Ramayanam (Story of Rama) is possibly the first epic written in Sanskrit and it is believed that it was written by sage Valmiki. It consists of six major sections called Kandam and has 24000 verses. Each Kanda is further divided in to Sargams (Chapters). The different Kandas are Bala Kandam (Boyhood Section - 77 Sargams), Ayodhya Kandam (Ayodhya Section - 119 Sargams), Aaranya Kandam (Forest Section - 75 Sargams), Kishkinda Kandam (Kishkindha Section - 67 Sargams), Sundara Kandam (Beauty / Hanuman Section - 68 Sargams) and Yuddha Kandam (War Section - 128 Sargams).