Mangadu Kamakshi Paadalgal - 1

Maangaadu Kamakshi Paadalgal - I
[Six Week Prayer Songs of Mangadu]
By Amman Sathyanathan
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[The six week songs to worship Kamakshi of Mangadu. Every one born in this world will have problems. Goddess has taken the incarnation of Kamakshi in Mangadu (Forest of mango) to solve these problems. Like every god having a particular method of worship, this Goddess likes the six week worship. During the first week along with betel leaf, betel nut, coconut, flower, banana fruit, you have to take two fruits of lime and perform Archana in the temple. The priest along with coconut fruit etc would give back one lime fruit. We have to bring that fruit back to home and worship it daily. When we visit the temple next week, along with the lime fruit that was given earlier, we have to take two more lime fruits and give it to the priest. He would return one fruit. We can perform Archana as per our convenience. This should go on for six weeks. On the sixth week, like the first week we have to take, betel leaf, betel nut, coconut, flower, banana fruit, you have to take two fruits of lime and also a flower garland. Apart from this we have to take boiled milk, sugar candy, eatable camphor, and honey. And all this should be offered to the Goddess. They would not return the lime fruit this time. The priest would return the milk. This worshipped milk should be distributed to all possible devotees in the temple. Devotees believe this like giving milk to the Goddess. Every time we go the concerned song has to be sung, because these songs were composed before her and have been approved by her. If this is done our desires would be fulfilled. It would be better if we go on the same day of the week during all the six weeks. But this is not compulsory. These songs have been taken from a book called Mangadu Amman Aru Suvai written in Tamil published by Amman Pathippagam, Madras.]

First Week Song

Anadhai Naan, adharippai
(I am an orphan, support me)

Raga Bhouli
Thala Roopaka


Anadai naan, adarippai, Amma,
akilanda nayakiye, AAdhi Parashakthi neeye

I am orphan, support me mother,
The goddess of all universe,
You are the primeval divine power.


1. Kavalai theerkkum karpagamai, kanchiyile vilangukindray,
Kalamellam nalam perave kasiyile veethu iruppay,
Manidarkku vazhvalikka madhurayile amarnthiruppai-nam
Mana kurayai theerpadarke, Mankadil vadiveduthay. (Anadai Naan)

You are shining in Kanchi as the Karpagam who removes all worries,
For providing comforts always, you are there in Benares,
For giving comforts of life to humans you are sitting in Madhurai,
And for solving the wants of our mind you were born in Mangadu.

2. Aaru varam thodarnthu vanangiduven unnai Amma,
Arul mari pozhindhiduvay, agathil nirainthiduvay,
Yen kurayai nee arivay, yen thuyaram nee Unarvay,
Un padame yen idhayam, yennalum ninaikka cheyvay. (Andai Naan)

Mother I would worship you for six weeks continuously,
Please shower the rain of mercy and occupy my mind,
You know my problem,, You know my sorrow,
Please make your feet stand in my mind forever.

3. Thayumundu Thanthai undu, bandamundu, pasamundu,
Yar irundum yenna payan, thaye un arul illayel,
Cheyaka yethiduvay, sevadi vangukiren,
Thay cheyai anaippadu pol, aravanaithu kathiduvay. (Anadai naan..)

I have mother, father, relations and affection,
But if your grace is not there, what is the use of some one being there,
Consider me as your baby, I salute your feet,
And hug me like a mother does her baby,
And protect me in your tight embrace.


Sad guru roopini Kamakshi,
Sathya swaroopini Kamakshi,
Chandra mouleeswari Kamakshi,
Saranam saranam Kamakshi

Kamakshi who is the form of divine Guru,
Kamakshi who is the form of truth,
Kamakshi who wears the crescent of moon
Kamakshi, I surrender, I surrender

Aadhi shivan devi Kamakshi
Aadhi para Shakthi Kamakshi,
Akhilandeswari Kamakshi,
Sranam saranam Kamakshi

Kamakshi is the wife of primeval Shiva,
Kamakshi who is the primeval divine power,
Kamakshi who is the goddess of all universe,
Kamakshi, I surrender, I surrender

Second week song

Swarathodum Nayathodum pada vanden

Raga Bhairavi
Tala Aadhi


Swarathodum nayathodum pada varam tharuvai,
Kanchi Kama koti peetam Jagat Guru Vanangidum nee

Please give me a bon to sing the songs nicely with proper Swaras,
Oh Goddess who is worshipped by Jagad Guru of Kanchi.


