Navagraha Stotram [Vadhi]

Navagraha Stotram
By Saint Vadhi Raja Theertha
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[Sri Vadi Raja Teertha is one of the greatest saints of the Dwaita Sampradaya propounded by Madhvacharya and he can be ranked next to the founder. His contribution to the Dvaita Vedanta, Kannada Sahithya and Sanskrit literature is of  very rare and high order.]

Bhaswan may Bhasayeth thathwam
Chandrasya ahladha kruth bhaveth,
Mangalo mangalan dadhyath,
Budhascha budhatham disheth. 1

Let the Sun light up scriptures,
Let Moon make me full of happiness,
Let Mars give me good comfort,
And let Mercury point out ways of wisdom.

Guru may gurutham vadhyath,
Kavisya kavitham diseth,
Sanisthasya sham prapthayathu,
kethu kethum jaye arpayeth. 2

Let Jupiter give me big stature,
Let Venus give me imaginative wisdom,
Let Saturn give me good things,
And let Kethu lead me to victory.

Rahur may rahayath rogam
Graha santhu kara gruha,
Nava navam mame easwarasya,
Dishantyethe Nava Graha. 3

Let Rahu remove all my diseases
Let all planets give me gifts,
Let the nine planets give me gifts,
Of nine different kinds from God.

Sane, dinamasmai suno sya,
Aneka guna sanmasye,
Arishtam hara may Abheestam,
Kuru maa kuru sankatam. 4

Oh Saturn, the son of Sun God,
Bearer of many good qualities.
End my troubles, fulfill my desires,
Never push me in to state of sorrow.

Harer anugraharthaya
Shatrunam nigrayaya cha,
Vadi raja yathi proktham
Graham stotram sada padeth. 5

For getting the blessings of Vishnu,
For destroying ones enemies,
Please read always this prayer,
Composed by Vadhiraja.

Ithi Madhavadhiraja charana punya virachitham
Navagraha stotram sampoornam

Thus ends the prayer to the nine planets
Composed at the holy feet of Sage Madhavacharya.

Bharathi ramana mukhya pranathargatha Sri Krishnarpanamasthu.

This is dedicated to Krishna Who is
Interested in welfare of those who live in Bharatha
And who is chiefly in their souls.

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