Arala Kesi Sthuthi

Arala Kesi Sthuthi
[Prayer to Goddess with Curled Hair]
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[Aralakesi is the Goddess in the Rathnagireeswarar Temple of Beasant Nagar at Chennai.]

1. Ambha bhuvaneswari, akhilanda nayaki, Aralakesi maam pahi,
Annapurneswari, Ambuja vasini, Anandavalli, maam pahi.

Oh Mother Bhuvaneswari, Oh goddess of all worlds, Oh Goddess with curled hair, protect me,
Oh Annapurneswari, Oh Goddess who lives in lotus, Oh joyful goddess, protect me.

2. Chandrakaladhari, Shyamala roopini, Sarada Devi, Maam pahi,
Santha swaroopini, Sankara mohini, Chamundeswari, Maam pahi.

Oh Goddess who wears crescent of moon, Oh Goddess with black form, Oh Goddess Sarada, protect me,
Oh peaceful Goddess, Oh pretty Goddess of Sankara, Oh Chamundeswari, protect me.

3. Madhava sodari, Manjula bhashini, Maragatha valli, Maam pahi,
Manthra swaroopini, Mangala Dhayini, Madurai Meenakshi maam pahi.

Oh sister of Krishna, Oh Goddess who talks sweetly, of Emerald climber, protect me,
Oh Form of Manthras, Oh goddess who grants auspiciousness, Oh Meenakshi of Madurai, protect me.

4. Parvatha vardhini, Parama Kalyani, Panchadasakshari, pahi maam,
Pankaja lochani, Papa vimochani, Sri Bhuvaneswari maam pahi.

Oh Goddess, who grew up in the mountain, Oh Greatly auspicious one, Oh Goddess with fifty letters, protect me
Oh Lotus eyed one, Oh savior from sins, Oh Goddess of the world, protect me.

5. Kanchuka dharini, Gauri manohari, Karpaka valli pahi maam,
Kasi Visalakshi, Kamithe dhayini, Kanchi Kamakshi Maam pahi.

Oh Goddess who wears a blouse, Oh white and pretty one, Oh wish giving climber, protect me
Oh Visalakshi of Benares, of fulfiller of desires, Oh Kamakshi of Kanchi protect me.

6. Nathajana palini, Vimala manonmani, Neela niranjani Pahi maam,
Nithya kalyani, nirmala roopini, neelayathakshi palaya maam.

Oh protector of devotees, oh pure gem of the mind, oh blue full moon, protect me
Oh Goddess who is ever auspicious, Oh Goddess with pure form, Oh blue eyed one protect me.

7. Dheena dhayapari, Dharma samvardhani, Tripura Sundari Maam Pahi,
Hreemkara roopini, easa manohari, Devi Bhavani Maam pahi.

Oh Goddess merciful on those suffering, protector of Dharma, Most pretty of the three cities, protect me
Oh Goddess whose form is Hreem, Oh Goddesss who is the stealer of mind of God, Oh Goddess Bhavani, protect me.

8. Laya mana mohini, Lavanya sundari, Lalitha Maheswari, maam pahi,
Lakara roopini, lalithanga mohini, Raja rajeswari maam pahi.

Oh goddess who bewitches the mind by merging in to it, Oh elegant beauty, Oh Great Goddess Lalitha, protect me,
Oh Goddess of the form of la, Oh pretty one who is joyful, Oh goddess who is the queen of queens, protect me.

Arala Kesi Maam Pahi.
Oh Goddess with curly hair protect me.

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