Ishwara Bhajanam

Ishwara Bhajanam
[Prayer to God]
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[I found this gem of a Malayalam prayer in the book called Sthothra Mala published by Devi Book Stall, Kodungalore. From some of the verses it is obvious that it is not a prayer from ancient texts but one which has been composed recently. This prayer is addressed to God and nothing about the religion which boasts of the God is mentioned. A sincere attempt has been made to sing out to the Lord and to list out our abilities and disabilities. Nothing is mentioned about who is the author of this great prayer.]

Refrain to be chanted at the end of each verse.

Sarva Rakshaka, Deva Namosthuthe
Sarva Rakshaka, Deva Namosthuthe
Sarva Rakshaka, Deva Namosthuthe
Sarva Rakshaka, Deva Namosthuthe

Oh protector of all, salutations,
Oh protector of all, salutations,
Oh protector of all, salutations,
Oh protector of all, salutations.

Nithyavaum Bhavath padam namikkumee,
Yende yachana, kelkkumaraganam,
Yen ullil bhkthi yerumarakanam,
SArva Nayaka, Daivame Pahi maam. 1 (Srava�)

Be pleased to hear the humble request of mine,
Who daily salutes at your feet,
Let the devotion in my heart increase,
Oh Lord of all, Oh God take care of me.

Mannilakave vanu aruleedunna,
Manna, Karunyamagum chirakathil,
Yenne nithyam anachu kollename,
Mannavaadheesa, Daivame Pahi maam. 2

Oh king who rules all over this earth,
Please daily hug me tightly,
On the wing of your mercy,
Ok king, Oh my boss, Oh God. take care of me.

Jnana heena nagidunnan jnaan dhinam,
Thorum angaye arinju sthuthikkuvan,
Jnananvum Mana Shudhiyum nalgidenam,
Jnana varidhe, Dhaivame pahi maam. 3

Please give me the wisdom and purity of mind,
So that this ignorant one daily,
Understands and then prays you,
Oh ocean of wisdom, Oh God, Take care of me.

Jnanam yennil udichu uyarnnidenam,
Kalmashangal agannu poyidenam,
Bhakthi poorvam vasippan arulanm,
Bhaktha Vathsala, Daivame, Pahi maam. 4

The wisdom should rise inside me,
The draw backs should move away from me,
Please allow me to live with devotion,
Oh Darling of devotees, Oh God, Take care of me.

Yendhinnu yenne yee maya yam sindhuvil,
Ittu vattam karakkunnathu ithe vidham,
Thonnanam krupa yezhayam yee yennil,
Karunyalaya, DAivame, Pahi maam. 5

Oh God,why are you rotating me,
In this sea of illusion like this,
Please show little mercy on this poor man,
Oh temple of mercy, Oh God take care of me.

Dushtaraam shathru sanchayam thannude,
Kashtam merum upadravam yesathe,
Thushtiyode pari raksha cheyyanam,
Sishta palaka, Daivame, Pahi maam. 6

Oh God please look after me carefully,
By not allowing problems created,
By the evil enemy groups of mine,
Oh disciplinarian, Oh God, Take care of me.

Thannil yeridum snehamrutham pole,
Anyarum, jnanum onnu pole yennume,
Snehamullavaray vasichidenam,
Prema roopa, Jagadisa, Pahi maam. 7

Like the increasing love towards myself,
Me and all the others should be similar,
And live together with mutual love,
Oh picture of Love, Oh God of earth, Take care of me.

Anyar yennodu cheyyum upadravam,
Yennil yethum phalikkadhirikkanam,
Yende jeevitham anyannu upadravamayi,
Bhavikkolo, Daivame Pahi maam. 8

Let the problems created by others to me,
Be never effective any time on me,
And let my life never, ever become,
A problem for others, Oh God, Take care of me.

Anyar yennodu yethu vidham varthippan,
Aagraham mayudhikkumvannamay,
Anyarodu anuvarthippathinne yeni,
Kkekanm krupa, daivame Pahi Maam. 9

Please show me mercy to deal with others,
In the same way as they desire,
To behave with me in their mind,
Oh God, Take care of me.

