Sarada Ashtakam

Saradha Ashtakam
[Octet on Saradha]
By Sengalipuram Anatha Rama Deekshithar
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[This prayer is addressed to Saradha, the presiding deity of the Sringeri Temple in Karnataka. Anantha Rama Deekshithar was a great religious scholar of Tamil Nadu.]

Sri Saradhe charu roope - Rishya,
Srungachalasthe, Bhaje Mataram thwaam,
Sri Sarade Charu rope

Oh Saradha of pretty form,
Who lives on the Rishya Sringa mountain,
I sing about you mother,
Oh Saradha of pretty form.

1. Thunga nadhi punya there - thapa
Sanandha pure thapo aaradhi chare,
Nithyam vasanthim Jwalanthim - sarva,
Vidhyadhi dathrim Virinchasya pathnim. (Sri Saradhe..)

In the banks of blessed river Thunga,
In the town where sages live with joy,
Worshipped by their penance,
You who grant all type of knowledge,
And are the wife of Brahma live and shine daily.

2. Sri Sankara sthapithaam thaam - Santhi,
Danthyaadhi sampoorna sanyasi vandhyaam,
Sarvartha dathrim savithrim - desi,
Kendra swaroopena sarvathra yaanthim (Sri Saradhe..)

In that place established by Adhi Sankara,
Granting peace and worshipped by all Sanyasis,
Oh Goddess who gives everything, Oh mother,
You are everywhere in the form of the queen of teachers.

3. Karunya sampoorna nethraam, shubra -
Vasthraam pavithram sarad Chandra vakthram,
Sad rathna pooja vichithram - Yogi,
Brundarpithaa aanandha bilvathi pathram. (Sri Saradhe..)

Your eyes are full of mercy, you wear clean cloths,
You are holy and have the face of the autumn moon,
You are wonderfully worshipped by pure gems which are,
The leaves of Bilwa offered with joy by hoards of Yogis.

4. Sri Kunkuma liptha gathrim - bhaktha,
Brundarpitha sweeyakalyana nethraam,
Aavishkruthaneka sathram - abja,
Sambhootha sampatha mangalya suthraam. (Sri Saradhe..)

Your body is smeared with Kunkum (saffron)
Your auspicious eyes are properly placed on the crowd of devotees,
You are made visible through many Sasthras
You are born in a lotus flower and you are appearing in the auspicious thread.

5. Srungadhri vaasam pranamyaam - nadha,
Roopaam namad Raja rajadhi devaam,
Rajyadhi dhanaika deekshaam - Veda,
Vedantha santhayi karunya veekshaam, (Sri Saradhe..)

I salute you who lives on the Srunga Mountain,
You have the form of music and saluted by devas and king of kings,
You have taken the penance of giving charity to the kingdom,
And you have the vision of mercy given by Veda and Vedanthas.

6. Anthar mukharadhya devim - Bhaktha,
Sambodhi dhamnaaya gambheera bhavaam,
Nithyam kruthanaika sevaam - thyaji - ,
Thajnn sambhootha jeevathma bhedhaam. (Sri Saradhe..)

Oh Goddess who is worshipped inwardly,
Who has the deep look and is called by the devotees,
Who daily do her service and who makes one sacrifice,
The ignorance which creates the difference between beings.

7. Shuddha swaroopa bhavair upasyaam - Rishya,
Srungadhri peedastha sanyasi vasyaam,
Vidharthi lokena vandhyaam - Vishnu,
Rudraadhi maanyaam, supunyai Kalabhyaam. (Sri Saradhe..)

She who is meditated in the form of absolute purity,
Who is attracted by the Sanyasi who lives on Rishya Srunga mountains,
Who is saluted by the student community, who is respected by,
Lord Vishnu and Lord Rudra and who has the skill of pure sacredness.

8. Lokou rakshaika deekshaam - aksha,
Maaladhi hastham, yatheendradhi pakshaam,
Akshayya Lakshmi Kadakshaam - Drushta,
Mathrena thappadhi samhara dakshaam (Sri Saradhe..)

She who has taken the penance of protection of the world,
Who has a rosary in her hand, who is partial to the king of sages,
Who has the never exhaustible sight of Lakshmi,
And who destroys all sufferings just by her sight.

9. Bhakthyaa krutham stotra rathnam Deekshitha,
Anantharamena vidhyadhi sidhyai,
Sri Saradha thosha moolam - Bhakthi,
Yuktha padedhyo labhedaiva sarvam. (Sri Saradhe..)

This prayer gem been composed by Anantha Rama
Deekshitha for getting the power of knowledge,
By the joy of Saradha, if one reads,
It with devotion, he would get everything.

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