Dasa Maha Vidhya Mantras [Kamakhya]

Kamakhya Dasa Maha Vidhya Manthras
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[These are the prayer to the Dasa Maha Vidhyas according to the Kamakhya Tradition. Kamakhya is the chief Goddess of the temple in Guahathi. These are taken from kamakhyamandir.org/featured/das-mahavidya-mantras/]

1. Kali

Namo deergeswarim devim sarva kama Phalapradham,
Deergaakaara kundala yukthaam sidim Yacha sureswari

Salutations to the tall goddess, who fulfills all wishes,
Who has a tall form, Who wears ear studs
And who is the goddess of devas, grant me occult powers.

Kali, kali, Maha kali, Kalike Papa nasini,
Gadga hasthe, munda hasthe, kali kali namosthuthe.

Salutations to Kali, Who is Kali, Maha Kali and destroyer of sins,
Who holds sword and trunk of a body in her hands.

2. Tara

Prathyalingapade ghore, mundamala upa sovithe,
Sarve Lambhodhari bheeme ugratharaa namosthuthe

Salutations to the ferocious Tara, who has the habit of embracing in return,
Who is ferocious who shines in garland of human trunks,
Who has a very big paunch and who is very huge.

3. Kamakhyaa

Kamakhyamam, kama sampannam Kameswarim, Harapriyam,
Kamanaam dehi may nithyam Kameswari Namosthuthe

Salutations to Goddess of passion, daily grant me my desires,
Oh mother of Kamakhyaa, who fulfills desires,
Who is the Goddess of desires and darling of Lord Shiva.

Kamakhya varade devi, neela parvatha Vasini,
Thwam jagathaam Mathaa Yoni mudre Namosthuthe.

Salutations to her who has the mystery of birth organ,
Who is Kamakhyaa, the goddess who blesses,
Who lives on blue mountain, and who is mother of universe.

4. Bhuvaneswari

Bhuvanesim. maha mayaam, surya mandala roopinim,
Namami varadaam shudhaam Kamakhya roopinim Shivaam

Salutations to Goddess who blesses, who is pure, who has the form of Khamakhya,
Who is consort of Lord Shiva, Who is goddess of all worlds,
Who is the great enchantress and Who has the form of solar system.

5. Bhairavi

Maha Padma vanaannruthasthe, paramananda vigrahe,
Sabdha brahma maye, Vandhe Tripura bhairavim.

Salutations the Goddess Bhairavi of Tripura, who dances in the forest of lotus flowers,
Who is personification of divine joy and the all pervading Goddess as sound.

6. Chinnamastha

Guptha Durge, mahabhage, guptha papa pranasini,
Saptha janmarjithath papaath thrahi maam saranagatham.

Oh secret Durga, Oh great one, Oh goddess who destroys secret sins,
Please save me from sins done in seven births, I surrender to you.

Namasthe Guptha Kamakhye thubhyam trilokyapoojithe,
Prayacha vividhaam sidhim nithyam devi sipriye.

Salutations to the secret Kamakhya, You are worshipped by all the three worlds,
I request various occult powers, Oh perennial Goddess who is liked by Goddess Lakshmi.

7. Dhumavathi

Devim Koteswarim Shudhaam Papagnim Kama roopinim,
Namami mukthikamayaa dehi mukthim harapriye.

Salutation to Goddess of forts, who is pure, who is fire that burns sins,
Who can take any form she desires and who is the goddess of Maya of salvation,
Oh Darling of Lord Shiva, grant me salvation.

8. Bagalamukhi

Prapadhye saranam devi Sri Kamakhyam sureswarim,
Shivasya dayithaam Kamakhyaam kama roopinim.

I salute and surrender to the Goddess Kamakhyaa who is goddess of devas.
Who is the wife of Lord Shiva, Who is pure, Who is Khamakhyaa and who is the goddess of desires.

9. Matangi

Sarasvathyama namo nithyam Badra kalyaya namo nama,
Veda Vedantha Vedanga, vidhya sthanebhya yeva cha.

I salute the Goddess Saraswathi, Salutations to the Badra Kali,
Who is in the position of Vedas, Vedantha, Vedangas and knowledge.

10. Kamala

Sadachara Priye devi Shukla pushpa vara priye,
Gomayyaadhi suchi preethe, Mahalakshmi namosthuthe.

My salutations to Maha Lakshmi, who likes cleaning with cow dung,
Who likes good character and who likes divine white flowers.

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