tiredness in travel?
Is he the jasmine flower which never fades?
Is he the money that I have earned?

11. Is he the lucky first sight to the eye?
Is he the wishing gem that I have got?
Is he a pretty holy river?
Is he the play of the baby Krishna who is black?

12. Is he the dot worn in the forehead by Goddess Lakshmi?
Is he the baby Krishna who has dressed like my baby?
Is he the gift of Lord Padmanabha?
Is he the luck entering my courtyard?

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