Maaruthi Stotram Shathru Vasa Manthram

Maruthi Stotram Shathru Vasa Manthram
[Prayer to Hanuman to conquer enemies]
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[I am translating this powerful mantra as it is. I do not know the procedure to chant it and make it work. People who want to use it should do it after getting guidance from experts in Tantrik practice.]

Om namo bhagawathe vichithra veera Hanumathe pralaya kala anala prappojwalanaya, Anjani Garbha samboothataya

Salutations to God, to the strangely valorous Hanuman, The one who puts away the fire at time of deluge, One who was born to Anjana,

Prakata Vikrama veera daithya dhanava yaksha raksho gana graha bandhanaya, Bhootha graha bandhanaya, Pretha graha bandhanaya, Pisacha graha bandhanaya, Sakini Dakini graha bandhanaya, kakini kamini graha bandhanaya, Brahma graha bandhanaya, Brahma Rakshasa graha Bandhanaya, chora graha bandhanaya Maricha graha Bandhanaya,

He who ties the valorous Rakshasas, devas, yakshas and planets, He who ties devils, He who ties ghosts, He who ties evil spirits, He who ties the female evil spirits called Sakini and dakini, He who ties the evil spirits called Kakini and Kamini, , He who ties Lord Brahma, He who ties the Brahma Rakshas, He who ties thieves, he who ties deceitful asuras like Mareecha.

Yehi yehi, aagacha, agacha, AAvesaya, aavesaya, mama hrudhaye pravesaya pravesaya,
Here, here, come, come, spread, spread, enter, enter my heart

Sphum, sphu, Prasphura, prasphura, sathyam kadhaya

Sphum, Sphum, Manifest, manifest

Vyagra mukha bandhana, sarpa mukha bandhana, Raja mukha bandhana, Naree mukha bandhana, Sabhaa mukha bandhana, Shathru mukha Bandhana, Sarva mukha Bandhana

He who ties the face of tiger, He who ties the face of a serpent, He who ties the face of a king, He who ties the face of a woman, He who ties the face of an audience, He who ties the face of the enemy, He who ties the face of every one,

Lankaa prasada bhanjana, Amookam may vasamanaya, Kleem, kleem, kleem, Hreem, sreem sreem, Rajanaam vasamanaya

He who put an end to happiness of Lanka, please come under my control, Kleem, kleem, kleem, Hreem, sreem sreem, make the kings under my control,

Sreem hreem kleem strhiya aakarshaya AAkarshaya, Shathroon mardhaya, mardhaya, Maraya, maraya, choornaya, choornaya

Sreem hreem kleem attract, attract women, beat, beat my enemies, kill, kill them, powder, powder them

Khe Khe Sri Ramachandragnaya mama karya sidhim kuru kuru, Om hraam, hreem Hrom, Hraim, Hrom, Hrah phat swaha

Hey, hey follow the orders of God Ramachandra and make my efforts succeed, succeed Om hraam, hreem Hrom, Hraim, Hrom, Hrah phat swaha

Yeka dasa satha varam Japithwa sarva shathroon vasamanayathi Nanyadha ithi

If this is chanted One thousand one times, all enemies will come under our control.

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