Sama Veda

Sama Veda

Acknowledgement: We are thankful to Veda Prasar Samiti, Chennai for providing the pdf files of Vedas in Devanagari script to us.

"The Sama veda (from saman melody and veda knowledge), is second (in the usual order) of the four Vedas, the ancient core Hindu scriptures. Its earliest parts are believed to date from 1700 BC (since all of its verses are from the Rigveda) and it ranks next in sanctity and liturgical importance to the Rigveda. It consists of a collection (samhita) of hymns, portions of hymns, and detached verses, all but 75 taken from the Sakala Sakha of the Rigveda, the other 75 belong to the Bashkala Sakha, to be sung, using specifically indicated melodies called Samagana, by Udgatar priests at sacrifices in which the juice of the Soma plant, clarified and mixed with milk and other ingredients, is offered in libation to various deities.

The verses have been transposed and re-arranged, without reference to their original order, to suit the rituals in which they were to be employed. There are frequent variations from the text of the Rigveda that are in some cases glosses but in others offer an older pronunciation than that of the Rigveda (such as [ai] for common [e]). When sung the verses are further altered by prolongation, repetition and insertion of stray syllables (stobha), as well as various modulations, rests and other modifications prescribed in the song-books (Ganas). Samaveda's Upaveda (technical manual) is Gandharvaveda that deals not only with the topics of music but also of dance and theatre.

There are three recensions of the text of the Samaveda Samhita: The Kauthuma recension is current in Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Orissa and since a few decades in Darbhanga, Bihar. The Jaiminiya in the Carnatic, Tamilnadu and Kerala. And the Ranayaniya in the Maharastra, Karnataka Gokarna, few parts of Orissa." - Source:

On Vedas:

"These are the salient points of the three steps which Indian religious thought has taken in regard to God. We have seen that it began with the Personal, the extra-cosmic God. It went from the external to the internal cosmic body, God immanent in the universe, and ended in identifying the soul itself with that God, and making one Soul, a unit of all these various manifestations in the universe. This is the last word of the Vedas. It begins with dualism, goes through a qualified monism and ends in perfect monism. We know how very few in this world can come to the last, or even dare believe in it, and fewer still dare act according to it. Yet we know that therein lies the explanation of all ethics, of all morality and all spirituality in the universe. Why is it that every one says, "Do good to others?" Where is the explanation? Why is it that all great men have preached the brotherhood of mankind, and greater men the brotherhood of all lives? Because whether they were conscious of it or not, behind all that, through all their irrational and personal superstitions, was peering forth the eternal light of the Self denying all manifoldness, and asserting that the whole universe is but one." – Swami Vivekananda

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Sama Veda - Kauthuma Shaka
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Sama Veda - Kauthuma Shaka

Traditional Chanting of
Vedic Sanskrit Mantras from
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Some Important Suktas:
Shree Gayathri, Sukta for Marriage [women], Sukta for Marriage [men], Sukta for Progeny / Fertility, Dhoopa Manthram, Deepa Manthram, Neivedya Manthram, Thamboola Manthram, Neerajanam - Harathi Manthram, Vaamadevyam, Shree Ganapathy Suktas, Shree Skanda Suktam, Punyaham - Brahma, Raksha Manthram - Prathisaram, Shree Saraswathi Suktam, Shree Lakshmi Suktam, Shree Devi Suktam, Shree Vishnu Chamakam, Shree Vishnu Aavahanam, Shree Go Suktam, Shree Raathri Suktam, Marjana Manthram, Karna Manthram, Shree Purusha Suktam, Shree Surya Namaskaram, Rathantharam - Shree Shiva Manthram, Shree Rudram [11 Anuvakams], Shree Rudram - Chamakam [11 Anuvakams], Pithru Suktam, Blessings - Aaseervadam, Shree Surya Manthram, Shre Sani Manthram, Shree Rahu Manthram and Shree Budha Manthram.

