Vishnu Sthuthi [Shiva Purana]

Vishnu Sthuthi [Shiva Purana]
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[This is a rare stotra addressed to Lord Vishnu by the Devas after the killing of asura called Jalandhara which occurs in Shiva Purana. The Sanskrit original can be seen at:]

Deva Oochu: -
The Devas told: -

1. Hrishikesa, Mahabaho, Bhagawan Madhu soodana,
Namasthe deva devesa, sarva daithya vinasaka.

Oh Lord of the senses, Oh great warrior, Oh God who killed Madhu,
Salutation oh God of Gods, who is the killer of all asuras.

2. Mathsya swaroopaya they Vishnu, Vedhaan neethavathe Nama,
Sathyavrathena sadrajaja pralayabdhi viharine.

Oh Vishnu taking the form of fish, you saved the Vedas,
And you also gave a resting place to the good king Sathyavratha, during deluge.

3. Kurvaanaam suraanaam cha Mandhanayodhyamam brusam,
Bhibrathe Mandhara girim Koorma roopaya they nama,

After making the Devas to churn with great speed,
You supported the Mandhara mountain in the form of a tortoise, I salute you.

4. Namasthe Bhagawan Nadha krathave Sookarathmane,
Vasundharaam Janaadharaam moordhadhdho bhibrathe nama.

Oh God, Oh Lord who took the form of a wild boar,
Who carried the world which carries people on his head.

5. Vamanaya namasthubhyam uprndraakhyaya Vishnave,
Vipra roopena daithyendram Balim chalayathe vibho.

I salute that Vamana, who is Vishnu born as brother of Indra,
Who taking the form of a Brahmin, deceived the Rakshasa king Bali, Oh Lord.

6. Nama Parasuramaya, Kshathra, nikshatra kaarine,
Mathur hitha kruthe thubhyam kupithaayaasatham druhe.

Salutations to Parasurama who made the warriors as no warriors,
Who obeyed his mother, and who was in the state of perpetual anger.

7. Ramaya lokaramaya Maryadha purushaya they,
Ravananthakarasu sithayam pathaye nama.

Oh Rama, oh attractor of the world, you were the ideal man,
You put an end to Ravana, oh consort of Sita, my salutations.

8. Namasthe Jnana goodaya, Krishnaya paramathmane,
Radha Vihara seelaaya naanaa leela karaya cha.

Salutations to the God whose wisdom is mysterious, Oh Krishna, Oh divine soul,
Who had the habit of playing with Radha and who used to engage himself in many sports.

9. Namasthe Gooda dehaaya, Veda Nindaa karaaya cha,
Yogaacharyaya Jainaaya, Boudha roopaya maapathe.

Salutations to him who has a mysterious body, who berated the Vedas,
Who is the Jaina, who is an expert in Yoga and who also assumes the form of the wise one.

10. Namasthe Kalki roopaya, mleschhanam antha kaarine,
Anantha Sakthi roopaya, sad dharma sthapanaaya cha.

I salute he who has the form of Kalki, who exterminates barbarians,
Who has a form of limitless power and who would reinstate good Dharma.

11. Nama Kapila roopaaya, Devahoothyai mahathmane,
Vadathe Sankhya yogam cha Sankhyayacharya vai Prabho

Salutations to the tawny coloured one, who was the great one,
Who taught Sankhya Yoga to Devahoothi (his mother),
And is the Lord who is the foremost in Sankhya yoga.

12. Nama Paramahamsaaya, janam samvadathe param,
Vidathre Jnana roopaya, yenathma samprasedathi.

Salutations to the supremely enlightened, who teaches the great Jnana,
Who has the form of Jnana, who makes our soul at peace.
(Possibly about Dathathreya)

13, Veda Vyasaya Vedaanaam Vibhaagam kurvatho nama,
Hithaaya sarva lokaanaam, purana rachanaaya cha.

Salutations to Veda Vyasa who classified the Vedas,
And who for the good of the world, wrote the epics.

14. Yevam mathsyaadhi thanubhir Bhaktha karye dhyaathaya they,
Sarga, sthithi dwamsa karthre namasthe brahmane Prabho.

Like this in the bodies of things like fish,
You had remembered the problems of devotees
Oh God who created, looked after and destroyed,
Oh Lord who is Brahman itself, our salutations.

15. Aarthi hanthre swadaasanaam, sukhadaya shubhaaya cha,
Peethambaraaya haraye thaarkshya yaanaya they nama,
Sarva kriyayaika karthre saranyaya they nama.

Oh destroyer of pain who grants auspiciousness and pleasure to his devotees,
Oh Hari who wears yellow silk, who travels on a bird, our salutations,
Oh Doer of all jobs, for the sake of our protection we salute you.

16. Daithya sathapitha, marthya dukhadi dwamsa vajraka,
Sesha thalpa sayaaya, soorya Chandra nethraya they nama.

Oh trouble giver to asuras, Oh diamond like one destroying the sorrows of humans,
Oh Lord who sleeps on snake and who has moon and Sun as his eye, our salutations.

17. Krupa sindho, Ramanatha pahi na saranagathaan,
Jalandharena devascha swargath sarve nirakrutha.

Oh ocean of mercy, Oh Ramanatha protect us who surrender to you,
Oh God who accepts all of us to heaven along with Devas and Jalndhara.

18. Sooryo nissaritha sthanaas chandro vahnis thadaiva cha,
Pataalaan Nagarajascha Dharma Rajo nirakrutha.

Oh God who is the essence of Sun, moon as well as fire,
You protect the king of snakes in Patala as well as the Lord of Dharma (Yama).

19. Vicharanthi yadha marthya, shobhanthi naiva they sura,
Saranam they vaya prapthaa vadhas thasya vichinthya thaam.

All those men who think about you, reach and surrender to you,
And those who talk about you, shine like Devas and are looked after by you.

Ithi Shiva Maha purane dwitheeyaam rudra samhithaayaam,
Panchama Yudha Kande Sri Vishnu sthuthi sampoornam

Thus ends the prayer addressed to Vishnu which occurs in the fifth book of war,
In the second book of Rudra in the great epic of Lord Shiva.

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