Guruvayupuresa Mangalam

Guruvatha Puresa Mangalam
[Song of Auspiciousness to Lord of Guruvayur]
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[Here is a soul stirring song of auspiciousness to the Lord of Guruvayur, which is sung after the reading of Narayaneeyam of Mepathur Bhattathiri.]

1. Mangalam mangalaakantha thava vaksha sthala sthithaa,
Mangalam prarthamanasya karothu mama mangalam.

The auspicious goddess Lakshmi stays on your heart, oh consort of Lakshmi,
Since I pray to you auspiciously, please do good things to me.

2. Thwameva mangalaa kantha, loka mangala karaka,
Mangalam they pravakshyami, mama mangala hethave,

Oh the cause of good to me, you are the consort of Lakshmi,
You are the one who makes the world auspicious,
And I only talk of auspiciousness to you.

3. Narayanaya haraye, srushti sthithyantha karine,
Guruvathapuresaya Viswaroopaya mangalam.

Oh Narayana, Oh Hari, who does creation, upkeep and destruction,
Auspiciousness to the Lord of Guruvayur who has taken the mega form.

4. Shankha,. Chakra, gadha Padma, mala, Kousthubha dharine,
Guruvathapuresaya, Vishnu roopaya mangalam.

Oh God who holds conch, wheel, mace, lotus, garland and Kousthubha gem,
Auspiciousness to the Lord of Guruvayur, who has taken the form of Vishnu.

5. Pralayabdhi charaayasthu namo veda vikasine,
Guruvathapuresaya, mathsya roopaya mangalam.

Salutations to one who moves at the time of deluge and the one who developed Vedas,
Auspiciousness to the Lord of Guruvayur, who has taken the form of fish.

6. Lakshmi nadhaya santhaya, namo mandhara dharine,
Guruvathapuresaya, korma roopaya mangalam.

Salutations to the peaceful consort of Lakshmi who held the Mandhara mountain,
Auspiciousness to the Lord of Guruvayur who took the form of a turtle.

7. Kshithyudharaya viharaya, Hiranya prana haarine,
Guruvathapuresaya. Koda roopaya mangalam.

Salutations to one who lifted the earth and one who killed Hiranya,
Auspiciousness to the Lord of Guruvayur, who took the form of a boar.

8. Prahladha rakshakayasthu, daithya pranapa haarine,
Guruvathapuresaya Narasimhaya Mangalam.

Oh God who saved Prahladha and killed the great asura,
Auspiciousness to the Lord of Guruvayur, who took the form of man-lion.

9. Vamanaya namasthubhyam Bali dharpa haarine,
Guruvatha puresaya Yagna roopaya mangalam.

Salutations to Vamana who destroyed the pride of Mahabali,
Auspiciousness to the Lord of Guruvayur who took the form of a yagna.

10. Balyarpitha padaabjaaya, krantha Tribhuvanaya cha,
Guruvathapuresaya Viswaroopaya Mangalam.

Oh god whose lotus feet were worshipped by Bali and who measured the three worlds,
Auspiciousness to the Lord of Guruvayur, who took the universal form.

11. Nama parasu hasthaya, Keralodharakaya cha,
Guruvatha puresaya Bhargavayadhya mangalam.

Salutations to the one who holds the axe who lifted Kerala out of the sea,
Auspiciousness to the Lord of Guruvayur, who was born in the clan of Bhrugu.

12. Nama Kodanda hasthaya, dasa greevanthakaya cha,
Guruvatha puresaya, Ramachandraya Mangalam.

Salutations to one who holds Kodanda bow and killed Ravana with ten heads,
Aupiciousness to the Lord of Guruvayur, who took the form of Rama.

13. Bala gopala veshaya, poothana moksha dhayine,
Guruvatha puresaya, Govindayasthu mangalam.

The one who assumed the form of a boy cowherd, who gave salvation to Poothana,
Auspiciousness to the Lord of Guruvayur who took the form of Govinda.

14. Vara BHatadri vandhyayaya, vatha roga nivarine,
Jnanapradhaya devaya, vathesayadhya mangalam.

The one who was saluted by the blessed Bhatathiri, who cured his rheumatism,
Auspiciousness to one who gives wisdom and is the Lord of wind.

15. Dhaya saaraya soumyaya, mama rogapaharine,
Sarva roga apaharaya, vathesaayadhya mangalam.

Oh the final juice of mercy, who cured my sickness,
Auspiciousness to one who steals all illness and is the lord of the air.

16. Maya vandhyaya nithyaya, jagat karana murthaye,
Mama Thapa vinasaya, jagarookaaya mangalam.

Oh God who is saluted by me daily who is the cause of the universe,
Auspiciousness to one who destroyed my pain and who is ever alert.

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