Ramachandraya Mangalam

Ramachandraya Mangalam
[Let there be auspiciousness to Ramachandra]
By Bhadragiri Ramadas
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[Bhadragiri Ramadas was a great Savant belonging to Andhra Pradesh. He built the Bhadrachalam temple of Rama. It seems he used the money of the Nizam to build it. Later he was imprisoned and kept in Golkonda fort of Hyderabad. Rama himself interceded on his behalf, paid the money to Nizam and got the saint released.]

Ramachandraya Janaka Rajaja manoharaya,
Maamaka abheeshta dhaya mahitha Mangalam.
Kosalesaya Manda hasa dasa poshanaaya,
Vasavadhi vinatha sadwaraya Mangalam. 1

Mangalam to Ramachandra, the pretty Lord of daughter of Janaka,
And to him who fulfills all my desires without fail,
Mangalam to the Lord of Kosala, who encourages his devotees with smile,
And who is saluted by Indra and his subjects.

Charu megha roopaya, chandanadhi charchithaya,
BHana kataka Shobhithaya bhoori Mangalam,
Lalitha rathna kundalaya, Thulasi vana malikaya,
Jala jagataka dehaya Charu Mangalam. 2

Mangalam to him who is like a pretty cloud, who is coated with sandal paste
And he who shines in his bracelet,
Pretty Mangalam to he who wears pretty gem studded ear studs,
Who wears a garland of Thulasi,
And the one who has a body like lotus.

Devaki suputhraya, deva devo dathamaya,
Pavana guru varaya, sarva Mangalam,
Pundarikakshaya poorna chandra vadanaya,
Andaja vahanaya, Athulya Mangalam. 3

All mangalams to son of Devaki who is a God of devas,
And who is a great pure teacher,
Invaluable Mangalam to him who has lotus like eyes
Who has moon like face and rides on Garuda.

Vimala roopaya, vividha vedantha Vedhyaya,
Sumukha chitha kamithaa subhaga Mangalam,
Ramadasa mrudula hrudaya vasaya,
Swami Bhadra giri varaya divya Mangalam. 4

Pleasing Mangalam to the pure form who is an expert in Vedas and Vedanthas,
Who likes to see mind of people with pretty face,
Divine Mangalam to he who lives in the soft mind of Ramadasa,
And to the God who lives in Bhadrachalam.

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