Rama Prema Ashtakam

Rama Premashtakam
[The Octet of Love to Lord Rama]
By Yamunacharya
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[Yamunacharya is also known as Alavandar and was the Guru of saint Ramanuja. He has written several stotras in Tamil as well as Sanskrit. In the last stanza, it is clearly mentioned that it was composed by Yamunacharya. This poem is taken from the book Stotra Rathnavali published by Gita Press, Gorakhpur. But this stotra is not mentioned in the list of great works by this saint. There is a possibility that this was written by some other Yamunacharya.]

Shyama ambu dhabha maravinda vishala nethram,
Bandhooka pushpa sadrusadhara pani padam,
Sita sahayamuditham drutha chapa banam,
Ramam namami sirasa Ramaneeya vesham. 1

I salute that Rama who has a pretty form,
Who is blue like a rich black cloud,
Who has broad eyes resembling Lotus,
Whose lips, arms and legs are red,
And shine like the Bandhooka flowers,
Who with help of Sita looks great,
And who has the bow and arrow ready.

Patu jala dhara dheeradhwana maadhaya chapam,
Pavana dhamana mekam banamakrushya thoonaath,
Abhaya vachanadhayi sanuja sarvatho may,
Rana hatha dhanujendro Ramachandra sahaya. 2

My help is Ramachandra, who killed the king of Rakshasas,,
Who is heroic and great like the proud clouds,
Who with the twang sound took one arrow from its quiver,
Telling the words of protection and who is always with his brother.

Dasaratha kula dheepo ameya bahu prathapo,
Dasa vadana sakopa kshalitha sesha papa,
Krutha sura ripu thapo nandithaneka bhoopo,
Vigatha thimira panko, Ramachandra Sahaya. 3

My help is Ramachandra, who is without any dark stains,
Who is the lamp in the clan of king Dasaratha,
Whose fame of valour is incomparable,
Who was angry with Ravana, Who drives away all sins,
Who gives pain to Asuras and happiness to all kings.

Kuvalaya dala neela kamithartha pradho may,
Krutha muni jana raksho Rakshasameka hantha,
Apahrutha duritho asow nama mathrena pumsa,
Makhila sura nrupendro, Ramachandra sahaya. 4

My help is Ramachandra, who is the lord of all devas and kings,
Who is blue like the blue lotus, who fulfills all my wishes,
Who protects all sages, who kills all Rakshasas all alone,
And who destroys all sins, just by chant of his name Rama.

Asura kula krusanur manasambhoja bhanu,
Sura nara nikaranaamagraneer may Raghoonaam,
Aganitha guna seema, neela meghou ka dhama,
Samadha mitha muneendro, Ramachandra Sahaya. 5

My help is Ramachandra, who beats all sages in being peaceful,
Who is the fire that destroys the clan of Asuras,
Who is the incomparable sun that opens,
The lotus of the minds of the groups of men and devas,
Who is the top most boundary of all that is good,
And who is of the blue colour of the rich cloud.

Kusi kathanaya yagam rakshithaa Lakshmanadya,
Pavana sara nikaya kshiptha maricha maya,
Vidalitha hara chapo medhini nandanaya,
Nayana kumudha chandro, Ramachandra Sahaya. 6

My help is Ramachandra, who is the moon to the lotus eyes,
Of the daughter of earth, whom he married after breaking a bow,
Who saved the fire sacrifice of Viswamithra along with Lakshmana,
And who with his fast wind like arrows put an end to the magic of Mareecha.

Pavana thanaya hastha padambhujathma.
Kalasa bhava vachobhi praptha mahendra dhanwa,
Aparimithasaroughou poorva thoonira dheero,
Laghu nihatha kapeendro, Ramachandra sahaya. 7

My help is Ramachandra, who easily killed the king of monkeys,
Who kept his lotus like feet on the hands of the son of wind god,
Who as per words of Agasthya, made Indra's bow as his,
And Who is the brave one with an inexhaustible quiver.

Kanaka vimala kanthya, sita aalingithango,
Muni manuja varenya, sarva vagheesa vandhya,
Swa jana nikara bandhur leelaya baddha sethu,
Sura manuja kapeendro, Ramachandra sahaya. 8

My help is Ramachandra, who is the lord of devas, men and monkeys,
Who is embraced by Sita who shines like the pure Gold,
Who is venerated by sages and men, Who is saluted by all poets,
Who is the close friend of his devotees and made the bridge over sea as a play.

Yamunacharya krutham divyam Ramashtakamidham Shubham,
Ya padeth prayatho bhoothwa sa Sri Ramanthikam vrajeth. 9

If this holy octet on Rama, which was composed by Yamanucharya,
Is read, with a pure heart, he would live very near to Lord Rama.

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