Karthikeya Karavalamba Stotram

Karthikeya Karavalamba Stotram
[Prayer to Karthikeya for Giving Helping Hand]
Translated By P. R. Ramachander

[Six babies were born from the six sparks of Lord Shiva's third eye. They were looked after by the six stars of Kruthika (Karathiga maidens). Goddess Parvathi, took all the babies together in her hand and the baby became one with six heads. Due to his being looked after by Karthika maidens, Lord Subrahmanya is also called Karthikeya. Here is a rare Karavalambha Storam addressed to Lord Karthikeya.]

Omkararoopa, Saranasraya, sarva soono,
Singara vela, sakaleswara, deenabhandho,
Santhapa nasana, Sanathana, shakthi hastha,
Sri Karthikeya, mama dehi karavalambam. 1

Please give me a helping hand, Oh Lord Karthikeya,
Who is the form of Om, Who offers protection to the seekers,
Who is the son of Lord Shiva, Who is pretty and holds the spear,
Who is God for all, Who is the friend of all the oppressed,
Who destroys sorrow, Who is perennial and who holds the Shakthi.

Panchadrivasa sahaja, Sura sainya nadha,
Panchamrutha Priya, Guha, Sakaladhivasa,
Gandendu mouli thanaya, Mayil Vahanastha,
Sri Karthikeya, mama dehi karavalambam. 2

Please give me a helping hand, Oh Lord Karthikeya,
Who is commoner living on top of five mountains,
Who is the chief of the army of devas,
Who likes Panchamritha*, Who lives in caves,
Who lives everywhere, Who is the son,
Of Crescent wearing Lord Shiva, and who rides on a peacock.
* Mixture of 5 nectars viz. Honey, Sugar candy, Banana, Dates and ghee.

Apadvinasaka, kumaraka charu moorthe,
Thapathrayanthaka, dayapara, tharakare,
Aarthabhaya pradha gunathraya Bhavya rase,
Sri Karthikeya, mama dehi karavalambam. 3

Please give me a helping hand, Oh Lord Karthikeya,
Who puts an end to danger, Who has a pretty and youthful body,
Who is killer of three types of pains, Who is merciful,
Who is the killer of Tharakasura, Who creates fear in avaricious people,
And who is the divine God with three types of good qualities.

Vallee pathe sukrutha dayaka, punya moorthe,
Swarlokanadha, parisevitha shambhu soono,
Trilokya nayaka, shadanana poothapadha,
Sri Karthikeya, mama dehi karavalambam. 4

Please give me a helping hand, Oh Lord Karthikeya,
Who is Lord of Valli, who grants good things,
Who is the personification of good deeds,
Who is the Lord of the heaven,
Who is the son of Siva who serves him,
Who is lord of three worlds,
Who has six faces and who cleanses souls.

Jnanaswaroopa, Sakalathmaka Veda Vedya,
Jnana priyakhila duranda maha vanagne,
Deenavana Priya, niramaya, dana sindho,
Sri Karthikeya, mama dehi karavalambam. 5

Please give me a helping hand, Oh Lord Karthikeya,
Who is the form of wisdom, Who is the entire soul of Vedas,
Who likes wisdom, Who is the forest fire that burns all troubles,
Who likes the oppressed, Who is free from diseases and is a sea of mercy.

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