Varadaraja Panchakam

Varadaraja Panchakam
By Saint Doddacharya
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[These five verses are also known as Deva Raja Panchakam. They were composed by Doddacharya of Sholingur who was not able to attend the annual festival of Kanchi on the day when the Lord is carried on The Garuda Vahanam. It seems he sung these five great verses and the Lord appeared before him. In remembrance of this great event, every year during the annual festival The Lord Varada of Kanchi riding on Garuda during this procession is hidden for a minute by the great Umbrellas (Known as Doddacharya Sevai) and then the Aarthi performed. The very devotional commentary on this great prayer is available at:]

1. Prathyushe Varada prasanna vadhana prapthabhi mukhyaan janaan,
Aabadha anjali masthakani vimalan aabaalam aanandayan.
Mandhod dayitha chamaro mani maya swetha thapthrassanai,
Anthar gopura mavirasa Bhagawan aaroda paksha Easwara.

In the very early morning, Varada who is very pleased will arrive at the inner gate,
Riding on Garuda, where the important people would assemble saluting him,
Holding their clasped hands above their head, making the pure as well as,
The ones, without any support very happy and then along with the fans,
The white umbrellas decorated by pearls would move slowly hither and thither.

2. Mukthadha pithra yugalopaya chamarantha,
Vidhyothamana vinadha thanayadhi aaroodam,
Bhaktha abhaya pradha karambhujam ambujaksham,
Nithyam namani Varadam Ramaneeya vesham.

I daily salute the Varada with a pretty mien,
Who with great luster rides on the back of the son of Vinatha (Garuda),
Flanked on either side by two fans made of deer tail and
White umbrellas decorated by pearls,
Along with his lotus like eyes and his lotus like hands
Providing blessing to all his devotes.

3. Yad veda mouli gana vedhya mavedhya manyai,
Yad Brahma Rudra Sura Nayaka mouli vandhyam,
Thath Padmanabha pada Padma yugmam manushyai,
Sevyam bhavadbhirithi darsa yatheeva tharkshya

That lotus like feet of the God who has a lotus flower on his belly,
Whose greatness can only be described by the head of the Vedas,
And is not known to the other people who have mastered learning,
Which is saluted by Brahma, Rudra, Indra and others,
And which are being held by Lord Garuda,
Are only fit to be worshiped by human beings.

4. Kechit Thathwa visodane pasupathou paaramya mahu pare,
Vyajahu kamalasane naya vidho apya anye harou sadharam,
Ithyevam chala chethasaam thanu bratham Padaravindhamm hare,
Thath sandarsayatheeva samparthi nrunaam sruthinaam nidhi.

Many people after examining the Vedas wrongly conclude that Shiva is the greatest,
And some others by their new methods conclude that Lord Brahma is the greatest,
And these people with wavering mind are not considering the lotus feet of Hari,
Which is the treasure of Vedas which has been found by the learned Men.

5. Prathya gopura sammukhe dinamukhe paksheendra samvahitham,
Nrutha chamara korakam nirupama cchathra dwayi bhasuram,
Sanandam dwija mandalam vidadhatham sannaha chihwaravai,
Kantham punya krutho bhajanthi varadam Kanchyaam thritheeyothsave.

Those blessed people only can worship on the third day of festival of Kanchi, The great Varada,
In front of the temple towers at the break of morn, when he is carried by the king of birds,
Along with the two fans which seem to be dancing and along with two unmatched shining umbrellas,
And along with the prayers sung as a prelude by the groups of elated Brahmins who are blessed with knowledge.

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