Mamara thoppinile mangadu pathiyinile,
Mayamay maraindhu nindru Aavin pal kudithavale

She who drank milk hiding her form,
In the mango garden of Mangadu


1. Irandam vaaram ithu, innalgal pokkiduvay.
Elumichai maruthal pol, en manathai mathiduvay,
Thaye Kamakshi, Thangona thuyar thudaippay,
Thava kolam poondavale, Darniyellam aandavale

Oh Goddess who did penance, Oh Goddess who ruled the earth,
This is the second week, destroy all my problems,
Like the fruit of lime, change my mind,
Oh Mother Kamakshi, remove the unbearable sorrow.

2. Maantharin kurai theerkkum mangala roopiniye,
Mangadu pathi vazhum dukka nivariniye,
Mangalam undaka manam urugi vandene,
Sangarar vazhiyile saranadaithen unnai Umma.

Oh God with the auspicious form who removes the want of people,
Oh Goddess who removes sorrows and who lives in town of Mangadu,
I have come here with a melted mind so that I would get auspiciousness,
In the path of Sankara and mother I have surrendered to you.

Third Week Song

Nee Arulavidil vazhvethu

Raga Atana
Thala AAdhi


Nee arulavidil Vazhvedhu, Kamakshiye,
Vilyattal shivan udal pathi vilangum

Oh Kamakshi, just with a play, you have occupied half of the body of Shiva,
And how can there be a good life without your mercy.


Unnai Vanangavidil naan vazhvedu,
Sangadangal theerkkum thayallavo -mana,
Chanchalangal pokkum marundallavo.

Without saluting you where is life,
For are you not the mother who removes sorrow,
And are you not the medicine that removes worries.


1. Mukkalamum unarntha mudal maniye - yen,
"moondram varam idhi varam aliye,
Nar padai veetinile koluvirukkum,
Nayagiye uyar nava maniye.

Oh first gem who knew past, present and future,
This is my third week, give me boons,
Oh Lady who sits along with four parts of army,
Oh very valuable new gem.

Fourth Week Song

Ammanai pol oru deivam

Ragam Kapi
Talam Aadhi


Ammanai pol oru arul tharum deivam,
Akilathil undo un Shakthi pola

Is there any Goddess who showers the grace,
Like her in the universe like Goddess Shakthi.


Un thalam thanai nadi vandhidum bhakthar koti,
Vandhorkku vazhvalikkum kali yuga kadavul amma.

The crores of devotees have come seeking your place,
And you are the Goddess of the Kali age,
Who gives happy life to all those who come here.


1. Nal naangu Vedangal pothidum nayagiye,
Nangaam vaarmidhil nalam pala cheythiduvay,
Manal thanil pithan uruvam thanai tharithu,
Mana vazhkkai kondavale, magizhvinai alippavale.

Oh Goddess who is praised by the four good Vedas,
This is the fourth week, please do lot of good things,
You who wore the form of Lord Shiva on the sand,
And entered married life, You who gives happiness.

2. Veda purani saranam saranam,
Vijaya Narayani saranam saranam
AAdhi Kamakshi saranam saranam
Amme Narayani saranam saranam

I surrender, surrender to you who is in Vedas and Puranas,
I surrender, surrender to the Narayani who wins,
I surrender, surrender to primeval Kamakshi,
I surrender, surrender to mother Narayani.

Fifth Week Song

Anjudhal Vedam ammaa

Raga Raga Malikai
Thala Aadhi

Pallavi (Chenjurutti)
Anjudhal vendam ayya - indha Kamakshi,
Ammanai thudipoorkku, agadathu illai ayya,
Kenjudhal vendu mayya - namum,
Kelatha varam koduthidum deivam ayya.

Sir, there is no need to fear, for those who pray this mother Kamaksi,
For there is nothing impossible for them,
We Should beg her sir, for
She is the goddess who gives unasked boons.


1. Sindhu Bhairavi
Nal nenjam udayorkku nal yellam nalam alippal,
Kal nenja mudayorkku kathirundhu arul purivaal,
Uul nenjil ondru vaithu puram ondru pesuvorkkum-varam,
Arul nemjam udayavalaam Mangadu amman aval.

