Saraswati Kavacham

Sri Saraswathi Kavacham
[Armour of Goddess Saraswathi]

Asya sri Saravanthio kavacha stotra maha manthrasya, samyogeswara rishi, Anushtup chandha, Sri Saraswathi devatha, Sri Saraswathi prasada sidhyarthe jape viniyoga

For the great prayer called "The armour of Saraswathi", the saint is Samyogeswara, Meter is Anushtup, the goddess addressed is Saraswathi and this is being sung for obtaining the grace of Goddess Saraswathi.


Srimad chandana charcithojjwala vapu, Shuklambara mallika-
Malaa laalitha, kunthalaa pravilasad mukthavali shobhitha,
Sarva Jnana nidhana pusthaka dara, Rudraksha malangitha,
Vagdevi vadanambhuje vasathu may, trilokya mathaa shubhaa.

Meditative prayer

She who is the mother of the three worlds, with a shining body coated with sandal paste,
Wearing white silk, wearing the garland of jasmine, wearing a shining head gear,
Shining in a nose ring, holding a book containing all knowledge,
Wearing a garland of Rudraksha is the Goddess of speech and I live in her lotus like face.


1. Omkaro may sira pathu, Imkara pathu may mukham,
Sakara pathu may nethre, rakara srothra yugmakam

Let "Om" protect my head, "Iym" protect my face,
"sa" protect my eyes and "ra" protect my two ears.

2. Swakaro nasikaam pathu traikao ganda yugmagam,
Nakara pathwoshta yugmakam, makao dandha panmkthim.

Let "Swa" protect my nose, "Trai" protect both my cheeks,
"Na" protect my lips, "Ma" protect my teeth.

3. Jihwam vidhyaakalaa pathum, vacham vagdevatha mama,
Kantam may suswara pathu, vaksha karunya manasa.

Let the crescent of knowledge protect my toungue,
Let the goddess of word protect my words,
Let she with a musical voice protect my neck,
And let her with a mind of mercy protect my breast.

4. Hasthou pusthakahastha may, kukshim vatadalodhara,
Katim kanaka vasthradya, ooru ramborukaa mama.

Let my hands be protected by her who holds a book,
Let my abdomen be protected by her with a belly like a banyan leaf,
Let my waist be protected by her who wears golden cloths,
And let my thigh be protected by her who has thighs like Rambha

5. Guhyam sugopya bheejadyaa, padhou pathu nathamaraa,
Sarvangam sarvadhaa pathu sarva poojya Saraswathi,

Let my private parts be protected by her whose root chant is secret,
Let my feet be protected by her whose devotees are devas,
And let all my limbs be always protected by her,
Who is the always worshipped Goddess Saraswathi.

6. Bharathi kavacham punyam padathaam sarva sidhidham,
Sarva vidhyapradham sreshtam kumathi dwandha bhaskaram.

This armour of Saraswathi is holy and by reading it everything can be achieved.
And it blesses you will all knowledge and it is great and like a sun which enlightens the bad ones.

Saraswathi Kavacham sampoornam
Thus ends the armour of Saraswathi.

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