Devi Suktam [Vaak Sutam]

Devi Suktam [Vaak Sutam]
Translated by Ramakrishna Janasvami

Devi Suktam or the Vaak Sutam (Vak suktam) occurs in the 10th mandala of Rig Veda Samhita as suktam number 125. The seer of the mantra is vak, the daughter of rishi ambharnaa, resulting in the complete name vagambharni. The devata is also vagambharni, meaning that the seer completely identifies with the seen in this suktam. Various interpretations of the vak suktam have been given in the literature partly due to the fact that the verbs or nouns present could have multiple meanings. In this exposition, we tried to adhere to strict grammatical rules to somewhat narrow the choice of meanings.

1. I move along with Rudras, the Vasus, the Adityas, also with the Vishvadevas. I hold both Mitra and Varuna, both Indra and Agni, and both the Asvin brothers.

2. I bear the pressed out Soma, also Tvashtri, Pushan and Bhaga. I grant wealth to the possessor of oblation, to the mindful institutor of sacrifice and to the performer of Soma sacrifice.

3. I am the Queen, the gatherer of vasus (treasures), knower of Brahman, the first (chief) of the object of yagna (worship). The gods have dispersed me in many places, having many abodes, causing me to pervade (or overpower) many.

4. He who eats food, he who sees, who breathes, who hears the spoken word does so through me alone. Even the non-perceivers of you dwell near me. Hear me! he who is capable of hearing me! I speak to you the credible.

5. I speak this myself, which is liked by both gods and men alike, whomever I wish, I make him powerful, well versed in knowledge, a sage and a wise one.

6. The bow I stretch for the arrow for Rudra is for the purpose of killing the hater of Brahman. I do battle for people. I have pervaded heaven and earth.

7. I generate the father on the summit of this (sky). My source is in the waters, in the inner ocean. Thence, I spread among all living creatures, alongside the all-pervading, and with the vertex I touch that sky.

8. I only breathe forth, like the wind, while holding together all living creatures. So great (vast) I have become possessing greatness that I am beyond heaven and this earth.