Kirata Varahi Stothra

Kirata Varahi Stothra
[Prayer to Varahi the Huntress]
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[This is the KIRATA VARAHI STAVAH which is used for subjugation of one's enemies (satru vashya and satru samhara). This stotra is used for counter attacking the abhicharika prayogas and is proved to be very effective. Care should be taken in parayana of this stavah. Since I could get only Romanized version of the stotra, many words are not clear to me. I have tried the best guess them. In spite of that some of the translations are still not clear. Hope readers would pardon me for that and help me by sending the correct meaning as when they find them.]

Asya kirata varahi stotra mantrasya kirata varaha rishih anushtup
chandah satrunivarini varahi devata tadanugrahena sarvopadrava
santyarthe jape viniyogah

For the prayer addressed to Varahi in her form as huntress, the sage is Kirata Varahi, meter is anushtup, the goddess addressed is Varahi who removes enemies, and for her blessing as well as for getting rid of all troubles this is being chanted.

1. Ugrarupaam Mahadevim satrumaaranatatparaam
Kruraam kiraatavaraahim vandeham kaaryasiddhaye

For the victory in my actions, I salute the huntress Varahi,
Who has a fierce form, who is a great goddess,
Who is engaged in killing of enemies and who is cruel.

2. Svaapahinaam madaalasyaam taam mathaam madataamaseem
Damshtra karaala vadanaam vikruta asyaam mahabalaam

She protects herself and is exuberant,
She has a face with protruding teeth which are fearsome,
And she has got an unattractive form and has great strength.

3. Ugrakesim Ugrakaraam soma Surya agni lochanaam
Lochana agni sphulingabhir bhasmi kruta jagatrayeem

She has a fierce hair, her acts are fierce, she has sun, moon and fire as eyes,
And the fire that comes out of her eyes is capable of burning the three worlds.

4. Jagatrayam Kshobhayanteem bhakshayanteem muhurmuhuh
Khadgam cha musalam chaiva halam soNitapaatrakam

She creates tumult in the three worlds, She eats again and again,
And holds sword,mace, axe and a pot of blood.

5. Dadhathim cha chatur hastaam sarva abharaNa bhushitaam
Gunjaa maalaam sankha maalaam nanaratnair varatakaih

She gives with all four hands and she wears all ornaments,
She wears garland of beads, of conches and different types of gems.

6. Haara nupura keyura katakai rupa shobhitaam
Vairi patni kantasutra cchedinim krura rupinim

Wearing necklaces, anklets, crown and bangles her form shines,
She has a cruel form which cuts the mangala suthra of the enemy's wife.

7. Kruddho dhataam prajaa hantru kshurikeva sthitaam sadaa
devata ardhoru yugaLaam Ripu samhaara tandavaam

She gets angry when people are killed, and always has a sword,
She who is merciful towards the devas dances,
The dance of death against their enemies.

8. Rudra saktim sadotyuktaam ishwareem para devataam
Vibhajya kanTa netrabhyaam pibantim asrujam ripoh

She is always the power of Rudra, consort of Shiva and divine goddess,
She cuts of the head of her enemies as well as their eyes and drinks the blood.

9. GokanTe mada saardulo Gajakante hariryathaa
Kupitaayaam cha vaaraahyaam patanteem naasayat ripun

Like the exuberant lion on the neck of a cow,
Or like the Lord Vishnu sitting on the elephant to remove its pain,
When the Varahi becomes angry, she makes her enemies fall down dead

10. Sarve samudraah sushyanti kampathe sarvadevataah
Vidhivishnusivendraadyaa mrityubhitaah palaaitaah

All oceans dry and all devas shiver.
Brahma, Vishnu, shiva and Indra,
Get the fear of death and run away.

