Krishna Keerthanam

Krishna Keerthanam (Malayalam)
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[Here is a mellifluous prayer addressed to Lord Krishna in Malayalam.]

1. Pankaja vilochanan pada thalir thozhunnen,
Palazhi magal kanthan thirumeni thozhunnen.

I salute the soft feet of the God with lotus like eyes,
I salute the body of the consort of the daughter of ocean of milk.

2. Pichagam, Thulasi, pon mani mala Thozhunnen,
Peeli malagal charthgum thirumudi thozhunnen.

I salute garlands made of jasmine, Thulasi, gold and gems,
I salute the hair which is decorated by garland of peacock feathers.

3. Punjiri thadavidum, thirumugam thozhunen,
Poo malar magal cherum thiru maru thozhunnen.

I salute the holy face caressed by a smile,
I salute the holy chest hugged by the daughter of flowers.

4. Pennungalude vasthram kavarnnone thozhunnen,
Pechi paal thayir venna bhujichone thozhunnen.

I salute the lord who stole the apparel of ladies,
I salute him who ate milk, ghee and curd of the Gopis.

5. Paithalai valarnna Gokula nadha, thozhunnen,
Ponnin kakanam nalloru udanjanum thozhunnen.

I salute the lord of Gokul who grew from childhood,
I salute the golden bangles and the good armlets.

6. Poril mallara thalli vadhichone thozhunnen,
Kouravarude dharshtyam mudichone thozhunnan.

I salute him who killed the wrestlers in the war,
I salute him who put an end to the pride of Kouravas.

7. Poril pandu parthannu theru thelichone thozhunnen,
Palazhiyathil vazhum bhagawane thozhunnen,

I salute him who drove the chariot of Arjuna in olden times,
I salute the God who lives in the ocean of milk.

8. Vannoru durithangal povanayi thozhunnen,
Adiyinnu mudiyolam udal kandu thozhunnen.

I salute him for the problems which have come to go,
I see his body from feet to head and salute him.

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