Gayathri Stotram

Gayathri Stotram
[Prayer to Gayathri]
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[This is a great prayer addressed to Goddess Gayatri. It is taught by Lord Vishnu to sage Narada.]

Sri Narada Uvacha: -
Narada said : -

Bhakthanukampin Sarvajna hrudayam papa Nasanam,
Gayathrya kaditham thasmad Gayathryaa stotrameeraya.

Oh God who is partial to his devotees and all knowing one,
The prayer of Gayatri destroys all sins when recited,
And so please recite that prayer to me.

Sri Narayana Uvacha: -
Lord Narayana said: -

1. Aadhi sakthe jagan matha Bhaktha anugraha karini,
Sarvathra vyapike Ananthe Sri Sandhye they namo ambike.

Oh primeval power, Oh mother of the world, Oh Goddess who blesses her devotees,
Who is spread al over, who is endless, Oh holy dusk, I salute you mother.

2. Thhwameva Sandhye Gayathri, Savithri cha Saraswathi,
Brahmani, Vaishnavi, Roudhri, rakthaswetha, sithethara.

You are only Dusk, Gayathri, Savithri and Saraswathi,
Brahmani, Vaishnavi, the one who is angry, who is bloody white, who is extremely white.

4. Prathar Balaa cha Madhyahne Youvanastha bhveth puna,
Vrudhaa sayam Bhagwavathi chinthyathe munibhi sada.

The sages always think that the goddess is a child in the morning,
Young lady at noon and old women in the evening

5. Hamasatha, Garudaroodaa Thadha Vrushabha vahini,
Rig Veda Adhyayaini bhoomou drusyathe ya thapasvni

She who does penance on earth, is a student of Rig Veda,
And rides on a swan or rides on Garuda or rides on a bull.

6. Yajur vedam padanthi cha anthareekshe virajathe,
Yaa Samagaapi sarveshu bramyamano thadhaa bhuvi.

She shines in the space reading the Yajur Veda,
Or singing Sama Veda she travels all over earth.

7. Rudra lokam gathaa thwam hi Vishnu loka nivasini,
Thwameva Brahmano loke amarthya anugraha karini.

You had gone to the land of Rudra, surely you live in Vishnu loka,
You are the cause for blessing in the land of Brahma.

8. Saptha rishi preethi janani Mayaa bahu vara pradhaa,
Shivayo kara nethrothaa hyasrusveda samudhbhava.

You are the loving mother of the seven sages, you are illusion and giver of many boons,
You are the light coming of eyes of Shiva and your tears and sweat are the source of all Vedas.

9. Aananda Janani, Durga. Dasadhaa paripatyathe,
Varenyo varadhaa chaiva varishtaa vara varnanee.

Oh joyful mother, Oh Durga, you rise ten fold regularly,
Oh goddess who blesses those who seek and you are the great giver of boons.

10. Garishtaa cha Vaarahi cha Vararoha cha sapthami,
Neela ganga thadha Sandhyaa sarvadaa boga mokshadaa

You are the most venerable Vaarahi who gives blessings seven fold,
You are the blue ganges, the dusk and always giver of pleasure and salvation.

11. Bhageeradhi marthya loke, Pathale bhoga vathyapi,
Trilokya vahini devi sthana thraya nivasini.

You are the Ganges in earth, Bhogavathi in Patala,
Oh Goddess who travels in all three worlds, you exist in three different places.

12. Bhoorlokas sthadha thwamevai darithri loka dharini,
Bhuvarloke Vayu Sakthi, swarloke thejasaam vidhi.

In Bhoor loka you become the earth, supporter of all worlds,
In Bhuvarloka you are the power of wind and in Swarloka you are the treasure with luster.

13. Kamalaa Vishnu loke cha Gayathri Brahma lokaga,
Rudra loke sthtitho Gauri harardhanga nivasini.

In the land of Vishnu you are Lakshmi, In land of Brahma you are Gayatri,
And in the land of Shiva, you are Gauri who occupies half the body of Shiva.

