Durga Kavacham [Brahmanda Mohanakhyam]

Brahmanda Mohanakhyam Durga Kavacham
[Durga Kavacham to attract everything in the universe]
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[Every one in the world at some stage wants to influence some one else. Here is a very rare stotra which would help you to do that.]

Narada Uvacha
Bhagawan Sarva Dharmagna, Sarva Jnana Visarada,
Brahmanda mohanam Nama prakruthe Kavachama Vada. 1

Narada said,
Oh God who knows all Dharmas,
Oh God who is an expert in all knowledge,
Please tell me that Kavacham,
Which will help me to charm the world.

Narayana Uvacha:-
Srunu Vakshyami, hey Vathsa, Kavacham cha sudhurlabham,
Sri Krishnenaiva Kadhitham Brahmane puraa. 2

Oh dear Son, please hear from me,
The very rare Kavacham,
Which in olden times was taught,
By Lord Brahma to Lord Krishna.

Brahmana kadhitham poorvam Dharmaya Jahnavi thate,
Dharmena datham mahyam cha krupaya Pushkare pura. 3

This was told in the early days by Lord Brahma,
For the Sake of Dharma in the shores of Ganga,
And he gave it to ma along with Dharma in Pushkara.

Tripurarischa yadhruthwa Jaghana tripuram puraa,
Mumocha dhaathaa Yadhruthwa Madhu Kaidabhayo bhayam. 4

This was worn by Lord Shiva while destroying the three cities,
And was given to me while killing Madhu and Kaidabha.

Jaghana rakthabheejam tham yadhruthwa Bhadra kalikaa,
Yadhruthwa hi mahendrascha samprapa kamalalayam. 5

This was worn by Bhadra Kali for killing Raktha Bheeja,
And was worn by Devendra for getting the temple of lotus.

Yadhruthwa cha Mahakala, Chiranjevi cha Dharmika,
Yadhruthwa cha Maha jnani Nandi sananda poorvakam. 6

This was won by Maha kala who was charitable and ever living,
This was worn by Nandi who is greatly wise with happiness.

Yadhruthwa cha Maha Yodha Bana Shathru Bhayankara,
Yadhruthwa Shiva thulyascha Durvasa Jnaninaam vara. 7

This was worn by Bana, a valorous hero who is feared by his enemies,
This was worn by Durvasa, who was equal to Lord Shiva and greatest wise man.

Om Durgethi chathurthyantha swahaantho may siro aavathu,
Manthra shadaksharo ayam cha bhakthaanam kalpa padhapa. 8

Let the four letter chant Om Durga ending with Swaha is the head,
And the six lettered chant chanted by devotees is the ultimate root.

Vicharo nasthi, vedeshu grahane asya manor mune,
Manthra Grahana mathrena Vishnu thulyo bhaven nare. 9

Those sages who without any thought are able,
To keep the Vedas in their mind,
As soon as they learn and understand this Manthra,
Would become equal to Vishnu among men.

May Vakthra sadaa pathu Om Durgaya namonthaka,
Om Durge Raksha ithi cha kandam pathu sada mama. 10

Let my face be always protected by the chant Om Durgaya Nama,
Let my neck be protected by the chant Om Durge Raksha*.
* Please save me Durge.

Om Hreem Sreem ithi manthroyam skantham pathu niranthara,
Hreem Sreem Kleem ithi prushtam cha pathu may sarvatha sadaa. 11

Let my shoulders be protected always by the chant Om Hreem Sreem,
Let my behind be protected always and at all times by the chant Hreem Sreem Kleem.

Hreem may Vaksha sthalam pathu, Hastham Srim ithi santhatham,
Iym Sreem Hreem pathu Sarvangam Swapne Jagarane thadha. 12

Let Hreem protect my chest and let Sreem protect my hands always,
Let the chant Iym Sreem Hreem protect all my body,
During dream and waking up states.

Prachyam may prakruthi pathu, pathu vahnow cha chandika,
Dakshine Bhadara Kali cha, Nairythyam cha Maheswari. 13

Let the Nature protect me in the east and Let Chandika protect the south east,
Let the south be protected by Bhadra Kali and let Maheswari protect the south west,

Varunyam pathu Vaarahi, Vayavyam Sarva mangala,
Uthare Vaishnavi pathu Thada eesanyam Shiva Priya. 14

Let Varahi protect my west, let Sarva mangala protect my north west,
Let Vaishavi protect my north and north east be protected by darling of Shiva.

Jala, sthale cha anthareekshe pathu maam Jagadambika,
Ithi they kaditham vathsa kavacham cha sudurlabham. 15

Let the mother of the world protect me in water, land and the sky,
Thus is told the armour which is rarely available my son.

Yasmai kasmai na dhatavyam pravakthavyam na kasyachith,
Gurm abyarcha vidhi vath vastharalankara chandanai. 16

As and when one ends the giving the stotra and does the actions mentioned,
He should request his Guru to decorate the Goddess with cloth and sandal.

Kavachama dharayadyesthu sopi Vishnur na samsaya,
Snane cha sarva theerthaanaam Prathvyasca pradakshine. 17

He who wears this Kavacha is equivalent to Lord Vishnu,
And gets the effect of taking bath on all sacred waters,
As well as doing perambulation of the entire earth.

Yath phalam labhathe loka, thadheh dharanaan mune,
Pancha laksha jape nava sidha methad bhave dhruvam. 18

When people get this effect, the sage who wears this,
And chants five lakh times, would definitely become a Sidha.

Loke cha sidha kavacho nava seedhathi sankate,
Na thasya mruthyur bhavathi jale Vahnou vishe jware. 19

Those people who master this Kavacha would never suffer sorrow,
And death will not occur to them in water, fire, poison or by fever.

Jeevan muktho bhaveth sopi sarva sidhi ravapnuyath,
Yadhi swasidha kavacho Vishnu thulyo Bhaveth dhruva. 20

They would get salvation and would get all occult powers,
And if they master it oneself, they would become like Vishnu definitely.

Ithi Brahma vaivartha purane, prakruthi khande,
Brahmanda Mohanakhyam Durga Kavacham

Thus ends the Armour of Durga to attract the universe,
Occurring in Brahma Vaivartha Purana in the chapter of Prakruthi.