Hanuman Ji Ki Aarthi

Hanuman Ji Ki Aarthi
[Prayer to Lord Hanuman]
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[I took this great aarthi addressed to Hanuman from indif.com/nri/aarti/hanumanarti.asp]

1. AArthi ki jai Hanumaanaa lalaa ki,
Dushta dalana Raghunatha kala ki

Let us worship the very dear Hanuman,
Who slays the wicked and is a crescent of Rama

2. Jaake bal se girivara kampe,
Bhootha piscachaa nikata nahi jaanke

By his power the great mountains trembled,
And devils and ghosts never came near us.

3. De bhidhaa Raghunaatha pathaee,
Lanka jaari siya sudhi layee

Rama bid him farewell on his path,
And he brought good news of Sita,
After burning down Sri Lanka.

4. Lanka sii kota samudhra sii khaaii,
Jaatha pavana sutha na laii

The son of the wind god leapt across the ocean,
And reached Lanka in a twinkling of an eye.

5. Bayen bhujaa se asura sanhare,
Dahinai bhujaa sura ubhare

He killed Asuras with his left hand,
And protected the devas with his right hand.

6. Lankaa jaarai asura sanhare,
Raja Rama ke kajaa samvare.

He burnt the Lanka and killed the asuras,
And he managed to complete the task of the king Rama.

7. Anjanee puthra maha bala daii,
Deva sa nthaa ke sada sahayee

The son of Anjana, gives great strength,
And always protects the gods and the saints.

8. Lakshmana murchitha pade sakaree,
Layee sanjivini pranaa ubhare

When Lakshmana had fainted and was lying like dead,
He brought the Sanjivini and gave him back the life.

9. Paithi pataala thodi yama kaare,
Ahirvanaa ke bhuja ukhade.

You went down to the world below, broke the gates of Yama,
And broke the arms of Mahi Ravana.

10. Sura nara muni jana aarthi utharein,
Jai jai jai kapi raja ucharen

When devas, sages and men pray you,
They chant, victory, victory to king of monkeys.

11. Kanchan tharaa kapoora suhaai,
Aarthi Kartha anjani maiyan

Your mother Anjana prays you,
Waving a camphor light in a golden plate

12. Jo Hanuman ji ki aarthi gave .
Basi Vaikunta parama pada pave.

Those who sing this prayer to Hanuman,
Would live in land of Vishnu and attain salvation.

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