Sakashta Nasanam Sankata Ashtakam

Sakashta Nasanam Sankata Ashtakam
[Octet on Sankata Devi which removes Sorrow]
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[Here is a short prayer to Sankata Devi at Benares which ensures that all our sorrows are removed.]

Om Naradha Uvacha: -
Om Narada said: -
1. Jaigeeshavya munisreshta, Sarvagna sukha dayaka,
Aakhyathaani supunyaani kruthani thwath pradatha,

Please hear the story of the great Jaigheeshavya, who was knower of all
And who gave happiness, due to the blessed deeds done by you.

2. Na trupthim adhi gachami thava thava bagamruthena cha,
Vathasvaikam Maha Bhaga sankatakhyana muthamam,

When told that I am not getting satisfaction in spite of hearing your nectar like words,
That great one related about the story of Sankata which is great.

3. Ithi Thasya vacha sruthwaJaigeebhavyo abravaeeth thadha,
Sangashta nasanam stotram, srunu devarshi sathama.

Hearing these words that Jaigheeshavya then told,
The prayer to remove sorrows, and hear about it Oh deva sage.

4. Dwapare thu prura vruthe brashta rajyo Yudhishtira,
Brathrubhi sahitho rajya nirvedam param gatha.

Early in the Dwapara age Yudhishtra was banished from his kingdom,
Along with his brothers and he had to go out of his country.

5. Thadaneem tuhu thadha Kasi pureem yadho Mahamuni,
Markandeya ithi khyatha saha sishyair maha yasa.

Then he went to the city of Benares where the great sage,
Markandeya who was very famous was living with his disciples.

6. Tham drushtwaa sa samuthaya pranpathya supoojitha,
Kimartham mlana vadhana yethathwam maam nivedaya.

Seeing him, he stood, saluted and worshipped him,
What is the need for a sorrowful face, please tell me the reason.

Yudhishtra Uvacha: -
Yudhishtra told: -

7. Sankashtam may mahath prapthamm medath dug vadanam thadhaa,
Yethan nivarenaabhyaam kinchith bruhi maha mune.

A great misery of sorrow has come to me and hence my face is like that,
For curing that, Oh great sage, please tell something to me.

Markandeya Uvacha: -
Markandeya told: -

8. Ananda kanane devi Sankataa nama visruthaa,
Veereswaothare bhage chandreswarasya cha.

In this forest of joy (Benares) there is a famous Goddess called Sankata,
And she is to the north of Veereswara and east of Chadreswara.

9. Srunu Nama ashtakam thasyaa sarva sidhikaram nrunaam,
Sankata pradamam nama, dwitheeyam Vijaya thadhaa.

Please hear her eight names which speedily grants you solution to your problems,
First is destroyer of sorrows, second it is giver of victories.

10. Thrutheeyam Kamadhaa proktham Chathurtham Dukha harini,
Sarvaani Panchamam nama, Sashtam kathyayini thadhaa.

Third is the fulfiller of desires, fourth is the destroyer of sorrow,
Fifth is fulfiller of everything and sixth it is Kathyayani (daughter of Kathyayana).

11. Sapthamam Bheema nayana, Sarva roga hara ashtamam,
Naamashtakam idham punyam trisandhyam sradhayanvidha.

Seventh is the large eyed one and eighth it is destroyer of all diseases,
These eight blessed names are to be repeated at dawn, noon and dusk with belief.

12. Ya padeth yedhyabhi naro muchyathe sankadath,
Ithyukthwa thu dwija sreshtam rubir Varanasinm yayou.

If this is read like this one would get rid of sorrow,
Saying this that great Brahmin stood up and went to Benares.

13. Ithi thasya vacha sruthwa Naradho Harsha nirbhara,
Thadha sampoojithaam devim Veereswara samanvitham,

Hearing these words Narada was filled with great joy .
And then worshipped the Goddess along with Veerswara,

14. Bhujaisthu dasabhir yukthaam loka Chandra bhooshithaam,
Mala kamndalu yutham, padma sankha gadhayudhaam.

She with her ten hands was holding the moon,
Garland, water pot, lotus flower, conch and the mace

15. Trisoola damarudharaam Gadaga charma vibhooshithaam,
Varadhabhaya hastham tham pranamya vidhi nandana.

She was holding trident, small drum, sword leater,
And was showing hand in blessing and protection,
And she was saluted by that son of Brahma.

16. Vara thrayam graheethwa thu thadho Vishnupuram yayou,
Yethad stotrasya padapadanam puthra pouthram vivardanam.

After getting three boons, that saint went back to the place of Lord Vishnu,
And if this prayer is read their number of sons and grand sons would increase.

17. Sankashta nasanam chaiva trilokeshu visrutham,
Gopaneeyam prayathnena Maha vandhya prasoothi kruth

This prayer which is famous in the three worlds as destroyer of sorrow
Which is secret . if recited would make a barren woman bear sons.

Ithi Padma purane Sankashta nasanam Sakadashtakam sampoornam

Thus ends the octet on Sankata which removes sorrow which occurs in Padma Purana.

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