Rudhra Kavacham

Rudra Kavacham
[The armour of Rudra]
By Sage Durvasa
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[Here is a great armour dedicated to Lord Shiva, The kavacham in Deva Nagari script can be found at: http://www.

Asya Sri Rudra Kavacha stotra maha manythrasya Durvasa rishi, Anushtup chanda, Tryabaka rudro devatha, Om Bheejam, Hreem SAkthi, Kleem Keelakam, mama manobheeshta sidhyarthe jape viniyoga.

For the armour of Rudra which is a great prayer, tha sage is Durvasa, the God addressed is the Rudra of Trambaka, Om is the root, Hreem is the power, Kleem is the nail and this is being chanted to fulfill the desires of my mind.

Santham padmasanastham sasi dharamukutam panchavakthram trinethram,
Soolam vajram cha Gadgam parasumabhayadham Dakshinange vahantham,
Nagam pasam cha gandaam vara damaruyutham chambikaam vama bhage,
Nanalankarayuktham sphatikamaninbham Parvatheesam namami.

I salute the Lord of Parvathi, who is peaceful, sits on a lotus pose,
Who wears the moon on his crown, who has five faces and three eyes,
Who carries on his right hand soolam, Vajrayudha, axe and sign of protection,
Who carries on his left snake, rope, bell, blessed drum and the mother Goddess,
And who wears different type of ornaments and has the colour of crystal.

Durvasa uvacha:-
Sage Durvasa said:-

1. Pranamya sirasa devam, swayambhum Parameswaram,
Yekam sarvagatham devam sarva deva mayam vibhum.

After saluting by the head the God who was not born, who is the God of gods,
Who is one, who goes everywhere and the Lord who is all the Gods made in to one.

2. Rudra varma pravakshyami anga pranasya rakshane,
Ahorathrmayam devam rakshartham nirmitham puraa.

I am telling about the protection of Rudra, for the protection of limbs and soul,
Of that God who is everywhere during day and night,
Which was composed for the protection of devas in ancient times.

3. Nethrayo thrayambaka pathu, mukham pathu Maheswara,
Karnayo pathumay Shambhu, nasikayam sada shiva.

Let the three eyed one protect my eyes, let Maheswara protect my mouth,
Let Shambhu protect my ears and let Sadashiva protect my nose.

4. Rudram may chagratha pathu, pathu parswo harasthadha,
Siro may Easwara pathu, lalalatam neela lohitha.

Let Rudra protect my friend and let Hara protect my back,
Let the God Shiva protect my head and the blue coppered one protect my forehead.

5. Vageesa pathu may jihwam, oshtou pathu ambikapathi,
Sri kanda pathu may greevaam, bahum chaiva pinaka druk.

Let the lord of words protect my toungue, and let my lips be protected by Lord of Ambika,
Let the God with holy neck protect my neck and let the holder of Pinaka protect my arms

6. Hrudayam may Mahadeva, Easwaro avyath sthanantharam,
Nabhim, katrim cha Vakshascha pathu sarva Umapathi.

Let Mahadeva protect my heart and let Easwara protect my breasts,
Let my belly, waist and chest be all protected by the Lord of Uma.

7. Bahu Madhya antharam chaiva sookshma roopa Sadashiva,
Swaram rakshathu sarveso, gathrani yadha kramam.

Let the arm, the middle and what is inside be protected by Sadashiva of the micro form,
Let the God of all protected my voice as well as my body.

8. Vajra Shakthi dharam chaiva pasangusa dharam thadhaa,
Ganda soola dharam nithyam rakshathu tridaseswara.

Let the God of the ten directions who holds the Vajra as well as Shakthi,
Who holds the rope and the Goad and ewho holds the bell and trident protect me daily.

9. Prasthaneshu pade chaiva, vruksha moole nadhi thate,
SAndhyayam raja bhavane Virupakshasthu pathu maam.

Let the God with a slant eye protect during travel by walk, below a tree,
On the bank of river, during twilight and in palaces.

10. Seethoshna thadha kaleshu, thuhina drumakandake,
Nirmanushye asame marge thrahi maam vrusha dwaja.

Let the God with a bull in the flag protect me in times of winter and summer,
And in cold woodden houses and in unknown roads with no body in sight.

11. Ithyedath Rudra kavacham pavithram paapanasanam,
Mahadeva prasadena durwaso muni kalpitha,

This is the armour of Rudra which destroys sins,
And which was composed by sage Durvasa by the grace of Lord Shiva.

12. Samakhyaatham samasena na bhayam vindathi kwachith,
Prapnothi paramaroghyam punyam ayushya vardhanam.

By fusion of this prayer, there would not be any fear .
And he would reach great health, blessed in nature and increases life span.

13. Vidhyarthi labhathe vidhyaam, Dhanarthi labhathe dhanam,
Kanyarthi labhathe kanyaam, na bhayam vidhathi kwachith.

He who wants knowledge would get it,
He who wants to get wealth will get it,
He wants a lady would get one,
And there will never be any fear.

14. Aputhro Labhathe puthram, Moksharthi, mokshapnuyath,
Thrahi thrahi Mahadeva thrahi thrahi thrayeemaya.

He who does not have a son would get one,
He who wants salvation will get it,
Protect, Protect, Mahadeva, Protect, Protect,
Oh God who rests on the three Vedas.

15. Thrahi maam Parvathinadha, Thrahi maam Tripuranthaka,
Pasam Gadwanga divyasthram trisoolam rudramevacha.

Protect oh Consort of Parvathi,
Protect Oh destroyer of three cities,
Who holds the rope, sword, divine arrows and is very angry.

16. Namaskarothi devesa thrahi mam jagadheeswara,
Shathrumadhye, sabhamadhye, grama madhye, grahanthare.

I salute you lord of Gods, Protect me god of the universe,
In the middle of the enemy, in the middle of an assembly,
In the middle of a village and inside the house.

17. Gamanagamane chaiva thrahi maam bhaktha vathsala,
Thwam chitham thwam manasam cha thwam budhi sthwam parayanam.

Oh darling of devotes protect me while I am travelling alsi,
For you are the mind, you are the brain, you are intelligence and you are everything.

18. Karmana manasa chaiva,
Thwam budhischa yadha sadaa,
Jwarabhayam chindi sarva jwara bhayam,
Chindi, grahabhayam chindi.

While acting and in my mind .
You are the brain always,
Remove fear of fever, Remove fear of all fevers,
And remove the fear of planets.

19. Sarva shatroon nivarthyaapi, sarva vyadhi nivaranam,
Asya Rudra lokam sa gachathi,

Sri Rudra lokam sa gachathi, om nama ithi

After removing all enemies and removing all diseases.
One would go to the land of Rudra
Go to Rudra Loka, Om and so.

Ithi Skanda purane Sri Rudra Kavacham sampoornam.

Thus ends the armour of Rudra which occurs in Skanda Purana.

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