Vittala Kavacham

Vittala Kavacham
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Sutha Uvacha: -
Sutha said: -

1. Siro may vittala pathu, kapolam mudgara priya,
Nethrayor Vishnu roopi, Vaikunto granam eva cha

Let my head be protected by Vittala, and the cheek by he who likes the hammer,
Let my eyes be protected by he who has a form of Vishnu and let my nose by the the one who lives in Vaikunta.

2. Muni Sevyo mukham pathu, Danthapankthim Sureswara,
Vidhyadheesasthu may jihwam, kandam visweswara vandhitha.

Let my face be protected by him who is served by sages and my row of teeth by God of devas,
Let my tongue be protected by God of knowledge and neck by one saluted by Lord Shiva.

3. Vyapako hrudayam pathu Skandhou pathu Sukha pradha,
Bhujow may nruhari pathu karou cha suranayaka.

Let my heart be protected by one who is spread and shoulders by one who blesses us with pleasure,
Let my arms be protected by Lord Narasimha and hands by the lord of devas.

4. Madhyam pathu suradheeso, Nabhim pathu suralaya,
Sura vandhya katee pathu, janunee Kamalasana.

Let my middle be protected by the chief of the devas, and belly be protected by the heavens,
Let my waist be protected by one who is saluted by devas and thigh by one who sits on lotus flower.

5. Janghe pathu Hrishikesa, padhou pathu trivikrama,
Nikhilam cha sareeram may pathaam Govinda Madhavou

Let Hrishikesa protect my shanks, let my feet feet protected by Trivikrama,
Let my body be protected by one who is everywhere and my appearance by Govinda and Madhava.

6. Akaro vyapako Vikshnu rakshatmaka yeva cha,
Pavaka sarva paapaanaam akaraya namo nama.

Vishnu is spread from the letter "Aa" and he is the protector of the soul,
He burns away all sins and I salute and salute the letter Aa.

7. Tharaka sarva Bhoothanam, Dharma sasthreshu geeyathe,
Punathu Viswa bhuvanam thu omkaraya namo nama.

He is the protector of all beings, it is said in Dharma Sasthras,
He creates all the worlds in the universe and I salute him who is the letter "Om".

8. Moola prakruthi roopa yaa mahaamaya cha vaishnavi,
Thasya bheejena samyuthutha ya karaya na, mo nama.

He is of the form of basic nature and the great illusion and Vaishnavi,
And I salute the letter Ya along with his root.

9. Vaikuntadhipathi Sakshadvaikunta padha dhayaka,
Vaijayanthi samayuktho Vikaraya namo nama.

He is the real lord of Vaikunta and one who can give position in Vaikunta,
I salute the letter Vi along with his garland.

10. Snatha sarveshu theertheshu pootho yajnadhi karmasu,
Pavano dwija pakthinaam takaraya namo nama.

After taking bath in all sacred waters and after getting purified by carrying out Yajna,
I salute the letter ti along with the holy row of Brahmins.

11. Vahanam garudo yasya, Bhujanga sayanam thadhaa,
Vama bhage cha Lakshmischa Lakaraya namo nama.

His steed is Garuda, he sleeps on bed of snakes,
And on his left is Goddess Lakshmi and I salute the letter La.

12. Naradhadhi samayuktham vaishnavam paramam padham,
Labhathe manavo nithyam, Vaishnavam dharma masritha.

He is along with Narada and Vishnu's world is the ultimate goal,
And this would be got by humans who depend on Lord Vishnu.

13. Vyadhayo vilayam yanthi, poorva karma samudhbhava,
Bhoothani cha palayanthe, manthropasaka Darasanath.

All the diseases surrounding us arise from the karma done earlier,
And he looks after all beings who worship him with manthras.

14. Idham Shadakshara stotram yo japech dhayanvitha,
Vishno sayujyamapnothi sathyam sathyam na samasya.

If this six lettered prayer is chanted daily with mercy in heart,
He would go in front of Vishnu. This is the truth without any doubt.

Ithi Sri padma purane Sutha sounka samvadhe Sri Vittala Kavacham samaptham.

Thus ends the armour of Vittala which occurs in the discussion between Sutha and Sownaka which is the part of Padma Purana.

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