Parameshwara Stuti Sara Stotram

Parameshwara Stuti Sara Stotram
[Prayer of the summary praise of Lord Parameshwara]
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[I stumbled on this great prayer under prayer to Lord Vishnu in a dilapidated Malayalam book that I have. In spite of serious search, I could not locate it any where else or in the web. The prayer is in the form of conversation of the devotee to God. Each Sloka of the Stotra is extremely meaningful and takes to direct intimacy with Lord Vishnu.]

Shudhosi thwayee nigama bahyamala mayam,
Prapancham pasyanthi bhramaparavasas papa nirathaa,
Bahisthebhya kruthwa swapada saranam manaya vibho,
Gajendra drushtam they saranadha dhanyam swapadhadham. 1

Oh Lord Vishnu, you are known to be pure and independent,
But the sinners and the confused ones see you as the impure world,
Please remove me from them and make me a devotee of your feet,
For hearing about salvation of Gajendra, I know you do it for your devotees.

Na srushtesthe haniryadihi krupaya athovasichamaam,
Thwayaneka guptha vyasanamithi thesthi sruthi padhe,
Atho mamudharthum ghataya mayi drushtim suvimalaam,
Na rikthaam may yachgnaam swanaratha karthum bhava hare. 2

By showing mercy on me, no harm will come to your creations,
For many people have been protected by you,
And also the Vedas tell that you are the protector,
And so, Oh God who has a merciful look, protect me,
And oh God, Oh lord Vishnu, do not neglect my appeal.

Kadhaaham bho swamin niyatha manasthwaam hrudhi bhaja-,
Nna bhadre samsaare hyanavaratha dukhethi virasa,
Labheyam thaam santhim parama munibhir ya hyadhigatha,
Dhayaam kruthwamay thwam vithara para santhim bhava hare. 3

Oh God, when will I with devoted my mind pray you,
Get disenchanted with the sorrowful and boring life,
And get the peace that is being enjoyed by great sages?
Oh God Vishnu, be pleased to grant me that divine peace.

Vidharaa ched viswam srujathi srujathaam may shubha kruthim,
Viduscheth pathaa maavathu jani mrudhor dukha jaladhe,
Hara samharthaa samharathu mama sokam sajanakam,
Yadhaham muktha syaam kimapi thu thadhaa they vidha dhathaam. 4

If Lord Brahma were the creator of universe let him create good acts for me,
If Lord Vishnu is the one who saves, let him save me from the sea of birth and death,
If Lord Shiva is the destroyer, let him destroy all my sorrows,
And let all of them together, bless me with salvation.

Aham brahmanandasthwamapi cha thadhakhya suvidhith-,
Sthathoham bindhaano kadhamap bhavatha sruthi drusa,
Thadhaa chedhaneem thwam thwayi mama vibhedhasya jananim,
Swa mayaam samvarya prabhava mama bhedham nirasithum. 5

I am Brahmananda* and it is well known that you are called Brahmananda,
And so whether by name or due to philosophy I am not different from you,
And so please take pity on me and remove the illusion,
Which makes me feel, different from you and bring to an end this difference.
* Divinely joyous

Kadaham hey Swamin, jani mruthi bhayam, dukha nibidam,
Bhavam hithwa sathyo nava ratha sukhe swathma vapushi,
RAme thasmin nithyam nikhila munayo brahma rasika,
Ramanthe yasmim sthe krutha sakala kruthya yathi vara. 6

Hey Lord, when will I destroy this sorrowful domestic life,
Which is full of fear, of birth and death and start enjoying in God,
Which is true and which is truth and is of perennial joy,
Where those who are enjoying are Brahmam and the great sages,
Who have realized your oneness enjoy in you..

Padanthyeke sasthram nigamama pare thalparathaya,
Yajanthyanye thwaam vai dhadhadadhischa padartham sthwa hithaan,
Ahanthu swamimsthe saranamagamam samsruthi bhayaa,
Dhyadhaa they preethi syadhithakara tadathwam kuru vibho. 7

Hey God who is my Lord, some learn divine texts,
Some others read the Vedas, some others worship you with devotion,
And some others offer you things that you like very much,
But I, due to the fear of domestic life, has only surrendered to you,
And Oh Lord now please take action as per your likening.