11. Evam jagatraya kshobha karaka krodha samyutaam
Sadhakasya purah sthitva pradravanteem muhurmuhuh

Thus she who is the cause of trembling of the three worlds,
With her great anger and with great sense of pride,
Stays by the side of the devotee and blesses him again and again

12. Lelihaanaam brihad jihvaam Rakthapaana vinodineem
Tavk asru mamsa medhosthi Majja SukraaNi Sarvada

She who has a serpent and a very big toungue,
Gets entertained by drinking of blood.
And she has skin, tears. flesh, fatty layer,
Bone, fluid within bone and fat always

13. Bhakshayanteem Bhakthasatrun RipuNaam PraNahaariNeem
Evam Vidhaam Mahadevim Dhyaye(a)ham Kaaryasiddhaye

She eats away the enemies of her devotees,
She steals away the life of her enemies,
And I meditate on such a goddess for,
Victory to the tasks that I undertake.

13. Satru nasana rupaaNi KarmaaNi kuru panchami
mama satrun bhakshayaashu Ghaataya(a)sadhakaan ripun

Oh Goddess who has the form of destroying the enemies,
OH Panchami take action immediately,
Eat away my enemies,Who are bad practitioners and my enemies

14. Sarva satru vinaasaartham tvaameva saranam gatah
tasmaat avasyam vaaraahi satruNaam kuru nasanam

I surrender only to you for destruction of all my enemies,
And So certainty, oh Varahi kill all my enemies

15. Yatha nasyanti ripava statha vidveshaNam kuru
Yasmin Maale ripun tubhyam aham vakshyaami tattvatah

When my enemies start destroying me, start hating them,
And for those of my such enemies you should see their death

16. Maam drishtva ye janaa nityam vidvishanti hananthi cha
Dooshayanti cha nindanti vaaraahi taamscha maaraya

These people see me daily, hate me, kill me,
Tell bad things about me and berate me,
And so Oh Varahi kill them.

17. Hanthu te musalah satrun aasaneh patana diva
Satrugraamaan gruhaan desaan raashtraan pravisha sarvasah

Kill those enemies with a mace and upset their posture during the day,
Destroy the village of enemies, their houses, their states and country.

18. Ucchataya cha vaaraahi kaakava dbhrama(a)su taan
(Amuka amuka) samjnanaam satrunaam cha parasparam

Chanting the Varahi the crow that was the son of Brahma,,
(He, he) Brought about the meeting of enemies with one another.*
*I am not clear as to what incident is referred to here.

19. Daaridryam me hana hana satru samhara samhara
Upadravebhyo maam raksha vaaraahi bhakthavatsale

Oh Varahi who is dear to her devotees,
Remove my poverty, kill my enemies,
And save me from troubles.

20. Etat Kiraatavaaraahyaah stotram aapannivaraNam
Maaraka SarvasatruNaam Sarvaabhishta Phalapradam

This prayer to Kirata Varahi is an antidote to danger,
And kills all enemies and fulfills all desires.

21. Trisandhyam paTate yasthu stotroktha phala masnute
Musalena(a)tha satrunscha maarayanteem smaranti ye

If this is read at dawn, noon and dusk,
One would get results fitting that prayer.
Just by remembering it she would kill enemies with her mace.

22. Taarkshyaarudham suvarnaabham Japettesham na samshayah
Achiraa dustaram saadhyam hastena(a) krishya deeyate

She on whom stars depend for their luster,
She who shines similar to the Sun,
If meditated upon without any doubt,
Would fulfill desires which are impossible,
And with her hands would give attractive blessings.

23. Evam dhyayet japet devim jana vashya mavaapnuyaat
Damshtradhruta bhujaam nityam praanavaayum prayacchati

By chanting this prayer of Goddess, people would come under our control,
She with protruding teeth and arms would ask for their souls

24. Durvaabhaam samsmaret ddevim bhulaabham yaati buddhimaan
sakaleshTaarthatha devi sadhaka stotra durlabhah

Remembering the unattainable goddess
And chanting this rare prayer, which is difficult to get,
The wise devotee would get all sort of wealth and blessings.