Papa bhaaraal uzhalunee tenneyum,
Muthidum daya moolam, dhayanidhe,
Kathu palichu thustanakkename,
Thapa nasana, Daivame, Pahi Maam. 10

Due to extreme mercy, Oh treasure of mercy,
Please look after me who is wandering without aim,
Due to the heavy weight of sins and make me happy,
Oh destroyer of pain, Oh God, Take care of me.

Kutham yetham pravarthikka karanam,
THethu pathiya puthrane pole jnaan,
Muthum aa thapam moolam uzhaluneen,
Utha Thatha, krupasana, Pahimaam. 11

Due to my doing lot of wrongs,
I, due to the extreme sorrow am wandering,
Like the Son who has done a mistake.
Dear Father, Seat of mercy, take care of me.

Cheyyaruthu yennarul cheythathokkeyum,
Cheythu, Cheythilla Cheyyendathonnume,
Eva mahaantha, Pathiyay theernnu jnaan,
SArva nayaka deivame, Pahi maam, 12

I did all the deeds that you asked me no to do,
And did not do any actions that should be done,
And due to this I have become half of my self,
Oh leader of all, Oh Gods, Take care of me.

Peedayokkve Neekum Maheswaraa,
Yen duritham ozhikkanam Thal kshanam,
Santhatham sreeyum arogyavum
Kai varename, Daivame Pahi maam. 13

Oh great God who removes all bad problems,
Be pleased to immediately all my problems,
And let wealth and health become,
Mine soon, Oh God, Take care of me.

Bharathambika than Jadarothbhava,
Ranu kanum issodhra yennorthu,
Parthale vanu swarganubhoothiye,
Prapikkaname daivame, Pahimam. 14

Remembering that all these brothers,
Are those born to the Goddess India,
I should achieve heavenly pleasures,
Living in this earth, Oh God, take care of me.

Puthra mithra kalathradhikalo onnume,
Thammilethum mada mathsaramaakathe,
Nin mahathwa marinju jevikkuvan,
Yen manam pukku, Daivame Pahi maam. 15

Please enter my mind so that my,
Sons, friends and wife continue,
To live without competition,
And differences, Oh God, Please take care of me.

Yende thennu maham mennulla,
Duschintha vittittu, lokam tharavadayi,
Santhatham niroopippan aagraham,
Nalgitename, Daivame Pahi maam. 16

Give me the desire to prove that this world,
Is all my family and leave out the bad thought,
That this is me and mine only,
Oh God, Please take care of me.

Yennude Kadakkar aseshavu,
Mannava, Jnaan kshamikkunna polve,
Yennude doshavum kadangalum,
Theerthu kollanam daivame, Pahi maam. 17

Oh king let all my debtors without fail,
Pardon my loan dues as well as my short comings,
Like I pardon that Of others,
Oh God, please take care of me.

Sreshta srushtiyaam nee yee dasane,
Anya dasyanu varthiyakkidalla,
Thwal padambhujam sada namichiduvaan,
Bhagya meguka, Daivame, Pahi maam. 18

Oh God who is special, please do not make this slave,
As the slave of some one else and for that,
I salute your lotus like feet, Please give me luck,
Oh God, please take care of me.

Haatakam sphutam cheythidum polave,
Yenne nithyam duritha peduthathe.
Kalmasham neeki shuddhan aakename,
Nirmalatmane, Daivame Pahi maam. 19

Without troubling me daily.
Like the process of purification of Gold,
Please make me pure without any dirt,
Oh Pure soulled one, Oh God, Take care of me.

Yennude mana chanchalam neekkanam,
Yennude nirdhanathwam ozhikkanam,
Yennude aviswasam agathanam,
Yennude ory nayaka, Pahi maam. 20

Please remove the worries from my mind,
Please remove my state of poverty,
Please remove my non belief,
Oh god, who is my Lord, Take care of me.

SArva nayaka, mukthi pradhayaka,
TRukkaram thottu anugrahikkename,
Vannu cherum anartham ozhichenne,
Palanam cheyga deivame, Pahi maam. 21

Lord of all, giver of salvation,
By your divine hand, please bless me,
Please take care of me of the dangers,
That come, Oh God, take care of me.

