Vishnava Ashtakam

Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[Here is a prayer addressed by Lord Yama to Lord Jagannath of Puri. Since all people who visit Puri go to the land of Vishnu, the hell becomes completely empty. After this prayer the Lord Jagannath assures Yama that only the blessed ones would be able to visit his temple, The Sanskrit text of this stotra is available at:]

Yama Uvacha:-

1. Namasthe Bhagawan Deva Loka Nadha, jagathpathe,
Ksheerodha vAasinam devam, Sesha Bhoga anuSayinam.

Salutations to the God, who is the Lord of Deva Loka, Lord of the Universe,
The God who lives on the ocean of milk and one who sleeps on the serpent called Sesha.

2. Varam, varenyam, varadam, kartharam akrutham prabhum,
Visweswaram ajam Vishnum sarvagnam aparajitham.

The chosen one, the desired one, the ;lord who does impossible deeds,
The Lord of the Universe, one who is not bon, the one who knows everything, the one who has never been defeated.

3. Neelopala dhala shyamam, pundareeka nibhekshanam,
Sarvagnam nirgunam santham jagad dhatharam avyayam.

One who is the black colour of the petals of blue lotus, who has lotus like eyes,
Who knows all, who does not have properties, who is peaceful, One who gives to the world, one who does not change.

4. Sarva loka vidhahthaaram, sarva loka sukhavaham,
Puranam, purusham, vedhyam, vyakthavyaktham sanathanam.

The creator of all the worlds, The one who looks after all the worlds,
One who is very old, One who is masculine,
One who is studied by Vedas, one who is clear as well as confused and one who does not have any beginning.

5. Paraavaraanam sthrashtaaram, lokanadham, Jagat Gurum,
Srivathsoraska samyuktham, vana mala vibhoshitham.

One who has created the far and the near, the lord of the world, the Guru of the universe,
One who carries the mole called Sri vathsa and one who wears the forest garland.

6. Peethavasthram chathur bahum, sankham, chakra gadhadaram,
Hara keyura samyuktham, mukutangadha dharrinam.

One who wears yellow cloth, one who has four hands, one who carries conch, wheel and the mace,
One who wears garlands and armlets, one who wears the crown and bracelets.

7. Sarva lakshana sampoornam, sarvendriya vivarjitham,
Kootastham achalam sookshmam, jyothi roopam sanathanam.

One who has all characteristics, one who is free of all sense organs,
One who does not change or move, one who is micro, one has the form of a flame, one who does not have any beginning.

8. Bhavabhava vinirmuktham, vyapinam prakruthe param,
Namasyami Jagannadham easwaram sukhadham Prabhum.

He who frees from worldly attachments, who is spread everywhere and by nature divine,
I Salute that God Jagananadha who is the Lord who keeps us happy.

Ithi Sri Brahme Maha Purane Sri Yama Krutha Sri vishnvashtakam Sampoornam

Thus ends the octet on Vishnu composed by Lord Yama, which occurs in the Brahma Maha Purana.

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