Datta Atharva Seersha

Datta Atharva Seersha
By Sri Vasudevananda Saraswathi
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[Other Atharva Seersha Manthras from Atharva Veda but this is mentioned as the work of the saint Vasudeva Saraswathi. I would be greaful, if Satha devotees could clarify about this.]

Hari Om

1. Om namo bhagawathe Dathathreyaya Avadhoothayaya, Digambaraya Vidhihariharaya aadhi thathwaya Adhisakthaye

Om salutations to God Dathathreya, a great ascetic, who wears directions as apparel, who is Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva in one form, the primeval principle and the primeval power.

2. Thwam charachara athmaka, Sarva Vyapi, Sarva Sakshi, thwam Dik kaalatheetha thwam Dwandhatheetha.

You are the soul of mobile and immobile beings, You re spread everywhere. You are witness of everything, you are behind time and direction, you are beyond the man and woman pair.

3. Thwam Viswathmaka, Thwam Viswadhara, Viswesa, Viswanadha thwam Viswa nataka Sutthradhara, thwameva kevalam karthaasi, thwam Akarthasi cha nithyam.,

You are the soul of universe, you are the basis of the universe, the lord of the universe, the God of universe and you are the director of the drama of the world, you are the doer you are the non doer also daily.

4. Thwam aanandamaya, dhayanagamya, thwam aathmananda, thwam paramananda, thwam sachidananda, thwameva chaithanya, chaithanya dathathreya, Om Chaithnya Dathathreyaya nama

You are pervaded with joy one who goes towards meditation, you enjoy the soul, you are the divine joy, you are blissful consciousness, you are the conciousness, the conscious Dathathreya, Om salutations to the conscious Dathathreya..

5. Thwam Bhaktha vathsala, bhaktha tharaka, bhaktha rakshaka, dhayad=Ghana, bhajana priya thwam pathitha pavana, karunakara, bhva bhayahara.

You are the lover of devotees, the star of the devotees, the protector of devotees, the heavy mercy, lover of prayer, you are the savior of the oppressed, the doer of mercy and destroyer of fear of the birth cycle.

6. Thwam Bhaktha karana sambhootha, athri sutha, anasooyathmaja, thwam sripada, sri vallabhathwam gaanagra grama nivasi, Sri Narasimha saraswathi, thwam sri nrusimhabhanaakklakoti nivasi, sri swami samartha, thwam karaveera nivasi Parama sad guru sri Krishna saraswathi thwam sri sadgurumadhava saraswathi.

You took birth for the sake of devotees as the son of sage Athri and that of Anasooya, You are the Srivallabha Nrusimha Saraswathi born in gaanagra village. You are the Narasimha Bana, the swami samartha of Akkalkot village,
You are The great Guru Sri Krishna Saraswathi who lived in Karaveera and you are the great Guru Madhava Saraswathi.

7. Thwam smarthrugami Sri Guru Datha, saranagathosmi thwam. Dheena aarthe mayi dayaam kuru, thava yeka mathra drushtikshepa, Durithakshayakaraka, Hey Bhagwan Varada Dathathreya, Maam udharaMaam Udhara ithi prarthayami.

You are my teacher oh Guru Datha, I surrender to you, as I am depressed and in pain, please show mercy on me. Oh Lord who destroys suffering, just by one look of yours, Oh God who blesses Dathathreya. Please save me, Please save me, . I am praying like this.

Om Draam Dathathreya Nama,

Om Draam my salutations to Dathathreya

Gayathri Manthra

"Om Digambaraya vidmahe, avadhoothaya dheemahi, thanno datha prachodayath."

"Let me meditate on the one who wears directions as apparel,
Oh great saint, give me intellect,
And let that Datha illuminate my mind."

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