Bhagavat Sthuthi

Bhagavat Sthuthi
By Agni
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[This great but small prayer is addressed to Lord Vishnu and occurs in Skanda Purana. The Sanskrit original can be seen in]

Agnir Uvacha: -
Fire God said: -

1. Vishudha, vijnana ghanam puranam,
Sanathanam viswasrujaam pathim gurum,
Anekam yekam Jagadheka Nadham,
Namamyananthasritha Sudha budhim.

Oh God who is extremely pure with deep wisdom, primeval,
Who has no beginning, who is the lord of creator of universe and teacher,
Who is many who is alone, who is the one Lord of the world,
I salute that endless pure and wise being.

2. Maya mayim sakthim upethya viswa,
Kartharam uddhishya rajopayuktham,
Sathwena chasya sthithi hethum ugram,
Atho thamobhir grasithara meede.

Approaching the universe which is full of power of illusion,
Aimed at the doer along with great emotion,
That being who is the cause of existence,
Then swallowed the darkness and I praise him.

3. Avidhyaya Viswa vimohithathma,
Vidhaika roopam vithatham trilokyaam,
Vidhyasritha thathwath sakalajnam eesam,
Thwa vidhyaya jeevam aham prapadhye.

The soul who is confused about the universe, with ignorance,
Tried to attract that form to the three worlds,
But that God with his wisdom was the knower of all principles,
And I salute that soul using that knowledge.

4. Bhakthecchaya aavishkrutha deha yoga,
Maabhoga bhogarpitha yoga yogam,
Kouseya peethambara jushta sakthim,
Vichithra sakthyashtamayeshta meede.

That union of the body which was revealed by the desire of the devotee,
And that great pleasure due to the union of unions was dedicated to that pleasure,
With that usual power dressed in yellow silk cloth,
And I praise that wonderful power which was rapid.

Phala Sruthi

Sri Narayana Uvacha

Ya tethad prathar uthaya srunothi sravayech suchi,
Agni theertha kritha snanam phalam aapnothya asamsayam

If this prayer is heard, after we get up in the morning in a clean state,
Without any doubt we would get the effect of bathing in Agni Theertha (Badrinath).

Ithi Skande Maha purane Vaishnava Khande, Badrikasrama Mahatmye,
Agni kritha Bhagawath Sthuthi sampoornam.

This ends the prayer to God Vishnu which was composed by fire God,
Which occurs in the Chapter on "Greatness of Badarikasrama" in the book
Of greatness of Vishnu which is a part of the great Skanda Purana.

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