Nava Mangali Stotra

Nava Mangali Stotra
Translated By P. R. Ramachander

[This mantra is devoted to Goddess Kali stepping over Lord Shiva. Those who chant the following Navamangali mantra especially women will get all their desires fulfilled along with ever peaceful mind and healthy life. I have taken this stotra from:]

Kathyayyanee mahamaye bhavani buvaneswaree
Samsara Sagare magnath udhara sri krupamahi

Oh daughter of sage Kathyayana, Oh great encvhantress,
Oh Bhavani, Oh goddess of the universe,
Oh treasure of mercy, uplift me who is drowning,
In the ocean of domestic life.

Danyoham athibagyoham baavithoham mahathmabi
yahprushtam soomahath punyam puranam vethavithkrutham

I am blessed and I am possessed with great luck,
That I am blessed by the great souls,
To be able to chant this stotra,
Which blesses me, which is ancient and,
Which is composed by experts in Vedas.

Namodevyai prakruthyaisa vidhathryai sathatham namaha
Kalyanyai kamadaayai sa vrudhyai sitdhyai namo namah

Salutations to the Goddess who is nature herself,
I salute always the goddess who is the creator,
I salute she who does good, who fulfills desires
She who leads to progress and she who is divine.

Satchithananda roopinyai samsararanaye namah
Panchakruthyai vidhaatryai buvaneswaryai namo namah

Saltuations to her who is the real divine joy,
And to her who cures the ills of domestic life,
Salutations and salutations to she who does five acts,
She who creates and is the goddess of the universe.

Kreedathe logarachana sakhathe chinmayah sivah
Aahaarasthe sathaananda: vaasasthe hruthyam mama

You create the world just like a sporting play,
You are the companion of the divine lord Shiva,
Let me be always be happy while takingfood,
Oh Goddess who lives in my heart.

Namasivayai kalyanyai saanthyai pushtyai namo namah
Bagavathyai namodevyai rudhrayai sathatham namah

Salutations and salutations to her who worships Shiva,
Who blesses with good things, who is peaceful and is plentiful.
Salutations always to the Goddess who is consort of Rudhra.

Jaya jaya jayadaare jayaseela jayapradhe
Yagna soogara jaye thvam jayadevi jayavahe

Victory, victore to one who is the basis of victory,
Who makes victory a habit and blesses us with victory.

Sugathe mokshathe devi prassanna bhava sundari
Pushpa saara nandaneeye thulasee krishna jeevani

Goddess who leads on the right path, Please bless us to cross this samsara,
Who is the essence of all flowers, She who blesses with joy
And who is the soul of Krishna Thulasi.

Namasthe thulasee roope namo Lakshmi Saraswathi,
Namo Durge Bhdawathi Namasthe sarva roopine

Salutations to her who is the form of the sacred Thulasi,
Salutations to Lakshmi and Saraswathi,
Salutations to Durga and Bhagwathy
Salutations to the Goddess who assumes all forms.

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