Parameshwara Stotra

Parameshwara Stotra
[Prayer to the God Ultimate]
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[Here is a prayer to the God ultimate. In some stanza it addresses Lord Shiva and in another Lord Vishnu but what it aims is to address God who is beyond such limited descriptions. It is extremely musical and taken from Stotra Rathnavali published by Gita press, Gorakhpur.]

Jagadeesa sudheesa bhavesa vibho,
Parameshwara parathpara pootha pitha,
Pranatham pathitham hatha budhi balam,
Janatarana taraya thapithakam. 1

Hey Lord of universe, Hey Lord of good people,
Hey source of everything, Hey supreme one,
Hey primeval God, Hey very holy one, Hey son, Hey father,
I pray, take care of this sinner who lacks wisdom and strength,
And help me cross this painful life which is difficult to cross.

Guna heena sudheena malina mathim,
Thwayi pathari dathari chaparathim,
Thamasa rajasa vrutha vruthimimam,
Janatarana taraya thapithakam. 2

Oh God who helps people to cross this life,
Please help me, who am troubled by this life
Who does not have good qualities, who is miserable,
Who possesses a very dirty mind,
And who has base and egoistic personality,
To cross this life though I am,
Far away from your protective and endowing glance.

Mama Jeevana meenamimam pathitham,
Marughora bhveeha suveehamaho,
Karunabdhi chalomirjala nayanam,
Janatarana taraya thapithakam. 3

Oh God who helps people to cross this life,
I am a fish which has fallen in the arid desert of life,
And you can save me by a mere glance,
Of your eyes which are the ocean of mercy,
And so please help me to cross this trouble giving life.

Bhava vaarana karana karma thathou,
Bhava sindhujale shiva magnamatha,
Karunancha samarpaya thareem twaritham,
Janatarana taraya thapithakam. 4

Oh God who helps people to cross this day to day life,
Oh destroyer of universe and who is the cause of that universe,
I am drowned in this ocean of day to day life, Oh Lord Shiva,
And so please speedily give me the boat of your mercy,
And so please help me to cross this trouble giving life.

Aathinasaya janur mama punya ruche,
Durithou gabharou paripoorna bhuva,
Sujaganya maganyamapunyaruchim,
Janatarana taraya thapithakam. 5

Oh God who helps people to cross this day to day life,
Oh God who appreciates good acts, quickly destroy my life,
Which has filled the earth with huge amount of sins committed,
Due to my infinite interest in evil and sin, all my life.

Bhava karaka narakahaaraka hey,
Bhavatharaka pathakadaraka hey,
Hara Sankara kinkara karma chayam,
Janatarana taraya thapithakam. 6

Oh God who helps people to cross this day to day life,
Who is the creator of the world, who liberates one from hell,
Who is the destroyer of the world and who uplifts sinners,
Oh God Shankara, please save this, your slave from his existence.

Trishithaschirmasmi sudhaam hitha may,
Aachyutha chinmaya dehi vadanya vara,
Athimohaavasena vinashtakrutham,
Janatarana taraya thapithakam. 7

Oh God who helps people to cross this day to day life,
I am very thirsty for life giving nectar of knowledge,
Oh infallible one, Oh blissful one, please give it to me,
Who has lost everything due to a great delusion, Oh giver of boons.

Pranamami namami, namami bhavam,
Bhava janma kruthi prani shoodanakam,
Guna heena mananthamitham saranam,
Janatarana taraya thapithakam. 8

Oh God who helps people to cross this day to day life
I bow to you, I salute you, and I salute the God who is the originator,
Oh God who removes the fear in the mind of animals who are born,
Oh God who is beyond qualities, Oh limitless one, I surrender to you.

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