Vasudeva Krutha Krishna Stotram

Vasudeva Krutha Krishna Stotram
[Prayer to Lord Krishna by Vasudeva]
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[Here is prayer by Vasudeva, father of Krishna addressed to Krishna. He finds himself incapable of praying the Lord like all others and requests Krishna to assume the form of a baby so that he can fondle him.]


Thwam atheendraya maksharam nirgunam vibhum,
Dhyanasadhyancha sarvesham paramathmana meeswaram, 1

Swechaa mayam sarva roopam swecharoopa daram param,
Nirliptham paramam brhama bheeja roopam sanathanam, 2

Sthoolath sthoolatharam praptha mathi sookshma darsanam,
Sthitham sarva sareereshu sakshi roopa madrusyakam, 3

Sareeravantham sagunaa sareeram gunothkaram,
Prakruthim prakrutheesancha prakrutham prakruthe param, 4

Sarvesam sarva roopancha sarvanthakara mavyayam,
Sarvadhaaram niradharam nirvyooham sthoumi tham vibhum. 5

Hey Lord you are beyond senses, non decaying, without properties, Lord,
And you are the lord of all beyond meditation, the divine soul, god,
Who is full of himself and assumes any form that he wishes
Who is divine, not attached to anything, having the form of Brahma and perennial,
Who is grosser than the gross and also has a form which is very minute,
Who lives in all bodies, exists everywhere as the witness of all and cannot be seen,
Who has a body and also not have a body and connected with all properties,
Who is nature, lord of all, who is very ancient and beyond all ages,
Who is the lord of everything, who assumes all forms and is in everything,
And who is the basis of everything, who does not have support and who is complete
And oh Lord, I praise and pray you.

Anathasthavae asaktho asaktho devi Saraswathi,
Yam va sthothum asakthascha pancha vakthra shadanana, 6

Chathurmukho veda kartha yam sthothum akshamasthadha,
Ganeso na samarthascha, yogeendraanam guror gur, 7

Rishayo devathaschaiva munendra manu manava,
Swapne thesham adrusyancha thwamekam kim sthuvanthi they, 8

Sruthaya sthavane saktha kim sthuvanthi vipachithaa,
Vihayemam sareerancha balo bavithumarhasi. 9

Adhisesha in incapable of praising you and so is Goddess Sarasawthi,
The five headed Shiva and the six headed Subrahmanya are also incapable of praising,
Even Lord Brahma who created Vedas is incapable of praising you,
And even Ganesa the teacher of all Yogis in incapable of praising you,
Sages, devas, kings of saints manus and all men,
Are incapable of seeing you in their dream, and how can they praise you?
Even Vedas are incapable of praising you and how can the learned do it?
And so Oh God assume the form of a child so that we can play with you.

Vasudeva krutham stotram trisandhyam ya paden nara,
Bhakthim dasyamavapnothi Sri Krishna saranambhuje, 10

Visishta puthram labhate, hari dasam gunanvitham,
Sankatam nisthare thoornam sathru bhrrthe vimuchyathe. 11

The man who reads this prayer composed by Vasudeva,
During dawn, noon and dusk would get himself,
Devotion and service to lotus feet of Krishna.
He would get a great son and reach the heaven of Vishnu,
And all his sorrows would be driven out and he would get rid of enemies.