Raghothama Ashtakam

[The octet on the greatest one in Raghu clan]
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Kruthartha deva vandanam, Dinesa vamsa nandanam,
Sushobhi phalachandanam, Namami Ramam easwaram. 1

I salute that God Rama,
Who is saluted by grateful devas,
Who belongs to clan of the Sun God,
And who shines with sandal applied on his forehead.

Muneendra yagna karakam, Shila vipathi harakam,
Maha dhanur vidharakam, Namami Ramam easwaram. 2

I salute that God Rama,
Who got the Yagna of Viswamithra conducted,
Who removed danger to the stone,
And who broke the great bow.

Swathatha vakya karinam, thapovane viharinam,
Vareshu chapa dharinam, Namami Ramam easwaram. 3

I salute that God Rama,
Who obeyed words of his father,
Who lived in the forests of meditation,
And who carried bows and arrows.

Kuranga muktha sayakam, Jatayu moksha dayakam,
Pravidha keesa nayagam, Namami Ramam easwaram. 4

I salute that God Rama,
Who shot an arrow at the deer,
Who gave salvation to Jatayu,
And who shot an arrow at the king of monkeys.

Plavanga sanga sammathim, Nibadha nimnagapathim,
Dasasya vamsa samkshathim, Namami Ramam easwaram. 5

I salute that God Rama,
Who had a treaty with monkeys,
Who built a bridge over the sea,
And who put an end to family of the ten headed.

Vidheenadeva harshanam, kapeepsithaartha varshanam,
Swabandhu soka harshanam, Namami Ramam easwaram. 6

I salute that God Rama,
Who gave happiness to the sad devas,
Who fulfilled the wishes of monkeys,
And who put an end to the sorrow of his relations.

Gathari rajya rakshanam, prajwa janarthi bakshanam,
Kruthastha moha lakshanam, Namami Ramam easwaram. 7

I salute that God Rama,
Who saved the kingdom from enemies,
Who put an end to the sorrow of the people,
And who existed as a great philosopher.

Hruthakhilachalabharam, swadhamaneetha nagaram,
Jagathamo divakaram, Namami Ramam easwaram. 8

I salute that God Rama,
Who lightened the load of earth,
Who lead his people to heaven,
And who is the sun who put an end to darkness.

Idham samahithathmana naro raghoothamashtakam,
Pata nnirantharam, bhayam,bhavodh bhavam na vindhathe.9

He who reads this octet,
On the great one of Raghu clan,
Permanently with devotion,
Would never feel the fear of this world.

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