Krishna Manasa Puja

Sri Krishna Manasa Puja
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[Authorship of this great stotra is ascribed to Adi Sankara, in the old stotra book published in Kerala in Malayalam script but this is not included in the list of complete works of Adi Sankara, and also the style of writing is very much different. The reference to curd rice in the tenth stanza, clearly points out that it is written by a person of South Indian origin. He must have been a Vaishnavite, because of the use of the word Dasa, while referring to himself in the ninth stanza.]

Hrudhambhoje Krishna sakala jala shyamala thanu,
Sarojaksha, sragwee mukuta katakaady abharanavaan,
Saradh rakanadha prathima vadana Sri muralikaam,
Vahan dhyeyo gopi gana parivrutha kumkumachitha. 1

In my heart I think of that Krishna,
Who is black like a rich cloud,
Who has lotus like eyes,
Who wears crowns and garlands,
Who has a face like the autumn moon,
Who holds the flute in his hand,
And who is surrounded by crowd of gopis.

Payambhodher dweepan mama hrudhyamayahi Bhagawan,
Mani vrathabrajalkanaka vara peetam, bhaja hare,
Suchihnou they padou yadu kula jane nejmi sujalair,
Grahanedham dhoorva dala jaladarkhyam mura ripo. 2

Hey God, please come from the ocean of milk to my mind,
Oh Lord Vishnu, Sit on the seat studded with gems there,
Oh God from Yadhu clan, there I will wash your feet, which
Has been marked by diamonds and fishes, using the pure water,
Shed through a bunch of Durwa* grass, Oh killer of Mura.
* long grass which grows on the shores of rivers.

Thwam achamopendra tridasa saridhambhothi sisiram,
Bhajaswemam panchamrutha rachitha maplawamagahan,
Dhyunadhya kalindhya aapi kanaka kumbhasthithamidham,
Jalam thena snanam kuru kuru kurushwachamanakam. 3

Oh killer of sins, do achamanam* with the very cold water of holy Ganga,
Ok Krishna, be anointed with the mixture of five nectars,
Take bath in the water filled in golden pots from Ganga and Yamuna,
And again do achamanam with the same water.
* Internal purification.

Thadidwarne vasthre bhaya vibhaya kanthadhi haranam,
Pralambhari brathar mrudula mupaveetham kuru gale,
Lalalte paateeram mruga madha yutham dharaya hare,
Grahaanedham maalyam satha dala thulasyadhi rachitham. 4

Please wear the two cloths which shine like lightning,
Oh Brother of Balarama, wear the soft holy thread,
Which removes fear, as well as fear of death,
And wear on your forehead the mixture of sandal and musk,
And Oh Lord Vishnu, please receive this garland made of lotus and thulasi.

Dasangam dhoopam sadwaradhacharanograrpithaye,
Mukham deepenandu prabha varajasa deva kalaye,
Imou paanee vane parinutha sa karpoora rajasa,
Vishodhyagre daham salila midhamaachama nruhare. 5

I am offering at your feet the smoke coming from ten incenses,
I am showing the light of camphor kept in a small cup at your face,
And Oh God who is worshipped by Brahma, please accept this water,
Offered with my hands, rubbed with divine camphor and do achamanam.

Sadha thrupthannam shadrasava dakhila vyanjana yutham,
Suvarnamathre gho grutha chashaka yukthe sthithamidham,
Yasodha soono thathapara madhayayasyana sakhibhi,
Prasadam vanchadhbhi saha thadhanu neeram pibha vibho. 6

Oh son of Yashodha, please partake the food,
Which has all the six tastes along with side dishes
And also the ghee kept in a small golden cup,
Along with your friends, who are standing near you,
If you desire in blessing me then also
Drink the sweet scented water that I have kept.

Sachandram thamboolam mukha ruchikaram bakshaya hare,
Phalam swadhu preethyaparimala vadaswaadhaya chiram,
Saparya paryapthai kanaka mani thala sthithamidham,
Pradheepai raaraarthim jaladhi thanayaslishta rachaye. 7

Oh Krishna, please eat the betel leaf laced with camphor,
Please enjoy the tasty sweet scented fruits kept with devotion,
On the golden gem studded plate, till you feel it is sufficient,
And Oh darling of the daughter of the sea, I am worshipping,
You with the lights of shining camphor.

Vijaatheeyai pushpai rabhisurabhir vilwa thulasi,
Yuthaischemam pushpanjalimajitha they moordhni nidhadhe,
Thava pradhikshinya kramana makha vidwamsi rachitham,
Chathurvaram vishno janipadha gathi sranthi vidhusha. 8

Oh God who is never defeated, I am worshipping you by placing,
On your head, scented flowers of mixed origin along with Thulasi and Vilwa,
And Oh Hari, well knows the difficulties of the path of birth to death,
I am circling you four times, so that all my sins are destroyed.

Namaskaroshtanga sakala duritha dwamsana patu,
Krutham nruthyam sthuthirapi ramakantha tha imam,
Thave preethyai bhooya dehamapicha dasa sthava vibho,
Krutham chidhram poornam kuru kurunamasthesthu Bhagawan. 9

Oh Consort of Lakshmi, May the prostrations with eight limbs*,
Which is capable of destroying all sufferings and the dance,
And song of praise done by me, be liked by you,
Oh mighty god, I am your slave and so make complete,
The incomplete worship done by me and I salute you God.
* Saluting of God is done by prostrating before him.

Sada sevya Krishna sajala Ghana neela karathale,
Dhadhano dhadyannam thadanu navaneetham muralikaam,
Kadachith kanthaanaam kucha kalasa pathrali rachana,
Samasaktham snighdhou saha shishu viharam virachayan. 10

Be my master Oh Krishna, who is black like a rich cloud,
Who holds in his hand butter, curd rice and a flute,
Who sometimes is interested in drawing lines on the busts of Gopis,
And some other times is interested in playing with his baby friends.

Mani karnee chaya jatha midham Manasa poojanam,
Ya kurvee thoshasi pragna thasya krishna praseedhathi. 11

Lord Krishna would be happy with that scholar,
Who with interest in waters of Manikarnika in Kasi,
Does mental worship of Him as told above.