Digital Albums: 4
Tracks: 64
Size: 2488.77 MB | 2.49 GB
Duration: 43 Hrs. 12 Mins.
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Vol-1: Prapata : Kanda : Saman [Purvarchika - Prakruthi] 01 : 01 : 01 to 17 : 11 : 1197
Tracks 01 to 16 of 64
* Track-01: Purva Prakruthi Agneya
* Track-02: Purva Prakruthi Agneya
* Track-03: Purva Prakruthi Agni - Iyndra - Bahusami
* Track-04: Purva Prakruthi Iyndram - Bahusami
* Track-05: Purva Prakruthi Iyndram - Bahusami - Bruhathee
* Track-06: Purva Prakruthi Iyndram - Bruhathee
* Track-07: Purva Prakruthi Iyndram - Bruhathee
* Track-08: Purva Prakruthi Iyndram - Trishtup - Anushtup
* Track-09: Purva Prakruthi Iyndram - Anushtup - Indrapucham
* Track-10: Purva Prakruthi Iyndram - Indrapucham
* Track-11: Purva Prakruthi Iyndram - Indrapucham: Pavamanam
* Track-12: Purva Prakruthi Pavamanam
* Track-13: Purva Prakruthi Pavamanam
* Track-14: Purva Prakruthi Pavamanam
* Track-15: Purva Prakruthi Pavamanam
* Track-16: Purva Prakruthi Pavamanam
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Vol-2: Prapata : Kanda : Saman [Purvarchika - Aaranyaka] 01 : 01 : 01 to 06 : 04 : 294 * Prapata : Vimsa : Saman [Uthrarchika - Uooham] 01 : 01 : 01 to 06 : 11 : 220
Tracks 17 to 32 of 54
* Track-17: Purva Aaranam Arka Parva
* Track-18: Purva Aaranam Arka - Dwandva
* Track-19: Purva Prakruthi Dwandva - Vratha
* Track-20: Purva Prakruthi Vratha Parva
* Track-21: Purva Prakruthi Vratha Parva
* Track-22: Purva Aaranam Vratha - Sukriya
* Track-23: Purva Aaranam Sukriya Parva
* Track-24: Purva Aaranam Sukriya - Mahaanaamnee Parva
* Track-25: Uthara Uooha - Dasarath
* Track-26: Uthara Uooha - Dasarath
* Track-27: Uthara Uooha - Dasarath
* Track-28: Uthara Uooha - Dasarath
* Track-29: Uthara Uooha - Dasarath
* Track-30: Uthara Uooha - Dasarath
* Track-31: Uthara Uooha - Dasarath
* Track-32: Uthara Uooha - Dasarath
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Vol-3: Prapata : Vimsa : Saman [Uthrarchika - Uooham] 06 : 11 : 221 to 20 : 05 : 771
Tracks 33 to 48 of 54
* Track-33: Uthara Uooham - Dasarathram - Samvathsaram
* Track-34: Uthara Uooham - Samvathsaram
* Track-35: Uooham - Samvathsaram
* Track-36: Uooham - Samvathsaram
* Track-37: Uthara Uooham - Samvathsaram - Ekaham
* Track-38: Uthara Uooham - Ekaham
* Track-39: Uthara Uooham - Ekaham
* Track-40: Uthara Uooham - Ekaham
* Track-41: Uthara Uooham - Ekaham
* Track-42: Uthara Uooham - Aheenam
* Track-43: Uthara Uooham - Aheenam
* Track-44: Uthara Uooham - Aheenam
* Track-45: Uthara Uooham - Aheenam
* Track-46: Uthara Uooham - Aheenam - Sathram
* Track-47: Uthara Uooham - Sathram
* Track-48: Uthara Uooham - Sathram
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Vol-4: Prapata : Vimsa : Saman [Uthrarchika - Uooham] 20 : 05 : 772 to 23 : 05 : 936 * Prapata : Dasathi : Saman [Uthararchika - Rahasyam] 01 : 01 : 01 to 06 : 06 : 209
Tracks 49 to 64 of 54
* Track-49: Uthara Uooham - Sath: Prayaschitham
* Track-50: Uthara Uooham: Prayaschitham
* Track-51: Uthara Uooham: Prayas - Kshudram
* Track-52: Uthara Uooham - Kshudram
* Track-53: Uthara Uooham - Kshudram
* Track-54: Uthara Uooham - Kshudram
* Track-55: Uthara Uooham - Rahas - Kshudra - Dasarathram
* Track-56: Uthara Rahasyam - Dasarathram - Samvath
* Track-57: Uthara Rahasyam - Samvathsaram
* Track-58: Uthara Rahasyam - Samvath - Ekaham
* Track-59: Uthara Rahasyam - Ekaha - Aheenam
* Track-60: Uthara Rahasyam - Aheena: Prayaschitham
* Track-61: Uthara Rahasyam: Prayas - Kshudram
* Track-62: Uthara Rahasyam - Kshudram
* Track-63: Uthara Rahasyam - Kshudram
* Track-64: Mangalam
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