Lalita Moola Manthra Kavacham

Lalita Moola Manthra Kavacham
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[I have taken this Kavacham from This Kavacha (Armour) is based on the moola manthra of Goddess Laitha viz., Ka-aa-ee-la-hrim (Vagh Bhava Koota), Ha-sa-ka-ha-la-hrim (Kama Raja Koota) and Sa-ka-la-hrim (Shakthi Koota). The letters of Vagh Bhava Koota originate from the Mooladhara (baser instincts of man). The Kama Raja Koota letters; each line of this moola manthra is considered equivalent to Gayathri. Those interested may please see my introduction to Lalitha Trishathi.]

Asya sri laithaa kavacha stava rathna manthrasya
Ananda bhairava rishi
Amrutha viraat chandhah
Sri maha tripura sundari lalithaa paraambaa devatha
Ayeem beejam hreem shakthih sreem keelakam
Sri Lalithaamba prasaadha siddhyarthe
Sri Lalitha kavacha stava ratna mantra jape viniyogah

For the gem like prayer of the armour of Lalitha,
The sage is Ananda Bhairava,
The meter is Amrutha Virat,
The goddess addressed is Maha Tripura Sundari Lalitha,
The root Ayeem, the strength is Hreem, the nail is Sreem,
For getting the blessings of mother Lalitha,
This gem like armour of mother Lalitha is being chanted.

ayeem - angushtabhyam namah
hreem - tarjanibhyam namah
sreem - madhymabhyam namah
sreem - anamikabhyam namah
hreem - kanishtikabhyam namah
ayeem - karathala kara prushtabhyam namah
hreem - hrudayaya namah
ayeem - sirase svaaha
sreem - sikhayey voushat
ayeem hreem sreem - kavachaya hoom
sreem hreem ayeem - nethra thrayaya voushat
hreem ayeem sreem - asthraya phat
bhurbu vassu varo mithi dhik bhandah.

Ayeem - Salutation with the thumb,
Hreem - Salutation with pointer finger,
Sreem - Salutation with middle finger,
Sreem - Salutation with ring finger,
Hreem - Salutation with little finger,
Ayeem - Salutation with back of the hand,
Hreem - Salutation with the heart,
Ayeem - Salutation with the head,
Sreem - Salutation with hair on head,
Ayeem hreem sreem - Armour hoom,
Sreem hreem ayeem - Meditate on the three eyes,
Hreem ayeem sreem - With arrow phat,
Tie all directions with Bhur bhuva suvar om.


Sri vidyaam paripoorna meru sikhare bindu trikone stithaam
vaagisaadhi samastha bhoota jananim munche siva kaarake
kamakshiim karunaa rasaarnava mayim kameswaraanka stithaam
kaanthaam chinmaya kamakoti nilayaam sri brahma vidyaam bhaje.

I salute the Srividya who exists in the dot triangle at the head of the complete Meru,
Who is the mother of Brahma and all other beings, who bestows power to Lord Shiva,
Who is Kamakshi, the ocean of mercy, who exists in the body of Lord Shiva,
Who is the divine goddess of Kamakoti peeta and is the Brahma Vidhya.

1. kakaarah paathu sirsham me yekaarah paathu phaalakam
eekaarah-chukshusi paathu srothre raksheth llakaarakah.

Let letter "Ka" protect my head, let letter "Ye" protect my forehead,
Let letter "ee" protect my eyes, let letter "Ilaa" protect my ears.

2. hreenkaarah paathu naasaagram vakthram vaaghbhava sanghyakah
hakaarah paathu kantam me sakaarah skanda desakam.

Let letter "hreem" protect the tip of my nose,
Let the Vaagbhava numbers protect my mouth,
Let letter "ha" protect my neck and letter "sa" protect my region of shoulders.

3. kakaaro hrudyam paathu hakaaro jhataram thatha
lakaaro naabhi desanthu hrenkaarah paathu guhyakam.

Let letter "Ka" protect my heart, Let letter "ha" protect my stomach,
Let letter "la" protect party near belly, Let letter "hreem" protect my private parts.

4. kaamakuta ssadha paathu kati desam mamaivathu
sakaarah paathu choru me kakaarah paathu jaanuni.

Let Kamakuta always protect my areas near waist,
Let letter "sa" protect my thighs, Let letter "Ka" protect my knee.

5. lakaarah paathu jhange me hreenkaarah paathu gulphakow
sakthi kootam sadha paathu paadou rakshathu sarvadhaa.

Let letter "la" protect the shanks, Let letter "Hreem" protect the ankle,
Let the Sakthi Koota always protect my feet.

6. moola manthra krutham chaitat kavacham yo japennarah
prathyaham niyathah prathah tasya lokaa vasam vadaah.

This armour which is built by the root chant of the goddess,
If chanted as per rules in the morning, the world would become his.

Iti Brahma deva krutham lalitha moola manthra kavacham sampoornam.

Thus ends the armour of lalitha root chant created by Brahma.

Om Ayeem Hreem Sreem Lalithambayaye Namah | (Salutations to Mother Lalitha.)
Om Ayeem Hreem Sreem Lalithambayaye Namah |
Om Ayeem Hreem Sreem Lalithambayaye Namah |
Om Ayeem Hreem Sreem Lalithambayaye Namah |
Om Ayeem Hreem Sreem Lalithambayaye Namah |
Om Ayeem Hreem Sreem Lalithambayaye Namah |
Om Ayeem Hreem Sreem Lalithambayaye Namah |

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