Mayuresa Stotram

Mayuresa Stotram
(Prayer to Lord of the Peacock)
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[This prayer is meant for removal of worry as well as diseases.]

1. Puranapurusham devam Nana kreedakaram mudhaa,
Mayyavinam durvibhashyam, Mayuresam namamyaham.

I salute the Lord of the peacock, who is an epic person,
Who appears as if he plays in various ways, who is illusory and pleased by Durva grass.

2. Parathparam, chidanandam, nirvikaram, hrudhi sthidham,
Gunaatheetham, gunamayam Mayuresam namamyaham.

I salute the Lord of the peacock, who is the ultimate God, who is divinely happy,
Who is not affected by feelings, Who lives in our heart,
Who is beyond all characters, Who is full of all that is good.

3. Srujantham, palayantham cha samharantham nijechaya,
Sarva vigna hara, devam mayuresam namamyaham.

I salute the Lord of peacock who creates, looks after and destroys according to his will,
And who destroys all sort of obstacles.

4. Nana daithya nihantharam, nana roopani vibhratham,
Nanayudha tharam bhakthya, mayuresam namayaham.

I salute the lord of peacock, who killed various Rakshasas,
Who assumes various forms and who carries various weapon with devotion.

5. Indhradhi devatha vrundai rabheeshtamaharnisam,
Sadha sadhvyaktha mavyaktham, mayuresam namamyaham.

I salute the Lord of peacock, who fulfils all desires.
Of all groups of devas including Indra,
Who is always very clear as well as not clear.

6. Sarva shakthimayam devam, sarva roopadharam vibhum,
Sarva vidhya pravaktharam, Mayuresam namamyaham.

I salute the Lord of peacock, Who is the God with all powers,
Who is the lord assuming all forms and one who grants all knowledge.

7. Parvathi nandanmam Shambor Ananda parivardhanam,
Bhakthanandakaram nithyam, Mayuresam Namamyaham.

I salute the Lord of peacock, who is the one increasing the joy,
Of Parvathi and Shiva and who daily makes his devotees happy.

8. Munir dyeyam muninutham, muni kama prapoorakam,
Samashti vyashti roopam thwaam mayuresam namamyaham.

I salute the Lord of Peacock, who is meditated by sages,
To whom sages are devotees, who completes the desires of sages,
Who is filled with truth and divine wisdom and who is the truth.

9. Srava Ajnana nihanantharam, sarva jnanakaram suchim,
Sathya jnanamayam sathyam, mayuresam namamyaham.

I salute the lord of peacock, who destroys all types of ignorance,
Who is pure and gives all types of knowledge,
And who is truth and is full of all type of wisdom.

10. Aneka koti Brahmanda nayakam, jagad iswaram,
Anantha vibhavam, Vishnum Mayuresam namyaham

I salute the Lord of peacock, who is the lord of billions of Brahmandas,
Who is the God of all universe, who has endless greatness and is peaceful.

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