Durga Nama Mala

Durga Dhakara Dwathrimsa Nama Mala
32 Names of Durga starting with Dha
By P. R. Ramachander

[This prayer presents a garland of 32 names of the Mother Durga, starting with letter "Dha". This is specially recommended to get rid of fear.]

1. Durga Druragarthi samani Durgapadvinivarini,
Durgama chedini, durga sadhini, durga nasini.

Goddess Durga, she who appeases great pain,
She who cures great dangers, she who cuts off difficulties,
She who makes it possible to get difficult things,
And she who destroys difficulties.

2. Durgathodharini, Durga nihanthri, durgamaapaha,
Durgamajnanadha, Durga daithya loka dhavanala.

She who saves us from bad fate, She who controls difficulties,
She who removes difficulties, She who is difficult for the ignorant,
She who is the burning fire in the world of asuras.

3. Durgama, Durgamaaloka, Durgathma swaroopini,
Durga marga pradha. Durgamavidhyaa, durgamasritha

She who is impassable, She who is difficult to view,
She who is the personification of the soul of Durga,
She who shows way in difficulties, She who is difficult to learn,
And she who is difficult to depend upon.

4. Durgamajnana samsthana, durga madhyanabhasini,
Durga mohaa, durgamagaa, durgamartha swaroopini.

She who is the fort against ignorance, She who shines to those who try hard,
She who is the fortress against attachment,
She who is difficult to attain, She who is personification of difficult senses.

5. Durgamasura samhanthri, Durgamayudha Dharini,
Durgamangi, durgamathaa, durgamya, durgameswari.

She who kills difficult asuras, She who wears difficult weapons,
She who goes to difficult places, She who is the mother Durga,
She who is difficult to attain and she who is the Goddess of difficulties.

6. Durga bheema, Durga bhama, Durgadhaa, durga dharini

She is grossly fearful. She who in intensely passionate,
She who is a fierce mace, She who wears difficult weapons.

7. Namavaleem imam yasthu Durgaayaa may Manava,
Padethu sarva bhayan muktho bhavishyathi na samasaya.

The man who reads these series of names of Durga,
Without any doubt would get rid of all fears,

Ithi Durga Dhakara dwathrimsa nama mala sampthaa

Thus ends the garland of 32 names of Durga starting with letter "Dha".