Amba Ashtakam

Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[Here is a mellifluous and very poetic work. Many people claim it as the work of Adi Shankara but some claim it as the work of Mahakavi Kalidasa. It is written in a meter which resembles the horses gait called Asva Dhati Vrutha. It is named as Kalidasa's Dasa Sloki. But in my source, which is Malayalam book of Stotras published in Kerala, this is named as Ambashtakam.]

Cheti bhavannakhila khasee kadamba tharu vatishu naki patali,
Koteera charu thara koti manee kirana koti karambhitha padaa,
Pattera Gandhi kucha satee kavithwa paripatti maghadhipa sutha,
Ghotee kuladha adhika dhateemudhara mukha veetee rasena thanutham. 1

Let her who is served by all deva maidens in the Kadamba garden,
Let her whose feet shines by the reflections of gems on the tip of crown of all devas,
Let the daughter of mountain covering her breasts with cloth having the incense of Sandal,
And let her who has more exuberance than very active young mares,
Bless me with great competence in poem making by her saliva mixed with betel.

Kulaathi gama bhaya thula valee jwalakhila nija Sthuthi vidhow,
Kolaha laksha pithakala mare kusala keelala poshana nabha,
Sthoola kuche jaladha neela kuche kalitha leela Kadamba vipine,
Soolayudha pranathi sheela vibhathu hrudhi sahailadhi raja thanaya. 2

Let my mind be made bright by the daughter of the king of the mountains,
Who is like a flame that burns away the river of fears which are ebbing out,
Who increases the well being of deva maidens who are like the rich clouds,
And spent their bustling time in her praises,
Who has heavy breasts, who has black long hair,
Who wanders around in the forest of Kadamba trees,
And who has the habit of saluting Lord Paramasiva.

Yathasroyala gathiu thathara gaja a vasthu kuthrapi nisthoola shukaa,
Suthrama kala mukha sathrasana prakara soothrana karee charana,
Chathranila thiraya pathrabhi rama guna mithramaree sama vadhu,
Kuthrasa hanmani vichithrakruthi sphuritha puthradhi dhana nipuna. 3

She who is dressed in incomparable cloths and ornaments,
She who has feet which protects Indra and other devas,
She who holds a fan and she who has a transport speedier than wind,
She who has lady friends with pretty habits and comparable to deva maidens,
She who protects the world and has a body shining more than her gem studded ornaments,
And she who is an expert in granting wealth and sons,
May settle down in my mind wherever she likes.

Dwaipayana prabhruthi sapayudha tri divasa sopana dhooli charana,
Paapahaswa manujaa paanoolina jana thapapanodha nipuna,
Neepalaya surabidhupalakaa duritha koopadh udhanchayathu maam,
Roopabhikaa shikhari bhoopala vamsa mani dheepayitha Bhagawathi. 4

Let me be saved from this deep well of suffering by her,
Who has a feet which is a ladder to the heavens,
Even to Veda Vyasa and other sages, capable of giving curses,
Who is an expert in removing all pains from those,
Involved in repeating her names with concentration,
Who lives in the Kadamba forest,
Who has slight white curls due to their being exposed to incense smoke,
And who has a very pretty mien and is gem studded lamp in Himavan's family.

Yallee bhir athma thanu thaleesa kruth Priya kapaleeshu kheladi bhaya,
Vyaleena kulyasitha chooli bharaa charana dhooli lasan munivara,
Bhaleebruthi sravasi thalee dhalam vahathi yaleeka shobha thilaka,
Salee karothu mama kali mana swapada naleeka sevana vidhou. 5

Let my mind be made in to a bee drinking the divine joy,
When I worship the lotus feet of the Goddess Kali,
Who plays in the Kadamba forest along with her friends,
Keeping time by playing thala in her own body,
Who is the she mongoose acting against the serpent of fear,
Who has very dense hair, who has sages shining because they wear the dust of her feet,
Who wears palm leaves in her ear lobes instead of the ornament called Vyali,
And is the one who shines along with the Thilaka on her forehead.

Nyangakare vapushi kankala raktha vapushi kankadhi paksha vishaye,
Thwam kaamanaamayasi kim kaaranam hrudhya pangari may girijaam,
Sankha shilaa nisi thadangayamana pada sanga samana sumano,
Jjamkari manatha thimanganu petha sasi sangai vakthra kamalaam. 6

Oh mind why are you keeping your desire in this body,
Which houses the stool and urine and is being given energy,
By things like the blood, bones and flesh?
Instead can't you surrender to the daughter of the mountain,
Who destroys all the dirt from the mind, who has a moon like face
And whose feet is surrounded by the loud prayers and wishes of devas,
And is the sharp tool which breaks the stones of fear and doubt.

Kambhavathee sama vidambaa, galena nava thumbhapa veena savidhaa,
Samba huleya sasi bhimbaabhirama mukha sambhadhitha sthana bhara,
Ambaa kuranga madha jambala rochiriha lambaalaka disathu may,
Bimbadharam vinatha sambhaayudhaadhini kurambhaa, Kadamba vipine. 7

Let me be blessed with all that is good by the mother goddess,
Who has dense breasts and very pretty neck,
Who is near to Shiva, whose breasts are affected by the,
Nearness of the pretty moon like face of Lord Subrahamanya,
Who wears thilaka of musk on her forehead,
Who has ever flying curls, who has red lips like Bimba fruit,
And who is being worshipped in the Kadamba forest by Indra and other devas.

Idanakee ramani bandha bhaave hrudaya bandhaavatheeva rasikaa,
Sandhaavathi bhuvana sandharanepya amruthasindha udhara nilayaa,
Gandhanubhana muhoor andhali veetha kacha bandhaa samarpayathu may,
Sam dhamabhanumathi sandhaanamasu padha sandhan mapyaga sudhaa. 8

Let me be blessed with happiness, the wisdom of the light of the soul,
And the everlasting joy of the lotus her like feet by Goddess Parvathi,
Who has in her hands a shining parrot,
Who showers signs of love on her darling Lord Shiva,
Who lives in the place of creation as well as in the very special sea of nectar,
And who has dense braid surrounded by bees attracted by the scent of flowers she wears.

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