Sai Saranam Stotram

Sai Saranam Stotram
Prayer of Refuge to Shirdi Sai Baba
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[Here is a great and soulful prayer addressed to Sai Baba of Shirdi. In essence it says even for the worst possible human being who does not have any refuge whatsoever, Sai Baba is the refuge. This prayer is from a book of Thursday prayers at Shirdi. I felt at great peace after translating this great prayer.]

1. Sarva sadhanaheenasya, paradheenasya sarvadhaa,
Papapeenasya dheenasya, Sri Sai Saranam mama.

To me who is not having anything, who is always being under control of others,
Who is swollen with sins and who is helpless, Sri Sai Baba is my refuge.

2. Samasara - sukha-samprapthi, sanmukhasya viseshatha,
Bahirmukhasya jeevasya, Sri Sai Saranam mama.

For getting pleasure in life, specially with a happy face
To an indifferent being like me, Sri Sai Baba is my refuge.

3. Sadaa vishayakamasya, dehaaramasya sarvadhaa,
Dushta svabhava vamasya, Sri Sai Saranam mama.

Always interested in worldly pleasures and always doing nothing,
And being bad with wicked habits, Sri Sai Baba is my refuge.

4. Samsara sarpa drashtasya, Dharma brashtasya durmathe,
Loukeeka prapthi kashtasya, Sri Sai Saranam Mama.

Being a snake bite to domestic life, who has been banished from religion, who is ignorant,
And who has difficulty in achieving worldly success, Sri Sai Baba is my refuge.

5. Vismrutham sweeya dharmasya, karma mohitha chethasa,
Svaroopa jnana soonyasya, Sri Sai Saranam Mama.

Being one who has forgotten his own wife, one whose heart is deceived by Karma,
Who is ignorant of the form of god, Sri Sai Baba is my refuge.

6. Vishaya krantha dehasya vemukhatha samam they,
Indarayascha graheethasya, Sri Sai Saranam mama,

Being one with body attached to pleasures, being equal to the mouth of a bird,
And one being controlled by sense organs, Sri Sai Baba is my refuge.

7. Samsara sindhu magnasya, bagnam bhavasya dushkruthe,
Dhurbhava bhagna chithasya, Sri Sai Saranam mama,

Being drowned in ocean of domestic life, who is disappointed and doing evil deeds,
Who has bad inclination and a broken heart, Sri Sai Baba is my refuge.

8. Viveka, Dhairya, Bhakthyadhi rahithasya nirantharam,
Virudha karu naa sakathe, Sri Sai Saranam Mama.

Being one who is permanently devoid of wisdom, courage and devotion,
And who cannot give up cowardly acts, Sri Sai Baba is my refuge.

9. Sarva sadhana soonyasya, sadhanam Sai yevathu,
Thasmad sarvathmana nithyam, Sri Sai Saranam mama.

When nothing is there with us, Sai becomes everything,
And so all beings daily say, Sri Sai Baba is my refuge.

Thvameva matha cha pitha thvameva, thvameva bandhusha, sakha thvameva,
Thvameva vidhya, dravinam thvameva, thvameva sarvam mama Sai nadhaa.

You are my mother, you aremy father, you are my relation, you are my friend,
You are my education, you are my wealth, and so Lord Sai, you are my refuge

Kayenavacha manasendrairvaa, budhyathmana vaa prakruthi svabhavath,
Karomi yadhyath sakalam parasmai, Narayanayethi samarpayami

Whatever is being done by me, my body, words, mind, sense organs, intellect and soul,
Or by my natural inclinations, I surrender all them to Lord Narayana.

Hari Om thath sath, Sri Sai Paramathmane nama

Hari and Om are the truth, salutations to the infinite soul Sai

Anatha koti, Brahmanda Nayaka, Maha Rajadhi Raja,
Maha Samartha Para brahma Sri Sachidananda svaroopa Sadguru,
Sri Sai Nadha Baba Maharaj ki jai.

Victory to Lord of the endless crores of universes, the great king of kings,
The very knowledgeable Divine Brahmam, one with form of divine joy,
The great teacher Lord Sai Baba.