Mayamenye bhavane sthuthikkuvan,
Agrahikkum adiyante ingitham,
Sadhyamakaan anugruhicheedanam,
Bandhu vathsala, Daivame, pahi maam. 22

Please bless me so that this slave�s,
Intention, of praying the divine you,
With out any illusion is fulfilled,
Oh darling of friends, Oh God, take care of me.

Jeevithahinnu venda Sasyadhikal,
Urviyil kaalaa kalam vilayuvaan,
Sarva karunyam yekumaarakanam,
Sarva Nayaka, Daivame Pahi maam. 23

Please grant me all your mercy,
So that the vrops necessary to support life,
Are able to grow and yield from time to time,
Oh Lord of all, Oh God, take care of me.

Papi yayidum yenne orikkalum,
Vyadhiyaalum pisachukkalalume,
Klese methathe aasu palikkanam,
Klesa nasana, Daivame, Pahi maam. 24

Please always protect me who is,
A sinner, from the sufferings created,
By the diseases and ghosts, always,
Oh destroyer of suffering, Oh God, take care of me.

Yende papam kshamichu kollename,
Yen duritham apahaharikkename,
AAdi vyadhikal yerathirikkane,
SAchidananda, Daivame, Pahi maam. 25

Please excuse all the sins that I do,
Please steal away all my sufferings,
Let all the sorrows and diseases not increase,
Oh divine bliss, Oh God, take care of me.

Goramaya vasanthalil ninnum,
Kshama badhayil ninum dhivanisam,
Kashtamerum idi theeyil ninnume,
Kathu kolga yen, Daivame, Pahi maam. 26

Please protect me,from very horrible epidemics.
From famines and pestilence daily,
And from the tremendous fire of lightning,
Oh my God, Please take care of me.

Neethi marge gamikkumaraganam,
Thinmayokke thyajikkumaraganam,
Nalla karyam prarthippathin,
Yenikku aasayeranam, Daivame pahi maam. 27

I should travel in the path of justice,
I should be able to get rid of everything that is bad,
And I should get desire to carry out good action,
Oh God, please take care of me.

Nithyanithyangaleyum nirantharam,
Sathyasathyangaleyum vazhi pole,
Krutha kruthyangaleyumariyuvan,
Nithyena Krupa nalkanam, Pahi maam. 28

You should shower your grace to daily,
To understand those which are forever and those temporary,
Those that are truth and those that are lies,
And thereby lead me to decide desirable,
And undesirable actions, please take care of me.

Anna dhanvanukum bhaval krupa,
Moolam innal yethavum trupathny,
Melu metham sukhamay vasichheduvaan,
Palaka Krupa nalkanam, Pahi Maam. 29

I became greatly satisfied till today,
Due to your grace making me give alms of food,
And Oh god who looks after me,
By your grace please allow me to continue to be happy,
And please take care of me.

Kruthyamookeyum thethadhe cheyyuvan,
Kruthya bodham methidenam nithyavum,
Sathyamennathu nithyam vilanganam,
SAthya roopa, Jagadheesa pahi maam. 30

Daily give me responsible behaviour,
To do all my duties without any mistake,
And let Truth shine daily in me,
Oh truth personified, Oh lord of the world, Take care of me.

Karya methum nivruthi varuthanam,
Veerya bhavam kurayathirikkanam,
Aaryanayi bhavikkanam,
Karya karana, Daivame paihi maam. 31

Let my enthusiasm never vane,
So that I ca carry out all actions,
And let me become a gentleman,
Oh cause of all actions, Oh God, take care of me.

Cheetha bhkthya dinam thrum ee sthavam,
Keerthichidum naranmarkku thwat padam,
SAndhicheedan krupa varam nalkanam,
Bandhu vathsala, Daivame pahi maam. 32

To those men who sing this prayer with devotion,
Please give the boon of mercy to see your feet,
Oh God who loves his devotees,
Oh God, please take care of me.