Oudhumbhara Paduka Stotram

Oudhumbhara Paduka Stotram
[Prayer to the Udumbara Wood Sandals]
By Vasudevananda Saraswathi
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[The sandals of Datha are worshipped under the Oudhumbara tree - Ficus glomerata Rox.]

1. Vandhe vang manasaatheetham, nirgunam, sagunam gurum,
Dathathreya manandha kandham Baktheshta poorakam

Salutations to him, who is beyond words and mind, Who has no characters, who has only good characters and is the teacher,
The very joyful cloud called Dathathreya, who fulfills desires of his devotees.

2. Namani sathatham Datham oudhumbara nivasinam,
Yatheendra roopam cha sadnaa nijaanandha prabodhanam.

I always salute the Datha who lives on Udhumbara tree,
Who has the form of a saint and one who wakens up everlasting joy.

3. Krishnaa Yadagre bhuvanesaani vidhya nidhisthadaa,
Oudhumbara kalpa vrukshaa, sarvadha sukhadaa sadaa.

Black in colour and on the tips having the treasure of world over knowledge,
Is the Oudhumbara wish giving tree and keeps us always with pleasure.

4.. Bhaktha Vrunda darasanatha, purushartha chathusthtayam,
Dadhathi Bhagwan bhoomaa sachidananda Vigrahaa.

That God in the earth who has the form of everlasting joy,
Gives the four Purusharthas* to his crowd of devotees.
* Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha.

5. Jagarthi guptha roopena, gopthaa dhyana samadhithaa,
Brahma vrundham, Brahma sukham dadhaathi sama dushtitha.

That secret one awakens you secretly those who meditate on him,
And with happiness gives him company of Brahma and happiness of Brahma loka.

6. Krushnaa thrushnaharaa yathra sukhadhaa Bhuavaneswari,
Yathra Moksha dharanga datha padukaa thaam Namayaham,

I salute the slippers of Datha which are black, which quenches the thirst,
Which is the pleasure giving Goddess of universe and is the gate of salvation.

7. Paduka roopi yathiran Nrasimha Saraswathi,
Rajathe Raja Raja Sri Datha Sri Pada Vallabha.

The saint Narasimha Saraswathi who has the form of his sandals,
Would shine like the king of kings Dathathreya, the Lord of Sri Pada.

8. Namami Guru Moorthe tham thapa thraya haram Harim,
Anantha mayamathmaanam nava bhakthya sukha pradam.

I salute the form of my teacher who removes three types of sufferings,
Whose soul is the limitless joy and who due to devotion grants us pleasant life.

9. Kara veerastha vidhusha mooda puthram vinindhitham,
Cchithra jihwam budham chakrethaddanmayi krupaam kuru.

Those wise and foolish sons of Karaveera who berated him,
Had their tongues cut by the soldiers, please show mercy niggardly on me.

Sri Pa. Pa. Sri Vasudevananda sararaswathi virachitham Sri Datha stotram sampoornam.

Thus ends the prayer addressed to Dathathreya composed by the worshipful Vasudevananda Saraswathi.

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