Narasimha Raja Patha Stotram

Narasimha Raja Patha Stotram
[Prayer which is the king's road to Narasimha]
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[This Stotra supposed to be composed by Lord Shiva himself is from the Ahirbudhnya Samhita, a Paancharaatra text. It also is called Manthra Raja Pada stotra. It is supposed to be the best remedy for aches and mental depression. The Sanskrit text of this stotra is available at:]

1. Ugram, veeram, Maha Vishnum,
jwalantham, sarvathomukham,
Nrusimham bheeshanam bhadram
mrutyor mrutyum namamyaham

I salute the God who is death to death itself,
Who is ferocious, who is valorous, who is great Vishnu,
Who shines with faces in all directions,
Who is Narasimha, who frightens and who takes care of.

2. Vruthoth phulla visalaksham,
Vipaksha kshaya deekshitham,
Ninada thrastha viswandam,
Vishnum ugram namayaham.

I salute the ferocious Vishnu,
Who has broad round eyes,
Who has taken an oath to kill enemies,
Who shakes the globe of the universe by his roar.

3. Sarvair avadhyathaam praptham,
Sabha lougham dither sutham,
Nakhagara sakali chakre,
Yastham veeram namyaham.

I salute that valorous God,
Who cannot be approached or killed by any one,
Who tore with the tip of his nail, the enemy of Indra,
Who is the son of Dithi along with a great army,

4. Padava ashtaabdha patalam,
Moordhavishta trivishtapam,
Bhuja pravisha ashta dhisam,
Maha Vishnum namayaham.

I salute the great Vishnu,
Who reaches the netherworld by his feet,
Who touches by his head the land of the trinity,
And by his hands touches all eight directions.

5. Jyotheemshya arke indu nakshatra,
Jwala nadhiny anukramath,
Jwalanithi thejasaa yasya,
Tham jwalantham namayaham.

I salute him who shines,
By whose light sun, moon, stars,
And fire are able to shine,
And appear resplendent.

6. Sarvendriyairapi vinaa,
Sarvam sarvathra sarvadfhaa,
Yo jaanaathi namam yaadhyaam,
Thamaham sarvatho mukham.

I salute him who has faces in all directions,
Who without the use of any of his organs,
Knows all things about everything always.

7. Naravath simhavachaiva,
Yasya roopam mahathmana,
Maha satam, maha damshtram,
Tham nrusimham namamya.

I salute that Lord Narasimha,
Who is both lion as well as man,
Who is great and has a great form,
With great mane and great teeth.

8. Yan nama smaranadh bheetha,
Bhootha Vetala Rakshasa,
Rogad yascha pranasyanthi,
Bheeshanam tham namayaham.

I salute that fearful one,
By remembering whose name,
Those who were scared by ghosts, ghouls and Rakshasas,
Would get rid of all their sickness.

9. Sarvopi yam samasrithya,
Sakalam bhadramasnuthe,
Sriyaya bhadraya jushto,
Yasyam bhadram namayaham.

I salute him who takes care,
For everything depends on him
As Everything is kept safely by him
As he takes care of even goddess Lakshmi.

10. Sakshath swakale sampraptham,
Mruthyum shatru gunanvitham,
Bhakthaanaam nasayed yasthu,
Mruthyur mrutyhum namamyaham

I salute the death to the death itself,
Who reaches anywhere really at the correct time,
And gives death and destroys the enemies,
Of his devotees who are blessed with good qualities

11. Namakarathmakam yasmai,
Vidhya athma nivedanam,
Thawakth dukho akhilaan kamaan,
Asnantham tham namayaham.

I salute him who by one's salutation,
And offering of one self to him,
Removes all the sorrows of him,
And fulfills all his wishes.

12. Dasa Bhootha thwath sarve,
Hyathmana paramathmana,
Atho aham api they dasa,
Ithi mathwa namayaham.

All beings are your servants,
Oh God who is the soul of all beings,
And understanding this fact,
I am saluting you as your slave.

13. Shankarea aadhaarath proktham,
Padaanaam Thathwa nirnayam,
Tri sandhyam ya padeth thasya,
Srir vidhya aayuscha vardhathe,

These words which have been put together,
By Lord Shiva with reverence,
If read during dawn, dusk and noon,
Would lead to increase of wealth, longevity and knowledge.