Datta Mala Manthra

Datta Mala Manthra
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[The great stotra in Sanskrit is available at:
www.scribd.com/doc/7820769/Dattaatreya-Maalaa-Mantra-Stotram-for-Health-Wealth-Peace-Protection-etc. It is supposed to be extremely powerful. I request devotees to learn it from a Guru before reciting.]

Parvathi Uvacha
Mala manthra mama bruhi,
Priya samadha hanthava.

Parvathi said
Please tell me the garland of prayers,
Oh dear, to clear my doubts.

Easwara Uvacha
Srunu devi pravakshyami mala mathram uthamamn.

Lord Shiva said
Hear, Oh goddess, I am telling the great garland of preyers.

Om asya sri Dathathreya mala manthrasya Sada shiva rishi, Anushtup Chanda, Dathareya devatha, Om ithi bheejam, Swaha ithi Shakthi dhraam ithi Keelakam.
Mama ajnana nivruthi dwara, Jnana vairagya chathuvidha purushartha sahitha abheeshta kaaman sidhyarthe jape viniyoga.

Om to the garden of prayers addressed to Dathathreya, the sage is Sada shiva, the meter is Anushtup, the God addressed is Dattatreya, the seed is "Om", the power is "Swaha", and the nail is "Dhraam".
For getting wisdom, detachment, the four purusharthas and fulfillment of desires through the removal of my ignorance, I am chanting the prayer.

Om Namo Bhagawathe, Dattatreyaya,
Smarana mathra santhushtaaya,
Maha Bhaya Nivaaranaya,
Maha jnanapradhaya, chidanandathmane
Balaonmatha pisacha veshaya, Mahayogine, avadhoothaya,
Anasooya Ananda Vardhanaya, Athriputhraya.

Om Salutations to God Dattatreyaya,
Who gets pleased just by thinking about him,
Who destroys very great fears,
Who grants great wisdom, Who is the soul of divine joy,
Who is a great yogi of the form of a inebriated child ghost,
Who is a completely detached saint,
Who increases happiness of Anasooya and is the son of Saint Athri.

Om Bhava Bhandha vimochanaaya, aam Asadhya sadhanaaya,
Hreem sarva vibhoothidhaaya, Kroom Asadhya aakarshanaya,
Aym Vak pradhaaya, kleem Jagat thraya vasikaranaaya,
Sou Sarva mana kshobhanaaya, Sreem maha sampath pradaaya,
Gloum Bhoo mandala aadhipathya pradhaaya Dhraam Chiranjeevine,
Vashat vaseekuru, vaseekuru, voushat aakarshaya, aakarshaya,
Hoom Vidweshaya, vidweshaya, phat uchataya, uchataya.

Om God who frees us from ties of birth and death,
Aam God who does the impossible,
Hreem He who has power over all other things,
Kroom He who attracts the impossible,
Aym he who grants words, Kleem he who attracts the three worlds,
Sou he who agitates al minds, Sreem, he who gives all types of wealth,
Gloum He who grants the position of the king of earth Dhraam he who lives forever,
Vashat attract, attract, Voushat pull near, pull near,
Hoom treat with contempt, treat with contempt, phat drive away drive away.

Ta Ta sthambhaya, sthambhaya, khem khem maaraya maaraya,
Nama sampannaya, sampannaya, swaha poshaya poshaya,
Para manthra para Yanthra para thanthraani chindhi chindhi
Grahaan nivaraya, nivaraya, vyaadheen vinasaya, vinasaya,
Dukham hara, hara, Daridhryam vidhravaya, vidhravaya,
Deham poshaya, poshaya, Chitham thoshaya, thoshaya,
Sarva manthra swaroopaya, Sarva Yanthra swaroopaya,
Sarva thanthra swaroopaya, Sarva pallava swaroopaya,
Om Namo Maha Siddhaya Swaha.

Ta, ta freeze, freeze, khem khem kill, kill,
Nama fulfill, fulfill, swaha nourish nourish,
Other's chants, others Yanthras, others thanthras cut, cut
Effects of planets cure, cure, diseases destroy, destroy,
Sorrow kill, kill, poverty uproot, uproot,
Body nourish nourish, Mind make it happy, make it happy,
Oh God who is the form of all Manthras,
Oh God who is the form of all Yanthras,
Oh God who is the form of all Thanthras,
Oh God who is the form of all Sprouts,
Om Salutations, the great Siddha, Swaha.

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