Matangi Keerthanam

Matangi Saptha Swara Keerthanam [Malayalam]
Song to Matangi with Seven Notes
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[Matangi is one of the Maha Vidyas, Ten Tantric Goddesses and a ferocious aspect of Devi, the Hindu Divine Mother. She is considered as the Tantric form of Sarasvati, the goddess of music and learning. Like Sarasvati, Matangi governs speech, music, knowledge and the arts. Her worship is prescribed to acquire supernatural powers, especially gaining control over enemies, attracting people to oneself, acquiring mastery over the arts and gaining supreme knowledge. This prayer in Malayalam script is available at:]

Mathangi jaya, Bhagwathi jaya jaya,
Jaya Jaya Bhagwathi neeye saranam

Victory to Mathangi, Victory, Victory to that Goddess,
Victory, Victory, Goddess, you are my only protection.

SArasija nayane, parimala gathri,
Sura jana vandhye, Charu prasanne,
Karunaa poora tharangamathayoru,
Mathangi jaya, Bhagwathi jaya jaya.

Oh lotus eyed goddess, who has a scented body,
Oh Goddess saluted by devas, who is easily please,
Oh Matangi who is the wave of mercy,
Victory, Victory to you goddess.

Reethikalellam, neethiyil nalgum,
Mangala roope, chethassingal,
Jatha kuthukam nadamadeedina,
Mathangi jaya, Bhagwathi jaya jaya,

All your actions are our law,
Oh Goddess with auspicious form,
Oh Mathangi, the joy that ebbs in your mind,
Travels from person to person,
Victory, Victory to you, Goddess.

Gala thala visina thalikal maalagal,
Agame kanmathinnu aruluga devi,
Vilasina Madhu mozhi kelkkagenam,
Mathangi jaya, Bhagwathi jaya jaya,

The words that flow from my throat are your garlands,
Please permit me to your mind,
Oh Mathangi, I want to hear your honey like words,
Victory, Victory to you, Goddess.

Madana choodu porukkarathanjitu,
AAdaravode vannoru daithyane,
Vedanayode yama puram cherthoru,
Mathangi jaya, Bhagwathi jaya jaya,

Oh Mathangi you sent the Rakshasa,
Who can with great passion,
To the land of Yama with pain,
Victory, Victory to you goddess.

Parichil padum, nadham kondum,
Tribhuvana makhilam mohippikkum,
Giri vara kanye, sulalitha vakthre,
Mathangi jaya, Bhagwathi jaya jaya,

Oh Mathangi, Oh daughter of Himalayas,
Oh Lady with a pretty neck, you,
Attract the three worlds,
By the ever living music and tunes,
Victory, Victory to you goddess.

Dhatriyil ambodu nadamadeedunna,
Chithramathayoru Saradhiyodum,
Vruthraressane mumbakeedunna,
Mathangi jaya, Bhagwathi jaya jaya,

Oh Mathangi who wanders all over the world,
Along with a wonderful charioteer,
And over takes Lord Brahma,
Victory, Victory to you goddess.

Nidile vilasunna thilakam kondum,
THata mula nadhye malakal kondum,
Kati thata vilasina peethmbaramum,
Mathangi jaya, Bhagwathi jaya jaya,

Oh Mathangi, with thilaka which shines on your forehead,
With the necklaces hanging between your high breasts,
And with the yellow silk toed over your hip,
Victory, Victory to you goddess.

Saramathayithu, sapthaswaramithu,
Nere cholli Sthuthi cheyvorkkiha,
Nere parthu prasidhicheeduga,
Mathangi jaya, Bhagwathi jaya jaya,

Oh Matangi, these seven sounds are greatly meaningful,
Please shower your grace by directly seeing those,
Who pray you using this and seeing you straight,
Victory, Victory to you goddess.

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