Aham jyothir nithyo gaganamiva thruptha sukha maya,
Sruthi sidhodhvaitha kadhamapi na bhinnosthi vidhutha,
Ithi jnathe thathwe bhavathicha para samsruthi layaa,
Dhathasthathwa jnanam mayi vighatayesthwam hi krupaya. 8

Please give me the knowledge of the philosophy of non differentiation,
Which when one gets, this life ends and one becomes the divine truth,
Which will in turn make me realize that I am of the form of light,
I am perennial like the sky, I am satisfied, personification of joy,
And one with divinity and that I am no different from Lord Vishnu.

Anadhou samsare jani mrutha maye dukhitha manaa,
Mumukshu sath kaschid bhajathi hi gurum jnana paramam,
Thatho jnathwa yam vai thudhathina puna klesa nivahai,
Bhajeham thandevam bhavathi cha paro yasya bhajanath. 9

In the beginning less domestic life, full of births and deaths,
When one is sorrowing, he with an aim of attaining salvation,
Approaches a Guru with great wisdom and from him,
After learning about the divine Lord, he enjoys life without sorrows.
But I am praying that divine Lord, who is the ultimate God.

Vivekaa vairagyam na cha samadha maadhyaa shadapare,
Mumukshaa may nasthi prabhavathi kadham jnana mamalam,
Atha samsarabdhe sthara saraneem maam upadisan,
Swabudhim srothim may vithara bhagawam sthwam hi krupaya. 10

I do not have wisdom, renunciation, tranquility and liberation,
Making it impossible for me to ever attain the pure wisdom,
And so God,you please show me the path to cross ocean of life,
And mercifully bless me with the knowledge of ultimate divinity.

Kadaaham bho swamin, nigamama nivedhyam shiva mayam,
Chidaanandam nithyam sruthi hrutha parichedha nivaham,
Thwamrthaa bhinnam thwaam abhirama ihathmanya viratham,
Maneeshamevam may saphalaya vadanya swakrupaya. 11

Hey Lord, When would I offer you an offering full of peace,
And get to a state of ever lasting divine joy and attain a state,
When I would get rid of all the doubts that I have,
When will I understand the Vedic sayings and enjoy in thine divinity?
Please have mercy on me and fulfill these wishes of mine.

Yadatham sarvam vai Priya massoodhanaadhi prabhavathi,
Swayam naanyarthehi Priya ithi cha vedhe pravidhitham,
Sa aathma sarveshaam jani mruthi mathaam Veda gaditha,
Sthuthoham tham vedhyam sathathamamalam yami saranam. 12

In Vedas it is told that, it is for that all are born and die,
It is for the sake of which we have desire for wealth and a long life,
And it is that which makes us love for the sake of something,
And it is also that which is not aimed at any thing,
And so I surrender to him who is pure and should be understood.

Maya thyaktham sarvam kadam abhi bhaved swathmamnimathi,
Sthwadheeya maayaa maam prathi thu vipareetham kruthawathi,
THathoham kimkuryam nahi mama mahi kwaapi charathi,
Dhayaam kruthwaa Nadha Swapada charanam dehi Shivadham. 13

I forsook everything and concentrated my mind on the soul,
But your illusion did not allow me and made me do the opposite,
And so what should I do as my mind does not stay any where,
And so God, take pity upon me and give me your holy feet.

Nagaa daithyaa keesaa bhava jaladhi paaram hi gamithaa,
Stwayaa chaanye swamin kimapi samayesmimchayithavaan,
Na helaam thwam kuruasthwayee nihithsa sarva mayi vibho,
Na hithwaa aham hithwaakamapi saranam naanyagatham. 14

You have helped trees, asuras, monkeys and others, to cross the sea of life,
And I happen to sleep a little during the time when I had to request for it,
And Oh Lord, please do not continue this play with me,
Who has completely surrendered to you, as I have not asked any body else.

Ananthadhya vijnana guna jaladhesthanthamagama,
Nnatha paaram yaayaathava guna ganaanaam kadhamayam,
Grunan yavadhithwajani mruthi madho yathi paramaam,
Gathim yogi praapyamithi manasi budhwaahamanavam. 15

Even people like Aadhi Sesha have not seen the other shore of your sea of characters,
And how then can an ignorant one like me hope to see the end of this sea,
And thinking that those who sing your names would destroy the bondage of life,
And reach salvation attained by Yogis, I prayed to you by using your names.

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