14. Ahamo mahatha schaiva prakrthi sthvam hi geeyase,
Samya avasthathmikaa thwam hi sabala Brahma roopini.

I am the great forest and you are called the nature,
You who have a nature of peace have the form of the spotted Brahman.

15. Thatha paraa paraasahakthi, paramaa thwam he geeyase,
Ichasakthi, Kriyasakthi, Jnanasakthi, trisakthidhaa.

Since you are divine you are the divine power and you are sung to be as the divine lady,
And you grant us the three powers of power of desire, power of action and power of wisdom.

16. Ganga cha Yamunaa chaiva Vipaso cha Saraswathi,
Sarayu, revikaa, Sindhu narmadairavathi thadhaa.

You are the rivers Ganges, Yamuna, Vipasa, Saraswathi,
Sarayu, Revikaa, Sindhu, Narmada and Airavathi.

17. Godavari Sathadruscha, Cauvery Deva lokagaa,
Kausiki Chandramaa chaiva Vithastha cha Saraswathi

You are Godavari, Sathadru, Cauvery of the Deva Loka,
Kausiki, Chandra, Vithastha and Saraswathi.

18. Gandaki, Thapini thoya Gomathi Vethravathyapi,
Ida cha PIngala chaiva Sushumna cha tritheeyaka.

You are Gandaki, Thapini, Gomathi, Vethravathi,
And the three nerves Ida, Pingala and Sushumna.

19. Gandhari, Hastha jihva Cha poosha, apoosha thadaiva cha,
Aalmbushaa kuhoo schaiva sankhini prana vahini.

You are Gandhari. Hastha JIhvaa, Pooshaa, Apooshaa,
Alambusha, Kuhoo sankhini and Prana Vahini.

20. Nadi cha thwam sareerastho geeyase praakthnair budhai,
Hrud padmasthaa Prana Shakthi Kandasthaa Swapna nayikaa.

You are the nerve of the body say the wise people,
You live in the lotus of heart, you are power of soul in the neck and the leader of dreams.

21. Thalusthaa thwam sadhaadara, Bindusthaa Bindu malini,
Moole thu Kundale Sakthi, Vyapini kesa moolagaa.

You are the Palate, you are the ever present navel and you are Bindu Malini on the dot.
In the root you are Kandalini power and you spread through roots of hair.

22. Sikhamadya asana thwam hi Shikagre cha Manonmani,
KImanyath bahunokthena yath kinchith Jagathi thraye.

You sit on the middle of the head and at the corner of the head you are the gem of the mind,
And in all other places in the three worlds, all that is present is you only.

23. Thath Sarvam Mahadevi sriye sandhye namo nama,
Itheetham keerthitham stotram Sandhyayaaam bahu punyadham.

And so great goddess who is Goddess Lakshmi and dusk, salutations,
If this prayer is sung at dusk it would lead to large blessings.

24. Maha Papa prasamanam, Maha sidhi dhayakam,
Ya idham keerthayeth stotram Sandhya kale samahitha.

It Pacifies great sins and gives us very great powers,
If one sings this prayer and completes it at dusk.

25. Aputhra prapnuyath puthram, Dhanarthi Dhanam aapnuyath,
Sarva theerth thapodhana yajna yoga phalam labeth.

Those who do not have sons will get son And one seeking wealth will get wealth.
And the result of doing Yagna and Yoga, penance and charity in all sacred waters.

26. Rogaan bhukthwaa chiram kalam anthe mokshamavapnuyath,
Thapasvibhi krutham stotram snana kale thu ya padeth.

If this prayer composed by sages is read at the time of bathing,
After getting cured of diseases for some time, in the end they will attain salvation.

27. Yathra yathra jale magna sandhjyaa marjanajam phalam,
Labhathe naathra sandeha sathyam sathyam thu Narada.

In Whichever water he dips himself, he would get the effect of taking bath in Sandhya.
And this he would get without any doubt. This is the truth, Narada.

28. Srunyodh yopi thadh bhakthyaa sa thu paapaath prmuchyathe,
Peeeyusha sadrusam vakhyam sandhyoktham Naraderitham.

Even if ths is heard with devotion one will get rid of all sins,
For this nectar like sentences were told by Narada at dusk.

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