For people with a good heart she gives happiness through out the day,
For the hard hearted ones, she would wait to show her grace,
And even for those who have something in their heart but speak some thing else,
The mother of Mangadu has a merciful heart.

2. Punnagavaraali
Or kayil kiliyodum, maru kayil karumbodum,
Mangala kakshi tharum "sree chakram" udayavalaam,
Iyndham varam ithil iyangal pokki nirkkum-puvi,
AAlum nayagiyam aananda rukhmaniyam.

With a parrot in one hand and sugarcane in the other,
She is auspicious looking and has the "Sree Chakra" with her,
She would remove all the doubts in this fifth week and she is,
The Goddess who rules and is personification of joy.


Jaya jaya devi Kamakshi
Janani Saraswathi Palaya Maam,
Jaya jaya devi Kamakshi,
Mangala Chandi palaya maam

Victory, victory to Goddess Kamakshi,
Oh Mother, Oh Saraswathi, please protect me,
Victory, victory to Goddess Kamakshi,
Oh Auspecious Chandika please protect me.

Sixth Week Song

Kanchiyil Mana kolam

Ragam Ananda Bhairavi
Thalam Aadhi


Kanchiyil Mana kkolam, Mangattil thava kolam,
Kondaval Kamakshi, nee devi

You goddess Kamakshi,
In Kanchipuram you are in the form for wedding,
In Mangadu, you are in the form for penance.


Sankararum thuditha, mangadu pathiyile,
Easwaranai vendi, Agniyil irundavale.

You were prayed by Adhi Shankara,
You are in the town of Mangadu,
And you did penance in fire,
To get married to Lord Shiva.


1. Nee andha velai thannil, Easwaran kan modi,
Ulaginil udithayo, yengalukku arul puriya,
Yeninda kolamendru, naan arindhen amma,
Ezhai yenai kakka, Avadarithay Amma

At that time, you closed the eyes of Lord Shiva,
And were born in this world, to show your grace to us.
I understood why you took this form mother,
For mother you took this form to protect this poor me.

2. Aaram vara mithil Palodu pazham konarnthen,
Ninaithathu nadakkumendru Koorai, ithi tharunam,
Pasamudan naane palavorkkum eendhiduven,
Nesamudan unakku nan vaitha palinaya.

In this sixth week, I have brought fruit and milk,
Please tell that my desires would be fulfilled, for this is the time.
With affection I would give it to several people,
The milk that I offered you with love.

Kanchi Kamakshi, Madurai Meenakshi,
Kasi Visalakshi palaya maam,
Anna poorne shankari, Gangai matha,
Akhilandeswari Saranam, saranam

Protect me Kamakshi of Kanchi,
Meenakshi of Madurai and Visalakshi of Benares
I surrender, surrender Annapoorni, Shankari,
Mother Ganges and Goddess of universe.

Thiruvilakku Song (to be sung on sixth week)

Vilakkinai yethi vaithom

Raga Ananda Bhairavi
Thala aadhi


Kuthu vilakkinai yethi vaithom - indha,
Kuvalayathil engalai Kathiduvai,
Yethunai idar varinum yethiduvom - ini,
Yem thunai ulaginil neeyallavo.

We lit the ceremonial lamp,
Please protect us in this world,
We would bear all problems that we get,
For you are our support in this world.


1. Sothhu sugangalum nilaipathu undo - indha,
Manida janamamum nilaipputhundo,
Sudha puthiyudan unnai thozhudal - Vazhvil,
Metha palan varum unmayandro.

Are wealth and happiness permanent,
Does this human life last for ever,
If we salute you with a clean heart,
It is true that we would get great results.

2. Nithan nitham unai thozhudu vanthal - vazhvil,
Putham puthu suvai perugum andro,
Mandargal pothidum nayagiye - arul,
Mangadu vaaz thiru kamakshiye.

If daily we continue worshipping you,
In this life newer and newer tastes will flow,
Oh Leader whom the people worship,
Oh Kamakshi who lives in this divine Mangadu.

Amma Saranam, Thaye Saranam,
Saranam, Saranam Deepalakshi,
Mana kkurai theerthu mangala vazhvu,
Thandhiduval yengal Deepalalshmi

I surrender to you mother,
I surrender to you mother,
I surrender, surrender to the Alamo which is Lakshmi,
Our divine lamp would remove all my worries,
And provide me with a very good life.