Bhagawathi Stotram

Bhagawathi Stotram
[Prayer to Goddess Parvathi]
By Sage Vyasa
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[The Sanskrit text of this great prayer is available at:]

1. Jaya bhagawathi devi namo varade,
Jaya papa vinasini bahu baladhe,
Jaya Shumha Nishumba kapala dhare,
Pranamami thu devi nararthi hare.

Victory to Goddess Bhagawathi, salutations to her who blesses,
Victory to destroyer of sins, who has several strengths,
Victory to her who holds the skull of Shumbha and Nishumbha,
Salutations to her who kills the enemies of men.

2. Jaya Chandra divakara nethra dare,
Jaya pavaka Bhooshitha vakthra vare,
Jaya Bhairava deha neeli na pare,
Jaya anthaka daithya visosha hare.

Victory to her who has sun and moon as eyes,
Victory to her who is the ornament of blessed people,
Victory to her who makes the body of Bhairava,
Victory to her who makes the killer asuras weak.

3. Jaya mahisha vimardhini soola kare,
Jaya loka samastha papa hare,
Jaya devi pithamaha Vishnu nuthe,
Jaya Bhaskara chakra chiro vinathe.

Victory to her who with trident in hand killed Mahisha,
Victory to her who destroys sins of all people,
Victory to goddess to whom Vishnu and Brahma are devotees,
Victory to her to whom the Sun God and Chakra salute.

4. Jaya shanmuga saydha Isha nuthe,
Jaya sagara gamini Shambhu nuthe,
Jaya dukha daridra vinasa kare,
Jaya Puthra kalathra vivrudhi kare.

Victory to her who is praised by Subrahmanya who is armed,
Victory to her who is praised by Goddess Ganges who went to sea through Lord Shiva,
Victory to her who destroys sorrow and poverty,
Victory to her who gives sons and wife.

5. Jaya devi samastha sareera dhare,
Jaya naga vidarsani dukha kare,
Jaya vyadhi vinasini Moksha kare,
Jaya vanchitha darsini sidhi vare.

Victory to her who carries all bodies,
Victory to her who shows heaven,
Victory to her who destroys sickness and gives salvation,
Victory to her who gives the desired powers.

6. Ethad Vyasa krutham stotram Ya padeth niyatha suchi,
Gruhe vaa sudhi havena pretha hagwathi sad.

If this prayer composed by Sage Vyasa is chanted with the required purity,
In home or with purity in mind, the goddess would love you always.

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